2015 Retrospective

2015 Retrospective

The year is coming to an end, it is time to pause an instant and look back to what has been achieved. It is a common practice to do so, but I think it is a good habit to contemplate the past year, and to plan for the next one, otherwise we would be constantly in the move like a crazy ship who had lost her captain, without neither a route nor a destination. So basically what happened this year?

Birth of the “Secret Diary” blog

The name of the blog is probably not well chosen, it is a diary actually, but not that secret as it is a blog. Well it is a non-sense I admit it, but I like to confuse people sometimes, I hope you will not keep that against me. I started writing after I found out Caroline’s blog: Second Life Adventures. I finally met her one day of end of march, at Magic Angels, the escort club she was working at (look at her own retrospective for details). I could not believe my luck then, we soon became friends, and she encouraged me into writing my own blog, which you can read today. I take this opportunity to thank you very deeply Caroline, for all your support and advice all over the year.
I have been then hired as a sale manager to sell advertisement space on Second Life Adventures, without much success I confess, I am not good at selling things. Finally Caroline proposed me to write some of my articles on her blog … I remind today how nervous I was when the first article came online, it did not meet a great success, but still it was for me quite an achievement, and the traffic on my own blog started to build up.

The roleplays

Trapped in the “Nosy Nice” story


Fun at the Mansion with Caroline and some guests
Having the blog was one thing, however I continued to do what I have always done in Second Life: role-playing. The virtual universe is so nice to do so, it is easy to find a place that fits the scenario you have in mind, and most people are very keen to play, and skilled too. So I played, this time taking a lot of snapshots doing so, in order to be able to write and illustrate the scenario afterwards on the blog. The most developed scenario I played was Emily the ponygirl (not the taste of everybody but I wanted to test this since a very long time). Most of the other role-plays were a lot shorted but some of them seem to have pleased you if I rely on the stats to say so: The cheating secretary is one of your favorites.

 The “nude in public” dares

I had this idea some time ago, but I made it alive in September. and it was from my perspective the most thrilling part of 2015. You, my dear readers, proposed me some wonderful dares that I have fulfilled (I still have a few in stock) and I lived some fantastic and arousing experiences on the grid, and some less pleasant (I have been banned from one of the sim I played in). The master piece of all of them is without any doubt the long dare in the streets, proposed, organised and animated by Silky (thank you so much Silky for having made this possible).

Building the community

Since the beginning, I wanted to create a community around the blog, people looking for the same things, having common interests and willing to meet each others. This is how the Readers Corner Show came out. I thank here Kod, my oldest friend in SecondLife, who accepted to host the TV studio where I perform the interviews, and secondly who accepted to be my first cobaye for this fantastic experience. I wish to get more people on the grill very soon.

Hitting the streets

Yes I have been whoring, I have been tempted by Caroline’s experience, and I launched my little business into it. I admit I had this fantasy already, so with the excellent advice of Tsai Cheng, I gave it a try and got some success. It is also a very good mean to earn some lindens for my projects, so, do not be shy to hire me, I do not bite, unless you ask for it.

What to expect next year

I am coming with a lot of projects for next year, not too many to avoid having too much in parallel and having nothing coherent at the end:
– Interviews will resume with a new format to make it more fun and enjoyable. There will be some games and dares for my guests.
– Nude dares will of course continue, so please continue to feed me with your excellent ideas.
– Column in Caroline’s blog will grow with some new articles on Dangerous Places (I hope to make you shiver in fear) and also some insights about my whore experience.
– Finally, I will work deeply on my appearance and try to switch to a mesh body. I will give you details of this transformation on which I am assisted by Silky.
I wish you all a very happy new year !!

4 responses to “2015 Retrospective”

  1. Thanks for all the fun and inspirational reading, as well as the fun collaborations. Hopefully we will continue that in 2016 😉

    Great to see that you switched to WordPress. I always liked it better then Blogger anyways 😉

  2. So happy 2016 and happy new blog Cathy!
    May 2016 be a year of new, fun and thrilling experiences and of nice reading here!

  3. Looks like you had quite the eventful 2015 ! Congratulations on a great blog and wonderful journey! I look forward to following your adventures soon… 😉