Family reunited

Family reunited

SecondLife is definitely full of surprise. A long time ago I lost track of my dear friend and virtual sister Jelena. Suddenly, out of the blue, I got this little message in my local chat message: “Jelena is online” … I was aghast and nearly fell from my chair, but there she was.

How Jelena looked when I met her
How she looks nowadays … quite a change

The same kind of story happened a few months ago with Becky, an old friend from Australia (well she is not old, our friendship is). The difference being that Becky came back with a new avatar, a common practice in SecondLife, when you have too many problems, you can easily start over with a brand new life and avatar. I never had to do this, and I definitely hope I will never have to, I was able to deal with my past up to now, I can only hope it can continue this way.

Jelena playing on her piano … she loved doing this!
One of the show we were in with Jelena (a common friend Didi, organized them)

You might remember Jelena, I mentioned her one time in my “7 facts meme” (fact #7). I could not believe my eyes, and I did not know the reason that led her away of the second world, so I was definitely pretty nervous to contact her, what could be her reaction? I wait for a few minutes, wondering if she would contact me or not. She did not. Out of patience and also a bit afraid that she might disconnect at any moment, I risked a little “Hello” in IM.  Her response was instant “Hi sis! How are you?” … and we were reunited.

A few minutes later we were meeting again in SecondLife, at the exact same place she once had her house built and where we had some nice evenings and discussions … the house is of course no more there and the land is actually abandoned. Still, it is my hideout, I do not know exactly why but I still feel home here. And no I will not tell you where it is :-).

We discussed a few moments together, I am not sure how frequently she will be online, she said she will be from time to time, and I definitely intend to get any chance to see her again, I missed my virtual sister so much, the family is finally reunited … for how much time, I do not know but I will enjoy every minutes.

We met where her house was a long time ago

SecondLife is not virtual when we speak of emotions and relationships, it is real, it can create joy and harm. We all have to remember that when we “play”, it is a game yes, but there are true human beings behind each screen, be kind to each others, make love not war! 🙂

I am sure many of you, at least for those who spent some years in the second world, have experienced one of these re-unification. Would you dare to share that here? I wish you would dare.




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  1. Awww such wonderful News. I know that feeling, its just wonderful to reestablish connections with lost dear persons. Too bad it doesn’t happen in most cases, so its even more exciting when it happens.
    Sitting here smiling reading this. I hope that you three will drop by my place some time hugs You are all very welcome there.

      • Any time. This place was made to shared with others. So … have fun, set up homespots there … have a good time (even though the christmas tree is gone now ;)) and no worries, there are no hidden costs, but a fresh towel and fruit salad for everyone 😉

        I wish I could dare such a story … alas I can’t. The people I have lost in SL seem to be gone for good and will probably never return. Even though there is still a tiny bit of hope that they might reconsider and take a peak.
        I never considered SL as a game anyways. It is a virtual extentsion of my real life, giving me the ability to discovers different facettes of myself or dive into fantasies I couldn’t realize elsewhere.
        Of course I can play games in SL, but so can I in the real world.

        I never really liked the “play” in SL anyways … SL is used in my eyes … not played.

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