NIP Dare #5: Flash in the streets

NIP Dare #5: Flash in the streets

Posted by: Jezabelle

Context: Single out people, flash them and loose yourself in the crowd.

Location: This one can be done in any urban area or maybe a club.

Clothing: Some sort of coat, shoes maybe stockings and nothing more would be great attire for this.


Information for my readers:

A very classical dare, yet very exciting to do actually. With the help of Kod, I have selected the sim called Sex City to make it happen.


The story:

The dare is rather similar than my dare #7 (a long stroll in the streets), but this one aims to be shorter and does not involve full nudity all the time. No, for this one, I have to quickly flash some flesh to passerby’s and runaway before they call the police … well fortunately there is no police, only moderators, and on adult sims, it is usually not a problem to show off a little, or a lot !!

So first thing to do: choose the appropriate attire. Something easy to remove and dress back afterwards … definitely my old grey trench coat would do it. I added stockings and suspenders, and chic heels to look absolutely dressed for an unaware onlooker. That was it, nothing more … and yes I started to feel the very enjoyable tickling down there. I was ready to flash any stranger on my path.

I did not know where to go. So I used my favorite search function and moved from one sim to another, trying to figure out, which sim could be good for the dare. I did a tentative on a pleasant-looking sim on a “poor” victim (who actually appeared to be away … or at least did not react at all).

Finally I got a call from my old friend Kod (follow the link to his interview if you want to know more about him). Each time I see his name popping in my IM, I feel … “excited”, not necessarily sexually, but a chat with Kod has often a taste of an adventure to come. I am sure you have all friends like him yourself. I have shared so many adventures with Kod, I can share all my secrets with him … I might tell you some of these stories one day, we will see. So I told him what I was into, and that I was looking for a good place to do my flashing dare.

-“I know the place for it” he told me. A few minutes later I joined him at the gates of a small town, with a reasonable traffic and consequently low lag.

He stared at me smirking:

-“You’re naked under this coat?” he asked.

-“Well … nearly!” I said unbuckling the belt of my trench coat and dropping it on the pavement.

-“Naughty girl!” he said with a faked outraged tone. He took me in his arms and planted me a kiss on the lips. “Have fun babe, I unfortunately have to let you now” he said waving goodbye.

I grabbed my coat and dressed back. I entered with a wide smile in the town, well decided to flash a few of its inhabitants. I spotted a guy alone on the main street and decided he would be the first one. I felt immediately a surge of adrenaline empowering me.

The guy was really cute and I engaged the conversation with him, pretending to be new in the city. He was very nice and polite. While we were chatting, I discreetly and slowly unbuckled the belt of my coat and unbuttoned … one button after the other, feeling more aroused as each button was undone. Finally, in one quick move, I let it fall at my feet. He instantly stopped talking, looking at me aghast and frozen. I giggled.

-“You like what you see?”

-“I … I … do” he stammered.

-“Thank you!” I said grabbing my coat and putting it back while running away, laughing like a kid who just did a good prank.

The rest of the dare was just a repetition of the same scene again and again, and I had mainly good reactions … well I targeted men which might help in this particular exercise. I had only one unpleasant encounter with a man who was hiding in the police station … the only thing he was able to say was “sex? now?” and of course he was already butt naked and … ready for action. I did not waste my time and left immediately.

I fled to the nearby movie theater, and this time, it was my turn to be surprised. I was face to face with a man naked from head to toe, I was the biter bit. I laughed like crazy and him with me.

We had a pleasant and flirty chat during which I admit I gently caressed his privates which reacted pretty well to my “stimulation” … I pointed to his erected member and laughed again.

-“Do you mind if I … undress too?” I asked playfully

-“Ho not at all!” he said.

And there I was, besides him, both of us stark naked in the middle of a movie theater. It was so funny, so exciting.

We chatted a little, and I finally planted a kiss on his cheek and grabbed my coat and passed it.

-“Goodbye Mr nudist” I said waving

-“Goodbye Miss flashing” he replied

And I ran out of the city through the woods. The story could have ended in a hot and steamy epilogue in the theater, but on my side, I was not in the mood for this. The only thing I needed then was a warm bath at Silky’s place and a few caresses to drive me to heavens while reviving my little adventure.


I would like to thank Jezabelle the author of this excellent dare, that I am tempted to do again, it was an excellent mix of fun and arousal… exactly the way I like my adventures to be. Thanks to Kod also for pointing out the place (with some french people … pretty rare nowadays).

I hope you liked this little dare, and as often, I am waiting for your comments, bad or good. This blog is yours as much as mine, what is the point if you find it boring … so … let me know.



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11 responses to “NIP Dare #5: Flash in the streets”

  1. It was fun thinking up dares for you dear Cathy. giggles I admit it wasn#t that hard just had to think up things that would turn me on.
    Glad you had fun and thanks for sharingyour experience.

  2. Cathy

    I have a seriously hard one for you: I dare you to fals in the middle of Frank’s Jazz Club (not the VIP one) right at the bar! After this everything else will look like childs play 🙂

    Oh and I want to see it live!


      • Just a thought. Maybe you should keep that one for the grand finale 😉 I think that Caroline might be right … everything else after that might turn out to be childs play then. So if you want to keep the excitement curve up … you might want to rethink jumping right for it now 😉

        • Well, I do not plan to do it right now … anyway I like to be well prepared for these events (well most of the time, it can happen that I improvise), so any ideas or details or instructions, that can help making the experience even better, are very welcome!

  3. I’m not sure if it’s the right place for this but I would be really happy if you consider my dare.
    i want you to go to a popular marina and sneak into a nice boat. Choose a nice big one where you can get comfortable. When you’re aboard I want you to take off your clothes and either take a sit and start sunbathing or take a nap if there’s a bed there. Just relax and see what happens and if someone cathes you.

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