Plastic surgery still on-going

Plastic surgery still on-going

My dear readers,

I am still in the background working on my plastic surgery (my switch to a full mesh body). I did not imagine it was such a huge transformation and heavy work, to find the nice elements, tests the demo (when there is a demo for the item you look at).

So … I selected the following components and I am trying to make them fit all together:

  • SLink hands and feet (those ones I owned them and wanted to keep them)
  • Maitreya Lara body (but this you know already)
  • Catwa Head Annie
  • Applier for the body: [TheSkinnery] Coffee tone (which comes with the appliers for SLink, a very nice option)
  • Applier for the head: [TheSkinnery] Estee
  • IKON mesh eyes

And now … here is how I look, please do not laugh, I know this is not perfect, work is still in progress:

Slink hands and feet are now matching perfectly with the body which was one of my issues, now solved ! Yesss !!

Now I have other issues to address:

  • Mesh eyes are very difficult to adjust to the body to make them look good in all possible solutions. The HUD provided by IKON is happily very good to assist in this task. I am not 100% satisfied yet.
  • Hair base: it seems I bought an applier for the head which comes systematically with this dark hair base. So I have to go back to the shop in order to see if there is an applier to turn it back to bald … otherwise I will have no other option than to turn my hair color to black … or to completely change my appliers to another brand.
  • Which comes to the third point : finding hair to match with the appliers. This is my next task. I will be of course assisted by my dear Silky.

Well, this is a long process, and I would have expected to be ready by this time. I am not, it is like learning a new Second Life actually. Thrilling experience, but exhausting too.

Please send me your comments and suggestions to move on. You have been of great help at the previous stages of my transformation. Thank you a lot all !! A special thank to Silky who has been a precious help and guide up to now, and another one to my investor!



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  1. Dear Cathy, do not let doctors to ruin your face! Keep botox away from SL!
    About your issues: yes eyes are hard… if you have the catwa head look to the main hud and for the Eye AO option (I have it in mine), it fix some problems, even if perfection is not to this world (not even SL)
    You should have also with Catwa head the neck-teeth-hari base HUD, you can change there the colour base… don’t you? I adore your present color-hair, try not to change it!
    For hair choice I can only say I’m personally fan of Truth, Argrace and enVogue brands… take a look there…

    Please note, I’m just a beginner and I’m going testing step by step for myself… but first of all, feel comfortable in your avi: this is you!

    Great kisses


    • Hi Alma,
      Thanks for the tips, I did not think of changing the eyes shape using the HUD … I will definitely give it a try to see if it is better, thanks for this idea.
      Knowing that I could potentially change the airbase is as well very good news, I cannot wait to try it. I knew the two first brand you mentioned by the way, but not the last one (enVogue). I will check their shop definitely.
      Many thanks for your help !!

  2. I think you’ve made some wonderful decisions in both body shape and facial features. Your eyes are striking and brilliant and the freckles are a particularly cute touch. 🙂 Thank you for keeping us up to date on your progress; I wish I’d kept records of MY transition to full mesh! I can’t wait to see you in all your mesh glory when you’re finished.

    • Thank you Aaron. Getting some cheering message like this is helpful. Mesh transformation is such complex and demands concentration and will to fulfil. Your mesh is fantastic Aaron, I hope I will reach the same level of quality.