NIP Dare#4 (Stolen Clothes)

NIP Dare#4 (Stolen Clothes)

Posted by: Jezabelle

Context: Go to a wooded area. A lake or a stream would be nice but not necessary. Now imagine you where skinny dipping but someone stole your clothing. Now here you are wet and stark naked trying to find your way about with all those people wandering about.

Location: A wood or a forest with a pond, a lake or a stream.

Clothing: Obviously none

Information for my readers:

My dear readers,I will try to perform the dare today (October 12th). I am still unsure of where it will be or when exactly. I will keep you updated during the day. Of course, I am all ears if you have any suggestion about the location.

One important information too: Jezabelle will join me in the dare. So yes, she will be exposed as well.

I am at Misty Mountains

Live on 12/10 UK time:
 10:50 AM: ask my readers for location suggestions.
– 02:23 PM:  I do not have a confirmation from Jezabelle yet that she can do it. I am aiming at 11:00 PM for now, but it is still to be confirmed.
– 04:17 PM: Still no news from Jezabelle.
– 09:47 PM: Looking for the place where to do the dare
– 10:56 PM: I finally found a place (not that easy). I am about to dive in the little stream.

– 11:04 PM: The water temperature is fantastic. I am alone enjoying it, only the calm of the nature around.

– 11:07 PM: I finally decide to go skinny dipping and drop my swimsuit on the bank of the river. By the way … I am at “Misty Mountains” … or not so far from there. I hope nobody will try to steal my clothes. 🙂
– 11:17 PM: It’s such a nice feeling to swim with nothing on.
– 11:23 PM: I was about to come back to my clothes … when I see this man, crouching where my clothes are. “Gosh … what should I do?”
– 11:37 PM: I have hidden while waiting for the man to leave
– What happened from 11:37 PM to 00:17 AM:
When I came back on the bank, all my clothes were gone
I was desperate and burst into cry … how will I go back home, with the keys of my car and my clothes
 “what a nice view. I didn’t know that this river was inhabitated by naiades” said the man. I jumped and hid myself behind the trunk of a big tree while he got dressed back … Apparently he swam in the stream as well
Thierry, this is name, proposed me his help, which I gladly accepted. He gave me his shirt to cover up (what a gentleman) and he accepted to escort him through the forest. The car park being on the other side of the wood
I constantly pulled on the hem of the shirt to hide my bottom from Thierry who walked behind me. I have been happy that Thierry knew the wood the so well. He made us avoid the well frequented path. One time we heard voices … but we never saw the pedestrians.
The only living creature that we met was a deer … it was magic. I nearly forgot my nakedness for a minute.
When we finally arrived at the parking … My car was gone … with my wallet, my flat keys and off course my credit card. Thierry’s SUV was still there happily and he drove me to his home. I was able to call a locksmith and my bank and to borrow some clothes. It was definitely not cautious to skinny dip in these woods.
Thank you to Jez for the wonderful idea. It did not go exactly as I was expected, first of all Jez was not around to do the dare with me. Thank you to Thierry and Le Chninkel who played my saviour and the horrendous thief.
The dare was quite complex actually as I had to move a lot and to take pictures at the same time and to play the role, all a the same time. I hope you would like it, I am not fully satisfied with the story,I promise I will do better next time.
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2 responses to “NIP Dare#4 (Stolen Clothes)”

  1. Your advenrure ready very exiting. I love how you imerse yourself in the experience and how you convey your feelings to your readers.

    Happy I could provide you with an exiting dare. Sorry for not showing, yesterday wasn t my day. 🙁

  2. Jez,
    it was not your day and I cannot blame you for that. We planned to do this together and unfortunately we could not. Let's do this again when you fancy it. I will be more than happy to make another experience of that kind… Ho and yes it was very exciting. Thank you.