NIP Dare #10: Flash at a ski resort

NIP Dare #10: Flash at a ski resort

Posted by: Anonymous (the reader asked to stay anonymous)

Context: Winter is coming as they say. I would like you Catherine, to go to a ski resort and perform two runs on a ski slope. The first one in a tiny bikini, and the second one without it.

Location: A ski resort, hopefully it exists in Second Life.

Clothing: Ski shoes, skis and a bikini for the first run.

Information for my readers:

I have been contacted by one of you. The dare is pretty simple actually, the challenge was actually the location on where I could do it. I finally found the Lake Tahoe Ski Resort. The place was not very crowded at the time of the dare, but I have nevertheless been caught several times, nobody complained.

The story:

When I arrived at Lake Tahoe, there were a few people ice-skating on the frozen lake. I was pretty nervous and I decided to give a first run on the slope fully clothed (I was actually wearing my bikini underneath). I jumped into the ski lift, and started to shiver: the more I ascended, the more the temperature was going down (yes I know this is expected to happen). Moreover it was snowing which was definitely not helping.

First lift to the top of the mountain

I felt really chilly on the lift, and I was still wearing my warm coat, I wondered then how it would be in a tiny bikini for my next run … well I knew I would have to figure out eventually. Finally I arrived at the top, I hopped into my pair of skis and looked at the scenery below me … fantastic, as are always the mountains in winter! I knew going down the slope would get me warm, and I did not wait too long before sailing down the slope, the wind in my face.



The slope is actually quite technical, happily I am a good skier and I managed to go down without falling and in a rather good time. “Phew!” Well I felt better, I was not cold anymore thanks to this first run. This was well-timed actually, because this is when I decided to go for the first part of the dare: run the slope in my bikini. I shivered again, but for a totally different reason this time, I was really getting nervous, and I admit it, a little bit aroused too.


I did not want to wait too long and get cold again, so after having checked nobody was around, I started to peel. Coat, scarf and shirt first … I could feel the freezing breeze on my bare skin, better to be quick now. Trying not to fall in the snow I removed my jeans and put back my ski boots.

There I was, ready to ride a ski slope in a bikini. The wind was so cold. I went to the ski lift, and believe me, the sits are extremely cold, it felt like my buttocks were turning into ice.

Finally I made it to the top with goosebumps and …well, erected titties too. I was setting my skis when a couple arrived. The man looked at me and smiled, his girlfriend simply ignored me … a typical reaction in such a situation. Well at least I made someone to smile today. I slid to the edge of the slope and smiled, I loved this dare, I felt so proud and so exhilarated!

I descended down the slope as fast as I could manage. The cold wind caressing my skin and the snow my legs where the snow was deep. Quite a fun feeling actually if it was not that chilly. I was soon back to the lake and posed in front of the snow mobile for one guy who asked me to.

I wait for him to leave after a small flirty chat and … well I knew it was time for the second part of the dare: the nude descent. It was when I felt all the flow of adrenaline, I was not even feeling the snow falling on my bare shoulders or my back, I was on fire literally. Without giving too much thoughts into it (otherwise I would have taken the risk to go astern), I dropped my bra and untied my panties. I was now standing in the middle of the resort in all my nude glory … I giggled uncontrollably and I jumped in the next passing ski-lift.

I arrived at the top a bit nervous, but I was alone, nobody was there. I did not push my luck too far and quickly started to descend the slope again with high speed. I could feel the could wind caressing my private bits and my boobies swaying on the curves and the bosses … how strange and how exciting at the same time.

I arrived at the lake again and this is when I was caught. A man passed by and stared at me with an amazed face and a large smile. I acted innocent and just waved at him. He did not complain and moved away to the ski lift. I had a big laugh alone when he was out of sight.

Finally I started to get chilly again and moved inside the wooden chalet. I dried and warmed up myself in front of the fire. I then spent a few minutes sat in a comfy armchair to revive the events.

I looked at my watch and I feared the man could be back so I quickly dressed back and drove myself home …

… where I could finally release all the pressure of the past hour.



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