Interview #1: Kod Dragovar

Interview #1: Kod Dragovar

Catherine Palen : “Welcome all for the first issue of our new programme : The Readers Corner. I am pleased to introduce you to our guest tonight: Kod Dragovar. Kod, welcome!”

Kod Dragovar: “Thank you Cathy. It is a pleasure and a great honor for me to be the first one to take place into this sofa.” * Kod smiles and seems relaxed *

CP: * smiles * “It is an honor for me as well, and I would like to thank you for accepting my invitation and also for hosting our TV studio on your sim.” * Kod nods with a bright smile * “Kod, we are going to try to know you better tonight. The objective of this little talk-show is to make people reading the Secret Diary Blog to know each others, and possibly to sparkle the envy to meet each others on the grid.”

KD: * Kod nods and smiles to the camera * “I will try to be as honest as possible and not to dodge. I can’t promise though” * Kod chuckles *

CP: “This is your absolute right not to answer a question, I would like you to be perfectly comfortable with that. So are you ready?” * Cathy smiles gently to him *

KD: “I am … all yours” * Kod displays a kidding smile *

CP: * Cathy smiles * “Well, let’s start with some general questions. When did you join Second Life?”

KD:  “on Febuary 5th 2009” * he says without an hesitation *

CP: “Well you are an old person, if you allow me to say so” * Cathy laughs * “What were the reasons for you to start the adventure on Second Life?”

KD:  “First of all I was curious. I heard of the game on the TV and read some in newspapers. I was told then that U2 gave a performance in this virtual world. You can imagine I could not resist this, and I finally subscribed, to figure out by myself what was actually Second Life.”

CP: * Cathy nods *

KD: “Actually I discovered afterwards that U2 never gave a performance in Second Life, which is truly a pity. However I stayed, the virtual world inspired me curiosity”

CP: * Cathy nods * “What did you expect then?”

KD: “I had this project: I wanted to organize live music events simultaneously in both worlds, the real one and this virtual one. Unfortunately I needed complex technical resources which I had not then, I finally dropped the project.”

CP: “It was a very ambitious project indeed! What made you to stay after this?”

KD: “While looking for places and information for my project, I went into various clubs, some of low-reputation, if you see what I mean.” * Kod chuckles * “I realized then that one could do a lot more than just music here.”

CP: * Cathy nods and smiles * “Could you be more … specific Kod?”

KD:  “Off course! I met the community of the roleplayers, these people creating some virtual stories and playing them in real-time … and at the same time I admit I learnt more about these blue and pink balls we can find quite everywhere in the virtual world.” * Kod laughs *

CP: * Cathy laughs * “Ho … the blue and pink balls, the sex balls!”

KD: “Anybody who spent more than a few hours in Second Life knows about them.” * Kod chuckles *

CP: * Cathy laughs * “How do you spend your time today in Second Life? Would you have imagined still being there after all these years when you started?”

KD: “Honestly I would never have bet on it. But still I am here, and I made so many nice encounters, that I always come with great pleasure. Moreover I had this new project: the sim in which we are currently hosting your tv-show. This project boosted the pleasure of being a Second Life citizen even more.

CP:  “All right Kod, this is a good transition: Tell us a bit more about this project, this sim actually. The readers will certainly be eager to come and visit this unique place.”

KD: “I have been around for quite some time as you noticed. Finally I felt like building a place where I would gather all the things I like, a place also where I would find what I was never able to find elsewhere.”

CP: “What is the name of your place Kod?”

KD: “It’s called Buena Vista Social Club, because of the buildings style.”

CP: “The buildings style? What do you mean?”

KD: “Yes the buildings style. The day I found these Cuban buildings on MarketPlace, I knew this is what I wanted: a Cuban quarter in Second Life. This is in fact the trigger of the whole project.”

CP: “So Kod tell us, what your visitors can find here?”

KD: “From the beginning I wanted a place where people could endorse a role, or have an occupation or simply just a place to enjoy themselves. There are actually two sides in the sim: the working-class area with its salsa school, its boxing ring and a motel. On the other side of the main street, the area is more … depraved.” * Kod smiles and winks to the camera *

CP: * Cathy looks at the assistance, so glad to have so many people on the first issue * “I admit I already had a tour of your Cuban quarter and I liked it a lot … with all its different sides.”

KD: “Thank you Cathy. And at the moment you only had a tour!” * Kod chuckles *

CP: * Cathy laughs * “Yes true.”

KD: “People must understand that this place is neither mine nor for me only, but actually for all those who want to feel good and make of it something unique. I really hope the sim will become a community of friends, of people who like to share some time together, to play, to role-play even, to chat, to dance, to fuck, anything that they can imagine. There are also a few shops, available for free, for the builders and designers who need to promote their creations and their brand.

CP: “It’s a very generous proposal. And if I judge by the crowd you succeeded to gather for this little interview event, I can say that it is a real success!”  * Cathy smiles to the assistance *

KD: “Well, we must help the designers, they are the ones making our world beautiful. I cannot build properly myself, but, I can help the designers with this simple idea. And if we have so many people attending tonight, it is just because they all wanted to see you live, and to admire your marvelous smile.”

Cio, one of the men of the assistance nods at this last comment. Without any possible anticipation, ValSmith, another person of the assistance, made the crowd  to applause cheerfully. 

CP: * Cathy smiles brightly, flattered * “Ho thank you Kod, you are a skilled flatterer! I think that now, no one will be able to resist the temptation to come and visit the Buena Vista Social Club. Well now it is time to talk about you dear Kod.”

KD: “Talk about me? Well that will be quick!”

CP: “The question that we all have in mind is off course: are you single Kod?” * Cathy seductively smiles *

KD: * Kod nods * “Yes I am single. But it’s ok, I mean I can live with this!” * Kod chuckles *

CP: “I am quite sure this will be of interest for some of the readers.” * Cathy laughs * “So describe us your ideal partner.”

KD: * Kod looks more serious * “My ideal partner … well, actually I met her already and she is now a very happy woman in real-life so … I am not looking into any ideal partner anymore. What I like into a woman, is that she is true to herself in Second Life. They must dare, Second Life is an excellent mean to try or live things they would probably not dare doing elsewhere.”

CP: * Cathy nods * “I see what you mean.”

KD: so I love women who dare to be what they actually want to be in Second Life. They can be airline pilot, pole-dancer, escort, virgin or slut, who cares? The only important thing is that they are true to themselves.

CP: * Cathy smiles * “This is a very sweet and romantic answer actually. We are going to talk a little about the blog itself and then … we will move to the subject of your wildest fantasies. Are you still with us Kod?”

KD: “Absolutely, perfect for me.”

CP: “So, are you a reader of the blog?”

KD: “I am an occasional reader yes … I do not read all, but I focus on some topics I am interested in … Like the dares for instance. Also I am waiting eagerly to read the upcoming interviews.”

CP: * Cathy smiles * “What is your favorite post, and the one you dislike most? For what reasons?”

KD: “Well, I did not like much the ponygirl stories, however the boldness in some of the dares hung me.”

CP: * Cathy smiles * “What could be done to make the blog better according to you?”

KD: * Kod burst out laughing * “Well, that you come on the sim and fulfill a few of your ‘nude in public’ dares.”

CP: * Cathy laughs * “I don’t see why not?” * Cathy winks to Kod  *

KD: “You are very welcome, you and your team, to come and do one of your dares. ”

CP: “Well thank you Kod! I am quite sure you could propose me an interesting dare, it is up to you!” * Cathy laughs *

KD: “I have also a little remark: your blog is exclusively in english, it is sometimes a bit frustrating … so if you could post in french from time to time …” * Kod smiles *

CP: * Cathy nods * “I could certainly do that, thank you for raising the point. So we are approaching the end of this interview, it is time to talk about your Second sex Life. I am quite sure the assistance has been waiting for that moment eagerly”

Kod blushes slightly.

CP: “I ask the assistance to applause … Kod needs cheering. It will not necessarily be an easy moment as you could imagine. He needs you.”

The assistance stands and cheers up, what a nice atmosphere it is right now. “Go on Kod!” is shouted by the playful assistance standing up for the hero.

CP: “All right, let’s start. We will start easy and make it more … embarrassing with the time going.”

KD: “Well I am ready! Shout!”

CP: * Cathy smiles and nods * “Kod, what is your sexual orientation?”

KD: “If I answer my orientation is South-West, will you resent me?”

Cathy and the whole assistance bursts out laughing.

CP: “Not at all Kod! It’s your absolute right and a unique way to answer that … but if you allow me, you are dodging here!”

KD: * Kod smiles * “More seriously … I am definitely straight but I have a very light bisexual tendency”

CP: * Cathy smiles * “Interesting! Do you keep a book of your different partners?”

KD: * Kod laughs * “No definitely not. However my partners are very often on my friend list after some time.”

CP: * Cathy smiles * “This is a different way of doing it.”

KD: “Well you are right. But often I build some very nice and strong friendships from these sexual encounters.”

CP:  “Have you ever been married?”

KD: “I have been engaged, not married, a few times actually. But each time sadly, it started the end of the story.”

CP: “Then I guess this is not something you are keen to try again, is it?”

KD: “Not necessarily. I only regret I did not ask one in particular before she left Second Life.”

CP: * Cathy smiles * “Tell us about your first time.”

KD: * Kod chuckles * “Ho I remember that one very well. It was in a biker bar with one of my very first friends. We did it on a Harley-Davidson bike which was in the middle of the stage of that bar, this where she took my virtual virginity.”

CP: * Cathy smiles and stares at Kod to gauge how uncomfortable he feels. Still pretty confident it seems * “I will let the assistance ask you a few questions directly. But before that, we would like to know about the last time you did it.” * Cathy grins *

KD: * Kod laughs * “Ho it was not very far from here. It was in the cigar club, it’s on the floor just below this one. She was a charming american girl with an amazing dedication.”

CP: * Cathy bursts out laughing * “Ho really?” * Cathy turns to the audience * “Audience time to speak! Raise your questions now, what do you want to know about Kod?”

Sarah, a woman of the assistance wearing a splendid pink dress raises her hand. Cathy points her finger to her.

CP: “Good evening Miss, what’s your name?”

Sarah: “Good evening, I am Sarah.”

KD: “Good evening Sarah.”

CP: “So Sarah, what is your question?”

Sarah: “I actually want to pay tribute to Kod, it’s not really a question.”

CP: “Ho Kod, it seems you have an admirer.”

Kod smiles. He nods and stares at Sarah.

Sarah: “I just wanted to say how much I like the place you created Kod. The place and the people who come here. So for all this, a very big thank!”

Cathy applauds followed by the whole assistance. Kod seems touched 

KD: “Well I am really very proud to hear that. But remember that this place will not be what it is today without you. So I would like to return this touching tribute to all of you guys. Thank you very much!”

Big applause again.

CP: “Ok no more questions apparently, so let’s move on. Kod, I would like you to tell us your most extreme or unbelievable sexual experience you ever lived.”

KD: “You are taking me by surprise Cathy…. Let me think.”

CP: * Cathy laughs * “Is there that much?”

KD: * Kod nods with a half smile * “I do not want to disappoint people by telling you something trite.”

CP: * Cathy smiles * “I definitely doubt it will be trite”

KD: “All right, let me tell you this one, when I invited one of my friend to join me in a porn theater. There was a gorgeous transgender with whom she had sex with under my close watch. I could not resist to join them after some time to launch a fantastic and hot threesome. This scene is actually quite common in Second Life finally, the marking fact was more the pleasure she experienced and the total surprise it was for her.”

CP: * Cathy stares at Kod, feeling more uncomfortable than him actually * “Well nothing common-place here!”

KD: * Kod laughs * “You like this kind of stories?”

CP: * Cathy stared at Kod * “I would not animate such a talk-show if I didn’t. Still two questions to go and I set you free Kod.”

KD: “No problem.”

CP: “For the readers who might want to contact you for living some steamy adventures … we need to know one of your unfulfilled wild fantasy, would you care sharing one?” * Cathy winks at Kod *

KD: “Ha … that is a good question. I have actually a fantasy, but it’s not really personal, it’s more something for the group of people here who like this place and its pleasures.”

CP: * Cathy smiles * “We are all hears Kod”

KD: * Kod smiles back * “I would like one day to be contacted by a woman or a couple who will actually want to have a real life pleasure in live … and will let me broadcast to everybody there to enjoy it at the same time than they do.”

CP: * Cathy smiles * “This is quite interesting.”

KD: “I know, it’s pretty naughty.”

CP: * Cathy laughs * “Finally Kod, the last question … would you share, just for us, one of your secrets, something you never or rarely shared with anybody?”

KD: “Well … people who know me a little, know that I have no limits or very few when it comes to sex. But … maybe they do not know that I lived some vivid moments of pure romanticism… like spending a whole night, connected onto Second Life, just to let our two avatars sleep together.”

CP: * Cathy smiles * “Ho that is truly a magnificent secret!”

Sarah lets out a “So cute!” comment making the crowd to applaud again.

CP: * Cathy smiles * “We will end-up this interview on this beautiful note. Kod a big thanks for participating so nicely into this exercise.”

KD:  “It was a real pleasure to take part to it. Your questions were sharp and pertinent but never fell in vulgarity. Congratulations and long live to the Readers Corner show.”

CP: “Thank you Kod. Dear assistance and readers, thank you for your backing and I hope you will follow our next issue. Good evening”

Kod and Cathy smile to the camera while the end theme is played in the background.


I would like to thank especially all the people of the assistance: Hangie, Junior, Sarah, Cio, ValSmith and Lizz. Thank you all, you made it even more special.

If you want to go to Bueno Vista Club, here is the taxi.

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