Oops I am naked again (Unscheduled dare)

Oops I am naked again (Unscheduled dare)

My dear readers,

last week I had not enough time to prepare my monday dare. I decided to go with something completely improvised in which you will take a great part.

I am in the center of a little town, on a little place you can see behind me. What will happen to me depends only on you. We are a few minutes before 11 PM UK time, when the church behind me will indicate 11:10 PM (in 10 minutes for me), I will post a little link on this post that will be called “Strip Me”.

Strip Me

You guessed it, if you click on it, I will loose one item of clothing. It will also reveals to you in which town I am hiding, so the only way you have to reach and see what you have just done is to … strip me one time. I ask you to be civilized and do it only one time, to let everybody have a chance to do it. Every 10 minutes I will put back one item if nobody has clicked in the mean time … Let’s see if you can put me in trouble.

Live Update:
11:10 PM: Let’s start to play
11:16 PM: Strolling peaceful in the calm city

11:25 PM: Oops my jacket has been torn. I started to feel the excitement of the dare.

11:28 PM: I just have lost my heels too … nothing too critical, but it’s starting to become daring.

11:36 PM: I am now in front of the hospital. All in your power, if you decide to.

11:42 PM: I should have put back my heels but I decided to keep going on …. Are you that shy my dear readers?

11:46 PM: OMG, someone get rid of my pantyhose and my skirt…..

11:49 PM: Hiding in some narrow streets

11:53 PM: It’s really exciting being half naked, hiding in the streets … there are some people on the sim, so better to be careful.

00:02 AM: Not sure you are still around, but I am having a very good time. My tummy is very very tickling.

00:06 AM: I just had time to hide in one of the room of the motel before my shirt was torn …. oh my god, it’s very very daring now.

00:11 AM: I decided to go out when …. my panties vanished …. thank you my dear readers, I feel completely vulnerable … and horny now.

00:14 AM: At the DAB … I lost my last stitch of clothing. I am fully nude in public.

00:19 AM: Posing inside the bank … I am pretty nervous, I just saw a police car passing by, but they did not notice me fortunately!! Hi hi, love it so much.

00:25 AM: my last task now, is to go back on the place, take a picture without being caught and then I will put my clothes back …. I am very nervous, but this is what I want to do.

00:34 AM: And finally I did it !!! Nobody around, a few shots, smiling … I did it !! Whoop, thank you my dear readers.

I love you all!

Kiss Kiss,

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5 responses to “Oops I am naked again (Unscheduled dare)”

  1. Very daring and arousing, thank you for sharing your beautiful body with us! (Also, I miss you!)

  2. Alma, it is always so pleasant to write and report my adventures as I know each time one of you, my dear readers, will reply with a gentle comment. Thank you again for your support in all these.