Paid for sex

Paid for sex

A few days ago, I happened to be connected at the same time than Carol. It is so rare that each time it happens, we call each other and sometimes we meet at one place. If you are a reader of Carol’s blog,  you are probably aware of her last on-going experience: walking the streets. She is now a prostitute in the place called Street Whores, you will find all the details in her post.

You guessed it probably, this is where I met her and we had a little chat together in the nearby bar. She changed her hair style by the way and I think it fits her well. If you know Carol for some time, you know this is not her first experience in the sex business, she made quite numerous experiences and inquiries already and is actually quite an expert in this field.

As we were peacefully chatting we were joined by one of her fan: Jude, a very cute man indeed (Jude if you read this, fancy a dinner together sometimes?). Jude happened to read a few of my posts too and he apparently liked them. You know how much I love feedback, the best one is the one deliver live, but I also appreciate comments on my post, as you know as well * winks*.

A few minutes later, it was the turn of one of Carol’s “workmate” to pop in, a woman called Tsai. Believe it or not, she is a blogger herself, so it happened to be a kind of bloggers gathering. Well … this or everybody is blogging nowadays, it can be an explanation to this odd occurrence.

Carol was kidding me about giving a try myself in the “business”. I admitted to her a long time ago, I am not sure she remembers though, that it was one of my big fantasy: being paid to have sex with a total stranger. So the whore thing has always been … a turn-on to say the least. This is when Tsai told us that she is actually writing a sort of a guide on that matter. She sent me the links which I now share with you. There are two parts, and more to come according to Tsai:
Tsai Cheng’s guide into prostitution part 1
Tsai Cheng’s guide into prostitution part 2

Tsai gives into these two posts an interesting highlighting on the way to conduct such a business. Patience is one of the key quality, as hooking involves a lot of waiting between two “prospects”. Tsai actually kills time by writing on her blog, pretty smart I think. Unfortunately I ran out of time at the moment, and I had to leave the party, I said goodbye and promised myself to give a thorough look at Tsai’s guidelines.

This is what I did a few days later, and this when also I took the decision to give it a try. Just thinking of it made me feel some very “interesting” tickling below there. I browsed my inventory and built the appropriate attire, I am always surprised by what I can found in my own wardrobe, it is such a mess to be honest. Then I headed to Street Whores, the main reasons for this location were, that first, I knew at least a few people there, and second, the place is known for this activity, and as pointed by Tsai, it avoids having to chat for hours with men who actually do not want to pay, and time is money particularly is this business.

Speaking of money, this is definitely not the primary reason, even if it is good to earn some good money sometimes. The trigger of my decision was really that I wanted to fulfill a long living fantasy. I arrived at Street Whores, dressed for the business. I was pretty nervous at the kind of welcome I could get from the other workers. There were a few girls gathered around the landing point, it is a bit impressive to be circled like this when you arrive, I wonder how the clients feel about this, maybe like a prey surrounded by wolves … well I am new, so better to keep it for myself for now until I learn more.

Actually I got a very warm welcome from the little group. One of the girl (sorry I forgot your name cutie), introduced me to the basic concepts and rules. This is rather simple, I just have to comply with three main rules:
1. Advertise the place in my profile
2. No “service” under 300 L$
3. Hooking chat must happen in “Open Chat” (no private message unless triggered by the client)

So I did, I chose my street lamp and one of the numerous hooker’s animation available and started a long wait. In the mean time the girls chat to each others, making fun of quite everything, I guess a very good cure for boredom. Some more girls arrived, the concurrence is pretty tight in this place, but this is definitely the game.

Finally some men arrived, they were essentially very silent, I guess most of them discuss in private with the girls. I tried to play by the rule, emoting to try to attract the attention. Most of the girls there do not emote a lot, they apparently stick to the standard welcome “hi big boy” or anything similar. To be honest, I suspect most of them do not play by the rules and directly contact the clients in private messages … I cannot say for sure of course, just a strong feeling. As it started to snow, and I did not want to get a cold, I had to adapt a little my outfit by wearing a coat and stockings .. there, a bit less sexy, but a lot warmer.

I stuck to the plan and it happened: one man approached me. I was so nervous that I was actually shivering. I tried to act swiftly and emote properly with him, he switched to “private message” which was for me a very good sign. He asked for my rates (which happily I had prepared beforehand with the help of my very kind workmate), and then we agreed.

He drove me to a nice hotel of his choice and this is when he gave me the money. Just this aroused me to an incredible level, I have been paid … and I had to fulfill my service and to make my client happy. I did I think, I had a wonderful moment with the man who was actually emoting very sensibly, it was really easy, and very enjoyable on my side too. I do not know if this is the “profile” of the lambda client, but if it is the case, I am gonna enjoy this “job” a lot. I will not give you his name, nor publish any pictures (I did not take any by the way), I respect the privacy of my clients.

I cannot hide that I liked it a lot … there would not have been any post otherwise. I will give do it again definitely, I would like to figure out how the clients can be, what can be their demands. It is mentally a very thrilling and exciting exercise … once paid, you have to comply to their demands, this is where I find the fun.

So now my dear readers, time for you to get a dare: I dare you to hire me! Afraid? Aroused? Let me know. And as I like you very much, if you say “secret diary” to me in world, you get a 20% discount. See you there maybe … if you dare.


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    • is an interesting article, I’ve never paid for sex, but now seeing the other side I think it is as well a very erotic game and maybe someday go find
      your lamppost

  1. The rush of getting paid for it definitely does it for me.

    To answer to your surprise on me blogging as well: I had spoken to carol previously in-world and I was curious to meet a fellow blogger, so it is neither a coincidence nor is everyone blogging nowadays.

  2. I’d like to elaborate on another thing: most clients are indeed respectful. Of course you will run into others, but those can often be filtered out before the ‘action’ starts. The demands can be kinky and sometimes just strange, but typically you will encounter men who want regular ‘vanilla’ sex.
    I am not sure how many of the men who pay for sex in SL do this for additional excitement or have a prostitute fetish, but those do exist.