A sexy cuban party

A sexy cuban party

It was a few days after I interviewed Kod, my first interview ever. He actually called me, saying he was hosting a completely improvised party outside of the Buena Vista Social Club.

When I arrived, people were actually outside, dancing in the streets, the general atmosphere was funny and playful. Kod welcomed me with his usual demeanour and invited me to dance. He is such a fine salsa dancer now, but he admitted he took some private lessons with Sarah. Sarah and Valsmith were there as well, dancing next to us. Well I have definitely a lot to learn in salsa, I was by far the worst dancer around.

I invited a few of my friends to join, there were Thierry, Alma and Mark. We were now quite a crowd, dancing like crazy, laughing and chatting … well to make it short, we were making a lot of noise and I guessed, the neighbours probably had hard times to sleep then. We did not care at all, at least I.

Jenny launching the topless party, dancing with Thierry

Things started to become crazy when one of lady there, I think she is called Jenny but I am not sure … I had already drink a bit too much at that time … well that Jenny decided it was too hot and launched a topless party. And seconds later, she was there, dancing with Thierry, displaying her assets to him and to the crowd … and it started to spread among the female dancers.

Hangie and Lizz

I cheered the man into complying with this new fashion … I did not had to demand for long, they were more than happy to do so. And soon I was dancing with a torso-bared Kod … Thierry followed and I had more hard times convincing Valsmith but he finally did it: I was not disappointed at what I saw … such a sexy torso. The man is a boxer, and the sport definitely makes some very sexy torsos to look at.

All the men dancing topless: ValSmith, Kod, Thierry and Mark
Kod and me, dancing near to Valsmith and Sarah
Mark and Alma (lovely new hairdo by the way)

Some of the girls resisted the solicitations to go topless as well, mainly Alma, myself and Sarah … actually Sarah gave it a short go, she is not that shy this one actually.

I had a lot of fun. The time passed quickly and the people left one by one. At the end, it was only Sarah, Kod and myself. We took a little break around a table, enjoying the warm temperature of Cuba’s nights. I finally decided to go to bed and I swiftly fell asleep … exhausted by such a nice and fun dancing party. For a change, I was wearing more clothes than the others.


3 responses to “A sexy cuban party”

  1. Thank you so much Cathy for the invitation and for the kind compliments about my new hair style!!! Things that night were so fun, easy and natural, the same way you wrote about them, so you make the things get real: you can't say if it's real or SL…. Probably both, as you are kind and nice in RL and in SL!

  2. Yay … those moments tend to be magical. All chaotic, unplanned, totally spontaneous and a hell lot of fun. SL really needs more of these moments.
    Everyone can plan an event to the maximum, but taking what you have got and just throwing things together, get people rolling and just keep things cookin is what makes SL so special.