The cheating secretary

The cheating secretary

My dear readers,

this story is the summary of a little role-play I had with John. You might remind John from my first dare, yes the man with the dark green shirt and the tie, you got it. This role-play was mainly improvised with a few minutes of preparation just before, John is a skilled roleplayer and we tried to keep it realistic … but the story is definitely a bit crazy.


The day at work was coming to an end … even the week actually. It had been quite a busy one and I was happy that I could finally be able to enjoy a well deserved week-end. I had some plans for the evening: my best friend Anna invited me to a double date, her new boyfriend will bring one of his good friend, and according to Anna, he is very cute.

I was closing my applications and tidying up my desk, when John entered my office with a concerned face. It seemed that my evening would probably not be as good as I would have expected.
-“Could we have a chat Catherine?” he asked me with his usual frown when something was upsetting him.

I tried to conceal my annoyance and smiled the best I can, after all, he was my boss, better not to mess up with him.
-“Of course” I said trying to act friendly.

He was standing by my side while I was sitting on my chair. I was feeling very inferior, but it was probably what he tried to achieve, so I did not propose him to sit, nor did I stand.
-“It is a complex matter” he started.
-“A complex matter?” I asked starting to worry about something I did a few months ago.

He nodded and stared at me.
-“I think you cooked the books Catherine, you stole from the company … and then you put the money back. Are you denying that?”

I froze and stared back at him … I did not know what to think or to say, and my reaction was obviously accusing me.
-“This silence tells me more than your words Catherine … you were skilled to hide these transfers from me … unfortunately for you … I am better than you.” he added with a contented smile.

I shook my head and finally recovered my voice.
-“I … paid everything back …. I … had a financial issue, it was pretty serious …. but I fixed it now …. I won’t do that again.” I said very awkwardly. I was not able to reason properly, he took me by surprise.

He shook his head in disbelief and arched his eyebrows staring at me.
-“You know what that mean Catherine?”

I looked back at him and sighed, feeling anger more against myself for letting me being caught.
-“I guess it’s time to pack my things, isn’t it?”
-“Not necessarily Catherine … maybe we could find an arrangement.” he said apparently very seriously. This is when I started to fear the worst, he was about to propose me a blackmail of some sort, I was sure of that … and coming from this pervert …
-“An … arrangement?” I asked in a croaked voice.
-“Maybe you ignore I am an amateur photographer …. ” he marked a little pause to gauge me. “Well Catherine, I would like you to pose for me as a model.”

I gulped and felt instantly the threat … of course he was meaning … nude model. I tried to know a bit more about his proposal.
-“Well … welll …. huh …. what kind of … photography do you do?”

He chuckled.
-“You are not in a position to negotiate Catherine. You will pose for whatever suits me … either that or … the finance director will have a very interesting report to read on Monday morning.”
-“There … there must be another solution” I tried to argument.
-“There is none!” he cut. “Three shootings of my choice. I will choose where and when and what you will wear … or not” he added with a devilish smile.

He stared at me for a long time, his face immobile, I was not able to read any of his emotions. He finally broke this endless silence.
-“So what do you decide Catherine?”
-“What choice do I have” I replied ironically.
-“So we have a deal?”
-“Yes.” I answered in a dark tone.
-“Perfect! The first shooting is now. Stay here while I get my camera.”

I looked at him in surprise.
-“Now? But …. but I have some plans tonight … ”
He cut me harshly.
-“You already break your engagement Catherine? All right!” he said leaving my office.

I ran after him.
-“No John please, don’t! Ok, ok, I will call to cancel.”
-“Good, you are becoming reasonable” he said. “Wait for me in your office. I will be there in a minute.”

When he came back with his camera and one table lamp, I was on the phone with Anna. She was absolutely furious I had to cancel. I told her it was a professional emergency but she found it hard to believe. She finally hung up and I posed my mobile phone on my desk and sighed.
-“Well I … I have cancelled” I said in a sad tone.
-“Good!” he said ignoring my mood. “Stand up and take a pose here” he said pointing to the wall opposite to my desk.

I moved where he instructed me. He took some time to install the lamps properly: my lamp and the one he brought with me. I felt very awkward, he actually intended to do the shooting here, in the office. How crazy! At this time it was pretty sure we were alone in the office, but still, what if somebody pops up.

He finally took his camera and pointed it to me and I heard the typical noise of the shutter. He took a few snapshots, probably to setup the camera properly.
-“We should maybe close the blinds” I said pointing at the windows of my offices
-“No need Catherine, we are alone … at least for now” he said before chuckling.” He took a few more shots “Good, good” he said apparently satisfied. “Remove that vest now Catherine, and try to look more relaxed, you look very tensed … I want nice pictures you know, make an effort”

I removed my vest and put it on the seat back and took the pose again, trying to look more “relaxed” as he worded it.

-“Better!” he said, and he took numerous shots at different angles. If I had not been threatened to do it, it could have been pleasant to feel like a top model, but my mood was definitely pretty different that day, he forced me into it.

-“Well now Catherine, we are going to make something more glamorous, so remove that shirt, will you?”
-“John! We … we are in the office, it’s definitely not a good idea … I could get fired for sure … but you as well.”
-“Catherine, are you discussing my order?” he asked in a menacing tone.

I sighed and trapped I had to peel from my top. I tried to conceal my cleavage behind my crossed arms but he looked at me and shook his head.
-“Ho no Catherine, no hiding! Arms along your sides please”.

As I obeyed he pointed his camera again at me. “Smile!” he ordered, and I had to, I had to pretend I was happy to pose for this pervert. When he was done with this series he looked at me.
-“You know what’s coming next Catherine.” he said with a devilish smile
-“John, please, no, don’t force me to do this …. ” I begged him
-“Catherine, the skirt!” he simply snapped. And again I complied with the order.

I felt his eyes lasering on my skin.
-“Hooo Catherine you surprise me … suspenders and stockings … and a thong … I knew you were a … a slut actually”

I killed him with my stare but it made him to laugh even more.
-“Don’t look at me like this and smile now … slut! And do not worry I will not make you remove more than that for this shooting.” he said trying to “reassure” me.

He took numerous shots and I have to admit I felt completely humiliated, I felt like I was his object, his doll. After what I felt was eternity he finally stopped shooting and looked at the shots he took on the display of his camera.
-“You look really hot Catherine … I did not expect you would wear such a fine lingerie, thank you.”

I did not even answer to his provocation and moved to the chair where I let my clothes.
-“I guess we are done now” I said in a hurry to get clothed again
-“The first shooting is done yes … but don’t cloth back now, we are going to do the second shooting.”
-“What? You did not say you would take two today!” I shouted at him furious.
-“I said I would decide when … and I have decided it is now.” he said very calmly. “And for the where, you are going to come with me.”

He grabbed my arm and forced me to walk in front of him. He made me leave the office and pushed me through the corridors of the building to the entrance.
-“No … John noooo, you can’t do that, I will get arrested, I will get arrested!” I shouted while shaking my hand and trying to get rid of his catch.
-“Shhhhh ! You will get arrested if I hand over the proofs I have against you … so it is a risk to take … I want to take you in the great outdoors”

He threw me outside. Happily for me the streets were desert at this time … Everybody was probably on their way home or enjoying some drinks with friends and family … as I would have been done if this pervert did not set me. So here I was, in my most sexy lingerie, posing in front of the building of my work. John seemed to enjoy it a lot.

He took a few pictures and I thought he was done this time, but I was terribly wrong.
-“We are going to turn around the block Catherine, the light is perfect tonight”

I shook my head in fear, begging him to let me in.
-“Ho no Catherine, you are too good model for now.” and he pushed me in front of him along the streets.

What should happened, happened … I was spotted by some passer-bys … a few gasped in shock but most of them smiled and took some snapshots with their phones. This time I completely lost the control on my own image, pictures of me in a skimpy outfit would be soon on the internet. He made me do that and I hated him for that … but I tried to ignore at the same time the arousal I was feeling. I could not believe I could be aroused by such things, but still I felt horny, I could not deny it.

We passed along the terrace of a little cafe and he made me stop here to take some more shots of me. It attracted a little crowd around us … even women were taking pictures, amazing.
-“Catherine, time to remove the bra now” he ordered.

Some of the guys who were around, heard him say that and whistle their encouragement. I felt nervous, and horny at the same time … and at least I could fake for the little audience that I was doing that willingly … it sounds crazy, but I did it, I unhooked my bra and threw it … a blonde guy caught it and smiled at me. The flash of the camera reminded me the reality, John was still taking picture.

Then he pointed at my crotch … he wanted me to remove the thong… the men were whistling and I could hear people wondering if I could actually do that … and I did. I slid my panties along my tighs and legs and stepped out of them with as much elegance I could manage … and they clasped.

I could not believe what I was actually doing. I even decided by myself to remove my suspenders and I let John took some close-ups of my most intimate bits.

Suddenly we heard the sirens of a police car. I looked at John in panic and the crowd started to spread quickly. John took my hands and helped to run away. I never ran so quickly with heels on. We finally reached the office again and dashed into the building.

I was shivering in fear and also in excitement. John looked at me with a large smile
-“It seems you have enjoyed it finally”

I looked at him with anger and rage , I hated him at this moment for having discovered this. He chuckled. “Well you still owe me one shooting Catherine.” he said. “I will figure out something”.

He left my office finally and waved good bye.
-“Have a nice week-end Catherine, see you on Monday”

I hastily clothed with what I had left in my office and left the office very upset … I had no idea on how I could face him again on Monday.

Did you like it? I hope so, personally I did as usual. Thank you John for this nice roleplay. I will post a sequel if you tell me you liked the story.


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