A disappointing interview

A disappointing interview

In December, I have been contacted by a SecondLife photographer  (who happens to be a photographer in real-life too). He was looking, and is still looking actually, for new models. His name is Coach Oliphaunt, and he has a book on Flickr.

His work, I think, is pretty good and I have to admit I was flattered he thought of me as one of his next models. After a few failed attempts to meet, we finally found an appropriate time, and I headed to his studio with a big smile and a bit nervous too.

He welcomed me in a tiny room which is difficult to tell exactly what it is: a mix between a living room and an exhibition room. The walls were covered of photographs of naked women … all his work. It was in a sort, quite intimidating. Not the nudity itself, but more the fact that the quality of his work was thrown into my face, I realized I was about to talk with a man who knew his job.

He was very polite and invited me to sit and we started to discuss about it. All was perfect up to this point, I was starting to get pretty excited as each time I am about to expose myself.

It actually turned unexpectedly bad when he asked me if I was prepared to change my shape because he was not satisfied with my current one. He asked me to strip as he could have a more thorough look. I complied but I felt down by his sudden bitter remark, he tried to make it smooth, nevertheless I was touched.

I felt his laser eyes scanning me, it was pretty odd. He made me perform a few changes but it did not succeed in satisfying him. So he abruptly said “You can dress and leave the studio”. It was so rude, I felt down, seriously down and hurt. He explained I was not round and “curvy” enough for being a nude model, at least one of his nude models. I told him about my project to move on a new mesh body and he answered we could meet again then. Definitely I was not good enough

A rather disappointing interview it was indeed! I keep no grief against him, he is an artist and if is work is so good is probably because he is very picky in all steps, including the choice of a model. He even tried to be nice when saying it, but he failed at not hurting me.

Well, if you think you want to give it a try, contact him, he is a nice lad, but he is pretty direct. You are warned.


SecondLife like our real life is not drama-free, as some people would like it to be. I feel this is also what makes the virtual world so vivid. Did you ever experience this kind of unpleasant, frustrating or disappointing situations within SecondLife? Please share it here.



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  1. awwww don’t worry Cathy. Guy seems like a massive, insenstive jerk. Since he approched you, he should have known what you look like and what he can expect from you. And asking you to sit down and talk with him, when he clearly knew he wants something else was just cold.
    Maybe he’s one of those guys who like when people beg for his attention.
    You’re a pretty girl Cathy, don’t let anyone tell you othervise. xoxo

    ps. his photos aren’t that great

  2. Hmmmm. For someone wearing a third rate suit, having a worse hair helmet on his head then Donald Trump and sitting there like having a broken wrist, he is risking quite a big lip there.
    If he was truly an artist … he would know how to make someone look good while wearing a cut open shopping bag.
    And judging from I can see of those pictures, I don’t find them very appealing. Looks cold and uninspiring to me. I guess he rather needs some material to occupy his right hand rather then having a real interest in creating something artistic.
    If he is really a real world photographer I guess he is losing clients with his attitude.

    I might not be really skilled at what I do 😉 but I think we can get better results then this stuff hanging there.

  3. Dear Cathy, you are absolutely delicious as you are. Because you are as you want to be. The pretty girl who is you appears in every word we read in your blog, or knowing you in SL world. So don’t care about this experience.

  4. Hi all, thank you for your nice comments, I really do appreciate. I just want to add than I am not upset by this experience. On the contrary actually, it is just a good example of how real the virtual world is, I mean, we have real emotions, some good some bad, that’s life!

  5. This is a very straight and rude answer. But you were right : he’s an artist, it is his point of view and I don’t share it. You are really awesome and I love your avatar. I’m not sure you’ll gain something to change it for a mesh body.

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