Head hunting

Head hunting

My dear readers,

no I am not recruiting anybody, for this I would need to have a business first. Well I have one, but this one does not require any assistance. No I am actually speaking about my transformation to a mesh body and the headaches it is giving me.

If you remember, last time (read it here) I bought Maitreya Lara body and I entered in the known world of mesh nightmare. I have two main issues two resolved:

  • Resolve the neck mark between where the Maitreya Body finishes and where my standard head with my old skin starts. And yes it has to be resolved because it is really ugly !!
  • Same issue with my Slink hands and feet that I bought some time ago and that I would like to resolve. At the moment I am “forced” to use the hands and feet provided with the Maitreya body.

So today, we are going to speak about how I intend to fix the first issue: I have read many comments and got advices that a mesh head can resolve the neck mark … Even if I am a bit sad to quit my current head and face, I dived into this crazy hunt.

LeLutka Heads

I started with LeLutka heads. The reason I chose them was because I am a real fan of Strawberry blog, and I found she is using quite often Lelutka heads in her pictures. Strawberry is very skilled in tuning her avatar and taking nice snapshots and so I have been seduced by the Lelutka heads.

I went to the good part of the store: lucky readers, this landmark point directly to where the heads are, it took me ages with my poor PC to locate them under the heavy lag I was under. I bought all the demo heads present and I fled to a lag-free hideout to test them (thanks to Alma who invited me to her home). Below are the results (do not judge too badly the heads, I am a poor photographer and I had to reduce the graphic settings to avoid lagging).

The result is quite impressive to be honest and the HUD to bring changes is very easy to handle. My two favorites are Karin and Leda, and to be honest I would like to know your opinion on this.

Catwa head

While I was at Alma’s house, she was actually trying a head she just bought … and actually it was definitely very good. Catwa shop is a lot more easy to navigate and finding the heads was an easy task. The head I tried is probably the most famous one, it is called “Jessica”. The HUD, I feel is more complex to try but seems in counterpart more customizable and more powerful at the end. I was not able to fully operate the HUD (to put the eyes in particular), but still the results looks very promising. What I like about this head is the fact it is a lot more smiling than LeLutka and definitely it is more my personality. The main default is definitely the price.

Logo head

Finally, on the advice of Silky I decided to go to Logo Store. A very user friendly store, not too laggy and where heads are immediately accessible: just this is a good bonus for those like me with slow configurations. I tried the Alex head, again I think their best sell. The HUD is very complete with a lot of options and you can even buy some extras to make it even more customizable (with for instance new expressions). I like this one a lot and the price is affordable without the options. If I had a few options it can definitely ruin me (despite the greatful help of my secret investor).


Which head to choose:

  • LeLutka with their nice HUD, very nice heads with many appliers available. The price is reasonable. Only default for me, the faces look sad.
  • Catwa, the most expensive head with a powerful HUD. Again many appliers available and a powerful HUD.
  • Logo, the less known, so less appliers. A good price for the basics but maybe a bit more basic in terms of functions on the HUD (still it is very advanced).

My favorite is definitely Catwa from what I have seen, but I would like to get your opinion before I take a final decision. Thank you for your help.




13 responses to “Head hunting”

  1. Though the LeLutka head may look a bit more like your original, I think the Catwa would be the smarter buy, and I think you’re having the same feeling. 🙂

  2. Disclaimer: You know that I have a hang for the Alex head, so I might be biased, but I will try to be as neutral as possible 😉

    I don’t like LeLutka. It looks too roundish (especially in the lower left). If you could adjust it a little (don’t know how much they will let you modify) maybe then it will work, but this way it looks bubbly somehow.

    Catwa looks better there. Even though I would like to have a look at some more angles to finally judge it. The price they are asking is just …. ouch.

    I cannot help it, I still like Alex best. Depending on how many add ons you want, you will end up in about the same pricezone like catwa, but you won’t have to dish it out all at once.
    Concerning the appliers. Keep in mind that Logo is Omega enabled. So you don’t need an explicit Applier für Logo, but any Omega Applier will do as well.

    Ah I will better keep my mouth shut and stick with the technical properties of the heads as far as I know them. The choice will be all yours … I think thats better that way 😉

  3. hey Cathy. Personally I’m pretty happy with my lelutka mesh head, it’s very reasonable price, I didn’t have to spend money on buying another skin because head goes perfectly with my maitreya body, hud is easy to operate and I love the make up sliders so I can change the intensity of my make up. But after using my head for few weeks I find myself wanting more. I’d like different lashes, maybe to apply some beauty marks, freckles or cum at times ;). Lelutka is the ony one from listed heads that doesn’t use omega appliers and the options are very limited. Sure there are some nice skins and make ups out there, but that’s pretty much it. So if it’s important for you to customize your head more Lelutka may not be the best choice. I wish I gave Catwa second look when I was buing my head but it just seemed too complicated and too expensive for my taste. But now I see there are lots of appliers for Catwa. so I think it’s up to you and what’s the most important for you.

  4. I’ll keep it short and to the point. I like the Catwa one very much. It seems you do too. Go ahead and go crazy with it. I am sure your secret benefactor will be happy to give you an extension if you run out of funds… 😉

  5. Hi Cathy, I don’t know what will be your choice at the end, but I wish you that wearing your mesh head you will exclaim “yeah, that’s me!”. At that moment you will know to have done the right choice! Many thanks for letting me help you in some way!

  6. Thank you all for your answers … well you are not helping me, you all have a different opinion. LOL! Catwa head however seems to have a slight advantage. Still I would like to know (if any of you has the information), if Catwa allows Omega appliers or not? Thank you again for your help.

  7. According to meshbodyadditcs.com it is. So if you are aiming for an omega applier skin you can use both logo and catwa.

  8. As long as your mesh body does not affect you sense of humor, I am fin with your transformation. Thierry Zeitman

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