Black surprises

Black surprises

I was hitting the streets the other day, trying to make some cash to finance my very expensive future new mesh look. As usual I was wandering at “Street Whores”, a very famous place for this kind of business. It was pretty crowded that night, but unfortunately I did not hook any prospect. My fellow colleagues and competitors were definitely better than me. This activity is made of a lot of waiting, and very few actions, I know it very well now. I was killing the time, playing with the settings of the blog and discussing by IM with some of my friends.

It was getting pretty late, and I was about to quit, when Mario called me. Do you remember him? If not, you can read the adventures we had together already: Bring the danger everywhere and the nude in public dare in cuba. Mario invited me to his place, of course I had no doubt on his intentions, I gladly accepted his invitation, I was definitely in the mood.

He was comfortably sat on his sofa when I arrived and he invited me to join him. I was a bit tired, standing for long periods when hooking is a real pain for the feet and the back, particularly with heels … those who never wore heels cannot understand.  We took our time to catch up, we discussed a long time, me laying on the sofa, my head on his laps, it was very relaxing and comforting after the long night out.

We moved to the bar, a bar very similar to the one Caroline had installed in the mansion during last summer, and we shared a glass of champagne, maybe two actually, I cannot remember precisely.

This is when he fetched out of his inside pocket a little plastic bag containing white powder, I knew too well where it would lead us:

-“I am not sure I should” I said with a dry smile

-“Come on Catherine, this is the best quality, you cannot miss this.”

I smiled and nodded and he led me to the coffee table in the middle of the living room on which he “prepared” a line for me.  I knelt and snorted it, then a second one. Mario did the same. It did not take long before I started to feel the exhilarating effects of the drug (well at least I had to role play its effects, but it was kinda fun).

We talked and laughed a lot, enjoying a very special evening … then the door bell rang and he went to open the door to a splendid black man. Not sure I mentioned already that I have something for black men, and not only because of their manhood reputation 🙂

Javo was his name, and I learnt he was actually the candyman of Mario … and he was definitely so handsome, well built, with a killer smile. I cannot remember if I did anything special to make it known that he was my taste of men, but the evening turned more sensual very soon.

We danced the three of us, I had Mario and Javo dancing very near of me, their hands were touching me, and I acted very flirty, brushing my bottom on them, hugging them tightly, I was definitely in a naughty mood and they did not seem to complain. I realized giggling that they succeeded in stealing my skirt, I still do not know how they managed it, but it is one more proof that I was not in control at all anymore. I was proudly dancing in my sexy undies with those two sexy men around me … ho yes you know exactly what I had in mind then, and believe me, they thought the same.

And of course, when all parties agree it happens, then … it happened. They took me upstairs to the bedroom and we had a very very wild party all together … From here the pictures will speak better than any word.

We parted two hours later, but we resolved to make it again … As Javo said “we are making a good team!” and I cannot agree more.


I actually had a very good time with my two lovers. It is often good not to plan too much in SecondLife and to let the story builds itself from the role play. I have often lived some fantastic and erotic adventures doing so. What about you? Did you ever let SecondLife surprise you? What happened? I want to know!



7 responses to “Black surprises”

  1. Second Life never fails to surprise me … even after such a long time …. how? Well I guess we will keep that Story for another occasion.

  2. It’s such an excitment to watch you. I would have loved to be one of those lucky guy this night. Maybe I’ll have my chance another time.
    Kisses Cathy. I think I can’t read more or I’ll have to… hum… play with myself in the shower ^^

  3. Oh my that was an exiting read. 🙂 Always love reading your stories.
    A threesome with two gorgeous men is still high on the lists of my 2nd Life fantasies.

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