The sexual meme (a Strawberry Singh Meme)

The sexual meme (a Strawberry Singh Meme)

Some of you might remember I already participated to one of the meme proposed by Strawberry Singh (a most talented blogger of SL). I found another one that I felt I wanted to try, and so I did it. Thank you Strawberry for proposing those meme, it was again a lot of fun to make it and even more to share it.

The meme this time is: The Sexual Meme (just in case you want to try it yourself). Happy reading !

1. What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself?
I am attracted by men definitely, so I would label myself straight. I have never been tempted by women, however I had a pleasant adventure with Caroline, but if you follow me for some time, you know that already. So to sum-up, I am straight but I did not close the door yet.

2. Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy.
This is not an easy question … I like to look at people rather globally, detailing them is well … I feel a bit degrading. Still, they are a few things that can catch my eye: blue eyes definitely and beautiful hands.

3. Are you promiscuous, a prude or in between?
In SL I definitely feel I am promiscuous, in RL, I think I am more in-between. It really depends on the situation I am in, and my mood of the day definitely. I can surprise myself sometimes.

4. What turns you on?
Well, if you know my blog a little, I have quite a significant number of turn-ons, and to be honest I am struggling at finding a common feature in them. Maybe there is none. I definitely have a thing around dominant/submissive play, but I can enjoy a lot of different things too. As long as I find a good partner, happy to play and enjoy life with, then it turns me on.

5. Are you dominant or submissive?
I am definitely more submissive. I like to be led in the naughty stuff, I enjoy it better and I do not feel guilty about my own desires.

6. Are you into sexual roleplay?
Definitely I am into SL. In RL, this is a different story, but I admit I played a few sexual roleplays that I found quite enjoyable. This is more difficult to enter in the character in RL though.

7. Which sexual position is your favorite?
I do not know the name of it in english, in french we call that “Le Cheval Renversé” (The Toppled Horse?). I have found a link that is describing it pretty well: 

8. Do you have any fetishes?
I do. Well I have definitely something around public nudity and exhibitionism, but this is not a surprise for you as I try to take your dare as often as I can. And by the way, I will soon be short of them, so I would be happy to hear your new ideas.

9. Have you or would you do porn, amateur or professional?
In RL no never, and I do not think I will ever consider it, it is good to have a few fantasies, but some of them must remain fantasies. In SL, well I did not. The most approaching tentative was when I met Demian, but it was just an … “assessment” roleplay.

10. Do you consider yourself sexy?
Well I am certainly not sure about that. I think my avatar might be, some people told me so, but it all depends on people. In my RL, I am even less sure, so the only thing I can say is that I think I am emotionally sexy, physically, some people think I am … I have no point of view on this, I am who I am and if you feel I am desirable, then it’s good.

Feel free to let a comment … or two, or even better, participate to Strawberry’s meme.


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