An evening at the jazz club

An evening at the jazz club

I am sure most of you have been, at least one time in their Second Life, to the very famous venue called Frank’s Elite Jazz Club (by the way Carol sent me a dare to be completed there, see Nude in Public Dares ).

As astonishing as it might sound, given my old age, I never went there until recently when Caroline told me she was there and invited me to join. The place looks absolutely fantastic, but the best about it is definitely the music with some amazing live performances. The only big issue is definitely the lag … as every famous place, it is crowded with nice looking mesh avatars and it is definitely mandatory to, either have a gamer computer, or to reduce your graphics settings to the minimum.

When I arrived, Caroline was dancing with a bald guy. She was wearing a nice black ball dress I have never seen her in before. Stunning Caroline! I patiently wait for one of the gentlemen present to invite me, but it never happened unfortunately. So sad, I really like dancing!

Finally Caroline took leave from her dance partner and invited me for a drink at the bar. We then went to sit in the comfortable armchairs set aside the dance floor. She invited one of her readers to join us, a seductive man called Leo. He actually read some of my posts too, in which I felt very flattered indeed. Leo is a fan of Carol’s blog since the beginning, I am not sure when she started exactly, but it is definitely a few years ago. So he is quite an old fan of her and I could clearly see that he has a crush on her, it was not difficult, he simply admitted it.

He was flirty with her and well I was not sure about Carol’s feelings … until a few days ago when I read the last post in Caroline’s blog: Getting Closer or Playing with Fire. It seems she is getting a bit more involved in her relationship with Leo … Let’s have a close look on this, it might become even more interesting !!



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  1. Two gorgeous women don’t get asked to dance? That makes me angry! I shall have a stern word with the owner of this club! 😉

  2. Well yes please have a word with the owner, it is so sad having such a nice dance floor and not an opportunity to dance. Thank you Aaron, you are a true friend! 🙂

  3. My pleasure – nice outfit – are you and Caroline quite small or was that gentleman with her in the tuxedo just incredibly tall. I was inadvertently 6ft 11in at one stage until someone mentioned it (which none of my friends had thought to do!)