And a few more black surprises

And a few more black surprises

A few days ago, I was whoring again in SecondLife. It was a pretty calm night and I was doing nothing special apart from cleaning up my inventory (to prepare for my mesh big change). I got a call from Mario who proposed me to join him in a little bar in town. His last words before he hang up were “I have a surprise for you!” I accepted his kind invitation and I changed in something less slutty for a date downtown.

The place I arrived in, was a desert and worrying street. The kind of streets you would avoid being alone in real life. I had the address of the bar and followed my phone GPS up to there. It did not seem to be very crowded … I entered cautiously and found myself in a sort of lobby with a front desk but nobody behind it. I could hear some music coming from downstairs … so I decided to scout to check if Mario was there … and here he was: comfortably sat in a large armchair, he waved to me as I arrived down the stairs.

The room I was now into was plunged in semi-darkness, as you could expect such a place to be. There was a stage facing the bar, which purpose, I guessed, was for sexy dance performances. Nobody was dancing then … There were very few customers at this moment, Mario smiled at me when I approached the corner where he was sitting.

-“Catherine! Always nice to see you!” I smiled back.

-“Thanks Mario! How are you?”

-“I am g….” he was not able to end his sentence. He was cut by a fat bald guy yelling while walking towards us.

-“Who’s that bitch Mario?”

-“How dare you?” I said shocked

-“Shut up bitch!” he said not even looking at me.

-“She’s a friend, I invited her” argued Mario.

-“Well you’re not at home Mario!” said the guy absolutely furious. “You cannot invite whoever pleases you, when you want, you got that bastard? This is MY club, ok? Now you and your slut, you leave!” He pointed to the stairs.

Mario stood calmy and tried to argue with the man, unsuccessfully. We had to retreat. The man was still yelling at us when we reached the corner of the next street.

-“I am sorry Cath” said Mario. “I did not anticipate he would get so angry.”

-“Wow! He’s rude!”

-“Yes, he’s quite mad as well” said Mario with a sorry smile. “Well I know another place, let’s go there will you?”

I nodded and we walked until we reached a large street where we caught a taxi. Fifteen minutes later we were in front of another small club, but it looked like completely closed. I looked at Mario with a dubious look. He smiled at me and fetched a set of keys from his pocket. He unlocked the small black door and let me in, he followed me and locked the door behind him. We followed a short corridor which led us in a large room, with a bar and some … very specific equipment. It looked like more a SM cave than a club. This is when I noticed Javo was there sitting on a stool and smiling at me.

-“Javo! You’re here as well? Where are we by the way?” I asked.

-“A place where I sometimes host my private parties.” replied Mario mysteriously. He motioned to a stool “Have a seat Cath. Would you like to have a drink?”

-“Certainly! Champagne to celebrate our reunion?” Javo chuckled and Mario opened a fridge below the bar and fetched a bottle from it.

-“I have always a bottle ready for the great occasions” he said uncorking it and placing glasses in front of us in which he poured the wine. We cheered, choking the glasses.

We spent half an hour chatting about triteness of our lives. All this time I had in mind the last time we were together (see Black surprises), I observed those sexy guys, their large shoulders and powerful hands, and I knew all too well what was hidden in their pants. I was starting to feel some dancing butterflies and a growing wetness down there. I felt even more aroused knowing they most probably brought me here with the same intention than last time we met, I felt my cheeks burning. Hopefully they would put that on the account of the wine.

-“So what do you think of the place?” asked Mario with an amused face.

-“Well … the decoration is quite severe. It looks like a mix between a club and a … torture room?” I said giggling at the end of my sentence. “What can be the kind of parties you have here?” Mario and Javo chuckled.

-“I have some rich clients Cath” said Mario.”They pay me very well to have some nice girls bound to the different devices in the club … naked and helpless pretty girls.  The girls are well paid and I feel, actually we feel, Javo agreed with me on that, that you could be one of these girls.” he added staring at me. I looked at him aghast.

-“I … well … me?” I said stammering. Javo nodded and smiled.

-“You have a dark side in you Cath, I felt that last time” added Javo. “I am sure you could enjoy it, and Mario’s clients will feel that, you could become one of their favourites you know?”

I was lost in my thoughts … but I cannot deny I was seriously aroused by their proposal. Mario fetched a little box from I do not know where, and gave it to me.

-“A little gift for you Cath, open it.” I put the little brown box on my lap and opened it with caution. I did not know what to expect. Inside was a black mask, like the ones you could find in Venice during the carnival. I took it in my hand and looked carefully at it, it was a fine piece. “Allow me” said Mario taking the mask from my hand before he tied it behind my head. He stepped back looking at me. Javo applauded. “It looks fantastic on you Cath! You know our girls wear this piece of cloth during our parties and … nothing else” he said staring at me again to gauge my reaction.

I blushed, which apparently made both men to laugh and finally they winked at each other. Mario stood and moved behind the bar. He bent and reappeared with a riding crop in his hand. I gasped in terror. He then came back and stood in front of me. He pointed the tip of the short whip to my face and gently caressed each of my cheeks with it. He seemed to analyse each of my reactions. To be honest I was terrified that he could whip me hard with it.

-“Do not worry Cath, you are going to enjoy this” he said with a smile. “Now, bite it” he ordered, placing the tip of the crop in front of my mouth. I obeyed. “Good, bite it hard, you are not to let it go until I command you, is it clear?” I slowly nodded, taking care of not letting the crop go. He started to pull on the crop, and I understood he wanted me to stand and follow him.

Javo stood up and took my hand to help me up from the stool. The two men led me to the wooden table set in one corner of the club. The table itself was very rustic, made of rough wood. At each of its corner there was a metal ring screwed in the wood, some heavy chains ended with bracelets were attached to the rings. I had no doubt on the purpose of this kind of device: once bound to it, I would be at the mercy of any onlooker, without any mean to dodge their touching.

Mario was standing in front of me holding the crop which I still clutched with my teeth. Javo was behind me with his large hands on my shoulders. At this moment I felt very helpless, and at the same time very aroused by this incredible scene I was living.

-“Time to explore that dark side of yours Cath” said Mario with a smile. “Do not worry, the only thing we want is to make you feel well and … horny. How do you feel sweety? You might let the crop go to answer, and then you bite it back.” I opened my mouth and answered in a croaked voice:

-“I … I feel very nervous actually.”

As I was saying that, Javo’s hand left my shoulder to reach the back zipper of my dress which he opened in a quick gesture. I gasped when my dress slipped along my shoulders, my arms and finally my waist and legs to finish its course at my feet. I stepped aside of it, my skin covered in goose bumps. Javo bent to catch my dress which he threw away, out of my reach. I was standing in my fine lingerie, both men were lusting at me. I could feel their stares on me.

-“Now Cath, if you could lay on your back here” he said patting the surface of the table. He pulled on the crop and I climbed on the table and nervously laid on it, the cold touch of the wood on my skin made me shiver. Mario nodded. “Good girl Cath. As it is your first time, we are not going to bind you, BUT, I command that you keep your arms up. At no time you are allowed to use them, did I make myself clear?” I nodded. “Good!” he said “now release the crop please.” I released the riding crop tip from my mouth.

He was now slowly turning around the table, like a shark around a sinking ship. The riding crop high in his hand, he sometimes caressed my skin with the tip, my neck, between my breasts, on my tummy, on my thighs. It was a game that was turning me crazy. He chuckled, probably amused by my worried face as he played with me like a cat with his catch.

Finally the first hit came on my tummy, it was not a hard one, and I gasped more than I actually cried. Mario continued to gently hit me, while I corner-eyed Javo who was stripping naked just besides me. I remembered Javo very vividly since the last time, but it is always something to see him live: his strong build, his impressive abs, and the best of it: his amazing cock … which popped out from his pants, all hard and ready for action.

Javo approached the table while Mario stepped back. He touched me wherever it pleased him and I did not resist, my body was craving his care. His large hands were everywhere and I felt more and more aroused by the situation. Soon my bra was off  … Mario had undressed as well while I was paying attention at his friend. He continued for a time to hit me with the crop, inflicting me more pleasure than pain actually.

Mario finally pulled my thong and both of men became more pressing. Their hands moving fast on me, my titties became fully erected under their focused caresses, and their fingers started to …. invade … wherever they could. The party went completely out of control as it did last time … and finally, the moment I was waiting for arrived, I felt their big manhood inside me, ramming savagely into my body. The rough wood in my back was scratching hard but I did not care anymore, the only things important were to please them and to let my body release of its incredible sexual tension.

After I had a first orgasm, Javo grabbed me by the hair and threw me over a lying barrel where he took me hard. I yelled as he did so, but actually it made me to get wild quickly again. It was what they call “rough sex” but sometimes rough is good. Mario and Javo knew it, I have a dark side that I have to unleash sometimes. Each time I do it, it is a marvelous adventure of sensuality and eroticism.

We parted like last time, like friends we had a nice party together, but not before I gave them a last hot blowjob.

When I boarded the taxi that Mario had called, he told me:

-“We will contact you soon Cath, you will be in the staff for our next party.” He slammed the door and the taxi moved before I had time to give any answer to this.

I arrived home wondering if they would actually call me for their debauchery parties … but after all, why not? I had a long shower before I jumped into my bed. It did not take me much time after all this to fall deeply asleep.


Dear readers, this is once again a quite extreme story, but I admit I like a lot telling them. Did I shock you? Or on the contrary, would you like to join me in such an adventure? I could definitely arrange this you know.




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