Bare Sun

Bare Sun

My dear readers,

the other day, on the advice of Silky, I went to a nice beach called “Bare Sun“. As the name states it, it is a nude beach with a strict policy: no clothes allowed. It is unfortunately not mixed-gender, I went to the part reserved to women, and I guess there is probably another part of the beach reserved to men, I did not check this though.

The beach looks awesome and the people there are very kind and welcoming. I spent a nice hour hanging out and chatted with a few “regulars” of the beach. It is a nice place to relax and get a break from our long and hard weeks.

If you fancy a paradise beach break, well think of this place … and do not forget your sun screen ! 🙂 . And you, is there any nice place you could share with us?




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  1. Thats only part true. Shemales and Futas are regular guests there as well and they are welcome there (one of the owners is a Futa herself). Rarely you can also find some furries there.
    If you are looking for classy mixed gender nude beaches, you should look at “The Sands” or “Turtle Beach”.

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