A new colleague

Some time ago, Alma, one of my very good friend here in SecondLife, admitted she shared with me the fantasy of getting paid to offer sexual favors. To be more straightforward, she wanted to “experiment” the life of a street whore. She asked questions about where to go, how to behave and so on … Without being an expert, I am starting to have a significant experience and I proposed her to come with me and try to hook a “Johnny”.

On the D-day then, I invited her to join me on the pavement and there she arrived. She was perfectly dressed for the occasion: you can always count on Alma when it comes to dressing, she has the thing to find the perfect outfit. I gave her a few instructions, but actually there is not much to know. It is basically a rigged game of seduction, the thing is that you have to beat the competition, which means … seduce faster. Not that easy, but Alma has the advantage of having a very nice look, so I was confident she would attract some attention.

Alma soon learnt that this is a patience game mainly … we spent huge amount of time waiting. It was good that we were both there, chatting with friends is a really good way to kill time … She told me, she used that time to take a lot of pictures (her new hobby in SecondLife). She also met a few of my fellow colleagues, including one of them, who took her for a long tour around the sim to learn the basics of the metier.

It was actually not a bad timing as I hooked a client during that period of time. When I finally came back, Alma was still there, but she had no luck so far. We wait a little longer with unfortunately not a lot of success, either her or me. So we decided to call it a night. Still I was convinced Alma will have a lot of success if she decided to continue.

I was proven right. A few days later, she confirmed she had now a regular … which I did not succeed to achieve so far. I have a new colleague and a strong competitor. Welcome in the dark side of the streets Alma.

If you are tempted to give it a try, or maybe to hire myself or Alma for some fun one night, you are very welcome to contact me. I will make a real pleasure to meet your needs.