A visit at BBF – Chapter 7: End of the road (Last Chapter)

A visit at BBF – Chapter 7: End of the road (Last Chapter)

This post is the seventh and last chapter of a long story, I advise you to read the preceding chapters before reading this one.

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I carved the wood of the wall with my hoof boot and contemplated the now fully scratched surface:  Every morning since the first day I have been locked into this tiny stall, I did a little mark, my only way to keep track of the time passing. I felt sadness overwhelming me, it was now exactly one year, Renneville and his accomplices had trapped me into slavery. One year of my life wasted, spent at learning stupid things like walking in those crazy boots, or to communicate without speaking, or to pull those heavy carts all around the island. I have to confess I have never been that fit, “thanks” to the intensive sport they put me in all over the year.

Despite all my will and my resistance, they succeeded in breaking me. I was no more the revengeful girl I had been at the beginning. The fear to be put again in the dark punishment glass cells made them win my obedience. Renneville never forgot to mention his threat each time he took me out to ensure I would not try anything against him.

Renneville entered the barn later than when he used to this morning . He seemed in a good mood, whistling all around. He went visiting a few ponies, complimenting or patting them through the bars of the stall’s doors. I was one of the oldest ones now: all those who were here when I arrived are no more on the island, well, as far as I know. Some of them have been sold to private buyers, some to other ranches, it is a huge business apparently: if only I could write a paper on this infamous human trafficking! Others were sent away to a nearby ranch for breeding: I guess there are somewhere our male counterparts establishments. I shivered just thinking of them.

He finally came to see me.

-“Emily! How are you this morning? You know I checked, it is your birthday today… One year with us, would you have believed that?” He said mocking me.

I stomped twice and stepped back in my stall frowning. He laughed at my reaction. He finally went to get a leash and opened my stall.

-“There! Come! We are going to celebrate with an endurance walk around the island.”

He knew how I hated them, he usually made me run pulling one of his cart for hours. Most of the time I was so exhausted at the end of these “walks” that I could not find the strength or the courage to eat afterwards. I knew as well that there was no point arguing, all I could win from that, was a savage beating or a stay in the glass cells. I let him attach the breed and lead me to the cart outside. I endured his friendly patting once he had secured me on it and finally he hoped onto the vehicle.

He cracked the whip one time and I started to pull, the day would be long I knew it. It was probably a bit more than one hour I was running around the island, I could measure time by how my muscles started to get sore.

I suddenly heard the cracking of the walkie-talkie that Renneville had always with him, I shivered: very often those crackings were announcing bad news. This time was no exception unfortunately:

-“Control to Darius, Control to Darius” said the voice.

-“Darius speaking” he replied.

-“Intruder detected near the bridge, can you check?”

-“I am on it” replied Darius.

Renneville made the whip to crack a few centimeters from my left ear, which made me jump. I pulled hard in response. The bridge was on the other side of the island and I knew he was eager to arrive. I did not want to let him any reasons to blame me and so I ran as fast as I could. I learnt in the past he could get pretty unpredictable when frustrated.

When we arrived on site, I could not see anybody. I started to fear we were too late and that Renneville would take it out on me. He had me to stop and hoped down the cart. He walked on the bridge and started to look everywhere … the “intruder” probably fled before we arrived. He suddenly bent over the guardrail and looked satisfied, he probably spotted his prey. I had the confirmation a few minutes later when he climbed down under the bridge and made a poor blonde girl to quit her hideout. She looked tired, cold and afraid. I was not able to listen what they were saying due to the distance and the noise of the stream, but I knew all too well how all this would end.

He finally managed to bring her back to the cart, her wrists restrained behind her back. The girl was yelling and fighting and she suddenly froze when she saw me, she looked at me aghast. I could read in her gaze that she came to the realization of what was about to happen to her. I instantly looked down at my feet, I could not stand her view, it reminded me too vividly my own story, my own fate.

Renneville took advantage of her surprise and knocked her out, she fell hardly on the floor. He grabbed her and put her in the little trunk-cage behind the cart. He cautiously locked the trunk and hoped on the cart.

-“Control? I captured the new pony, we were expecting her.  I am bringing her back to the barn, roger that?” he said in the walkie-talkie.

-“Roger. By the way, the package you were expecting has been delivered.” replied the crackling voice.

-“Ho perfect!” said Renneville. He switched off the walkie-talkie. Then he addressed me “Did you hear that Emily?” he asked. “Let’s go back to the barn … moreover I have a little present for your birthday” he added in a sinister tone before laughing out. Then the whip cracked again and this time it actually hit my back … I clenched my teeth in pain, I knew he did it on purpose.

I ran as fast as I could, worrying about what was next for me … In the past I would have worried for the girl in the back. but those brutes learnt me how to be selfish and care for myself… I hated them even more for that, because they actually changed me. On our way back we came into Amanda, who is just after Renneville, the person I hated the much on the island.

Amanda was a pony like me or the others, but her very strong build made her become an accomplice to Renneville and his fellow trainers. Her specialty was into breaking the new girls into the rules of the ranch, she was a real brute, and I feared her as much as I hated her. Renneville was making her to do all the dirty work in exchange for some privileges, as the very coveted one of being allowed to walk free on the island. All the girls that went through her “treatments” were not able to leave their stall for days.

I shivered when she stared at me, I very selfishly expected she was not here for me, but for the unfortunate blonde girl in the trunk.  Happily this was apparently the case. Renneville showed her the unconscious prey and let Amanda know he would need her to practice her “magic” on the poor girl. I could not prevent myself to shiver, my only hope is that she would not resist. Renneville invited Amanda to hop in, and cracked the whip again, this time without touching me. I pulled the cart in motion again with more difficulties due to the weight it was now loaded. However my hard training allowed me to finally make it move and even to run quite fast to the barn.

A few minutes before we arrived at the barn, the blonde girl waked up and started to make a lot of noise by hitting the trunk with her feet and cursing loudly. I shook my head anticipating it would go pretty bad for her. I was right, as soon as I parked the cart, Renneville and Amanda went to the trunk and grabbed the poor girl. She tried to fight but after being hit three times by Amanda, she understood she only achieved to make it even worst for her. A few minutes later she was hissed on the post, hanging by her wrists, Amanda standing in front of her with a devilish smile displayed on her horrible brute face.

Finally Renneville came back to me to detach me from the cart. He took, as always, the precaution to lock a leash first, afraid that I would try to flee. He led me to the barn while I eye-cornered Amanda, tearing the panicked girl clothes in pieces … she would soon learn what a tack is. To my surprise, we did not enter the barn but stopped by a big wooden box nearby the door.

-“This is my present for you Emily” said a proud Renneville opening the door of the box. This is when I understood what it was … it was not a wooden box, this was a cage. The explanation of Renneville confirmed my worst fears. “I have registered you to an auction Emily, you did not reach the skills to stay with us … so I am going to get rid of you.”

I panicked and pulled on the leash hard. He was prepared to the move and forced me to kneel.

-“Keep still Emily, I cannot afford to deliver damage goods to the auction, understand? The reputation of the ranch is at stake. You have to make us proud Emily. If you are lucky you will be acquired by a skilled breeder … maybe I would buy your offspring in a few years, who knows?” he added with a provocative smile.

I shook my head, I was shivering and my teeth were chattering. It took me by surprise and planted a syringe in my thigh. I felt instantly very nauseous and fell unconscious.

I woke up I do not how much time after, but it was probably a short period of time as the other girl was still hanging at the post. Renneville probably did that to avoid “damage his goods”, me, how smart of him. I realized I was now in the box, all restrained and taken in a thick foam, there was no space to move at all. Renneville was standing in front of me with a bright smile.

-“Have a nice trip Emily! Make us proud. Farewell!” he said. He then closed the door, I screamed as loud as I could despite of the bits in my mouth and was now in the dark, fighting to breathe fresh air. I panicked, my heartbeat was very high, I gasped for some air !

I screamed again but to my surprise the sound went out and the light was back. I opened my eyes and looked around. I could not believe it, I was in my bed, in my very bedroom. All of this has been a stupid dream. I laughed like crazy, I had never been as happy in my whole life to wake up … it was the best day of my entire existence. My crazy mind invented all this story, it was so realistic … so true though!

After I had a very consistent breakfast, I went to my bathroom eager to have a warm and relaxing shower to forget about the emotions of the night. I stripped naked and was about to enter into the bath tube when I noticed something in the mirror. I turned to expose my back to the mirror and saw in the middle of my left buttock the brand … I was wearing the brand of the BBF ranch on my burnt skin!

I screamed loud in terror and panic!

The End.

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This is the end of this long RP story, I only hope it did not shock you too much. I would like to thank in particular Darius Renneville and Honey who kindly accepted to play the games and were very welcoming all the time.

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