Sultry Silverscreen Productions

Sultry Silverscreen Productions

My dear readers,

Sultry Silverscreen Productions is a small company in SL porn industry. They are making movies and selling “Sultry Magazine”, yes, you guessed it, a porn magazine.

I have been contacted recently by Shartan Silverstar from Sultry Silverscreen Productions. He actually likes my work on the blog and would like me to participate in the creation of the 9th issue of “Sultry Magazine”. I will assist him and participate in the shootings of their models as a photograph. I never did that in the past and I am not sure to be very skilled in photography, however I am very excited to dive into this new experience.

Sultry 7 Cover Page

I will give you some updates on this interesting side-work when I will know a bit more, but I was too excited by the news to keep it for myself.


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