I have been married

I have been married



When I started this blog a few months ago, I started with articles about my past days in Second Life, those for which I had good memories and a few pictures to go with.

I came recently into old pictures again and actually, there is another moment I would like to share with you. A long time ago, I got married to a charming man: Jerrol. Marriage or even relationships are definitely a complex affair in Second Life. I am not a very skilled analyst to explain the reasons, I have known a few who would have been a lot better than I.



Something I can tell from experience is that it is definitely better to live in the same timezone, or if it is not the case, to ensure you have similar play hours. otherwise you are doomed. This is what happened to Jerrol and I, we knew it would be an issue, we fought against its effects but finally we lost the battle. It was sad, but we had to admit our relationship was a nonsense, because we were not able to meet each others enough to make us a proper couple. Jerrol and I stayed friends after this, but he is no more coming, I lost his track for good now unfortunately.

One day I particularly remember is the day we actually married. It was in the middle of the summer, most of our friends were away, so it was a very private ceremony. Jerrol had found a nice little chapel, and only Kod, and one of his friend, were able to make it. As you might have noticed, Kod and I are friends since a very long time (in SL referential at least).


I spent days selecting the proper dress, as you would expect of course. I was not worried about the weather, one of the good thing of SL, it never rains (or very very rarely). I was actually very excited, I knew it was SL only, still it matters to me and I knew Jerrol as well.


 We both said yes and the ceremony was quickly over. We moved to a littleclub nearby and we spent the rest of the day there…. Later. I and Jerrol left to enjoy our honeymoon night, but this will remain between him and I.


And you my dear readers, did you marry into SL? Tell us the story,


PS: I miss you Jerrol, wherever you are, I hope you are happy.

5 responses to “I have been married”

  1. Dear Cathy, I read with many pleasure all your last posts and I found them, and you, absolutely exciting as usual. In same cases I said to myself: would I have been there…. But this last post is what catch me the most: the way full of feelings you have already expressed your past marriage touched me deeply for the beginning and now you dedicated to this feeling an entire post, where your lovely personality appears and shows itself. Now that I'm engaged with a Canadian girl, hoping to marry her, many times I thought about your past experience, the problem of time zone and how you can miss a love, a person… So I can say I understand you, I appreciate so much this post, I'm very touched by your words and I'm sure he is still keeping you in his heart. And if I will be able to organize my wedding, in some months, can I ask you to be my bridesmaid? This would be a true gift for me.

  2. Dear Alma,
    that's very kind words you wrote to me, so I would like to start by thanking you. Now, would I accept to be your bridesmaid, of course silly, I am very honored that you asked me. You can count on me, whenever you will schedule it. I hope with all my heart that it will be a happy union between you and your love.

  3. I haven't been married in SL, but I have been in RL. We all need to remember that our SL friends and partners are real people with feelings, and be kind to one another.