An unlikely friend

An unlikely friend

Second Life is a world populated and dominated by humans or humanoids avatars. The animal world is not very well represented, they are most of the time objects, at the best with good animations. Very few people actually chooses an animal as an avatar, I can understand why … it is definitely a different way to play, the roleplay is probably a lot less interesting too. Well maybe not less interesting, but definitely harder to make it good, and enjoy it.

Still I met a dog and befriended him: his name is Jaari and he interacts by emoting only, which is definitely where the difficulty is. It is really a different experience, and I am quite impressed by what he can achieve without directly talking. It is definitely something for very skilled roleplayers.

I am not an expert but I think he is a Doberman Pinscher. The dog avatar itself is very realistic, walking on all four with nice animations. I am always amazed by what Second Life builders can achieve. He is actually quite impressive, I am sure nobody would dare to approach me if I give him a walk.

We will probably meet again, I am thinking of bringing him in one of my next dares … it will keep the stalkers at a distance !!

What about you? Do you have unexpected or original avatars in your friend list? Tell us about them, it’s all about sharing the diversity of SecondLife.



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  1. Perhaps Jaari will become a steadfast companion, trotting along beside you on your adventures. Or…
    …if you’re at all fascinated by bestiality, he may very well be a willing test subject. 😉

      • Hello Cathy!! Aaron!!
        I actually had a friend who used to roleplay as a cat and she was quite Convincing! To the point where she could sit on our Laps and we would caress her fur, or sometimes she would get naughty and roam ‘innocently’ inside some random room where any couple started making out or sex, she’d Meow in local chat and be all cutesy but We all knew she’d really like watching people up close.
        Never really participated in beastiality but she did mention to me that she’d have coughs with any other feline member 🙂
        It was great, ’cause she wasn’t really a normal kitty but a talking one infact! Then as we all know, rl comes up and haven’t seen her in a long while!
        good times though! Glad you found a loyal companion Cathy! And as far as beastiality goes, I don’t know lol, some people do find it hot, I don’t judge 🙂
        Take care and have a Great time! Kisses x

        • Hi Ash,
          sad this cat friend of yours is not in-world anymore. It would have been nice to meet her and maybe introduce her to Jaari … to see if cat and dog relationships are the same in the second world than in the first one.
          For the rest, you know I am curious of all, not sure I am that curious 😉