A dare on SS Galaxy

A dare on SS Galaxy

My dear readers,

I promised you we will have some changes in the interview format in 2016, so this is happening. Now my guests will have to do one of my nude in public dares. We will use the interview to get their feedbacks after the event and play a few games that might strip them again … who knows.

Silky kindly accepted to perform the first dare on the night of Friday 15th to Saturday 16th January at midnight GMT (4PM SLT). I thank her very much for this. SS Galaxy is a large cruise ship that was very famous in the past and that is now a property of Linden Labs, it’s more a museum nowadays and very calm.

Silky will perform a nude dare based on a simple story: we will go together to the spa and I will steal her towel and clothes… in order to get them back, she will have to tour the ship in her birthday suit and will go through the following points:

The LMs to the different locations are:

If you want to participate, feel free to contact me. We will wait for Silky in different places and prepare her a few surprises. I hope to see you there with us to have a lot of fun and a good laugh at her expense. You can off course jump in the boat and try to locate her. I estimate it will take around 1 hour to do the tour. See you there!



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  1. I used to live on the SS Galaxy hehehehehe. I got banned from there for smacking a land manager flunkie’s girlfriend on her xcite butt. I shot the very first coner of Slut Magazine on my balcony there

    • Really? That was probably fantastic living there when it was a crowded boat. This is now a bit sad, more like a museum than a real place. All cabins are empty. Funny to know your mag was born there.

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