My dear readers,

I have never made a secret of my desire to know you all better, and I have been suggested a good idea to achieve that in a fun way. I intend to interview those of you who will accept or volunteer to give it a try.

I am not a professional journalist (even if I roleplay one from time to time), and it will be more a discussion between you and I about your Second Life. I will not ask anything about your Real Life, we will keep it into the virtual world. So basically we will discuss your beginnings in Second Life, your hobbies and expectations, and of course a bit of your sexual life and fantasies.

I will make it look like a TV show. I will set a little TV studio somewhere on the grid and we could even imagine to have a few seats for an audience.

I expect by achieving that, to know you better as I already said, but also, to create a little community of players sharing the same interests. You will get to know each others, and I hope that you will be tempted to meet one another, become friends and why not play some adventures by yourselves with these new friends. I intend also to interview some people holding business in Second Life, to give them an opportunity to share their views and promote their business.

If you are interested, please contact me:
in-world: catherine palen (cathy.palen)
or simply let a comment here, with your name and display name, as I can contact you back.

Silky, who suggested this excellent idea, has accepted to be one of my guest star, so you will be able to read the interview minutes soon.


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