Hot bath

Hot bath

My dear readers,

I will tell you a story that happened two months ago, I think it is never too late to tell a good story, well at least you will have to tell me if it is good or not, but I had fun once again, Actually this is a sequel of the Oops I am naked post.

If you remember, I was with Kelly, on a famous prison sim named Castle Rock. After he found me, we tried to sneak into the prison premises, without any success unfortunately. Usually people tend to do the exact opposite, but I like to think out of the box, it makes me feeling alive. We finally parted for dinner and then Kelly invited me to join him in his ex-girlfriend flat.

I was a bit amazed by his proposal, so I asked a few question wondering what he had in mind. He told me his ex was not around on this particular evening, so we could perfectly enjoy her apartment. When I asked if it is likely that she could popup, he simply answered:
– “This is a risk to take”

I did not need more to be tempted, actually very tempted I admit. He kindly sent me a taxi and I was soon ringing at his door, well her door as a matter of fact, feeling tender butterflies in my tummy. He opened the door and let me in with a bright smile, he was still wearing his fireman outfit, this man is so seductive. I entered the small flat, it was decorated with taste, very comfy and modern. The only odd item was the pole bar in a corner of the living room. This is when Kelly decided to tell me his ex is actually an escort. She uses the flat to entertain her client.

He did not let me a lot of time to appreciate the luxurious flat, as he took me in his arms and planted a kiss on my lips. I kissed him back passionately, we let the passion burn us, our tongues were dancing with each others, his hands were caressing my back, he soon grabbed my bottom is his powerful hands, while I was hanging from his neck, he unbuttoned my jeans and helped me out of it.

I was feeling so horny at this moment, I hastily unbuttoned his shirt to be able to see and caress his irresistible torso. I could feel by pressing my hips against his, that he was at least as horny as I was.

-“Would you pole dance for me?” he asked with a seductive smile. I smiled back.
-“Well, I have one condition” I replied.
-“Ok, tell me” Kelly said in a daring tone.
-“You strip naked, you sit on the sofa … and you don’t touch yourself.”

Kelly laughs.
-“That’s three conditions!” he complained.
-“That is not negotiable Sir” I replied with a wink.
-“All right then!” and he did it. “Satisfied?” he asked me sitting on the sofa, his huge erection on display. I giggled.

-“Very!” I replied before climbing on the little stage.”I need music.” Kelly smiled and nodded. He took his phone and browsed into it. He finally selected a tune that played on the audio system of the flat. I smiled seductively “Perfect!”

I started to dance for him. Waving my hips … I do not know much about pole dancing, so I tried a few poses, but I mainly danced and used the pole as a seduction instrument more than an actual dance tool. I peeled from my clothes, trying to act very professional in my moves (did you ever try looking sexy while removing boots? … Not so easy). I threw each piece of clothes in a different corner of the room, Kelly applauding and cheering each time. The last note played and I was finally as naked as the day I was born.

Kelly stood and helped very gallantly to step down from the little stage.
-“Fantastic” he said
-“Liar! It was a very poor performance … I guess your ex was a lot more convincing”
-“Non-sense” he replied with his usual smile.

I let myself fall on the comfortable sofa, curling my toes on the edge of it. I spread my thighs wide and displayed a provocative smile. He stood in front of me, staring at me, still showing a glorious erection. I like provoking these, I feel so proud each time.
-“What are you waiting for?” I asked him jokingly.

He chuckled and knelt on the floor finally. He approached his face from my slit and started to lick my most sensitive bits, I was in heaven. Knowing that I was having sex in his ex’s flat was even better. She could arrive at any moment, I did not hope for her to pop up, but the anticipation of what it could be if it would happen was exhilarating. Kelly brought me on the edge of one orgasm, he seemed to know me so well.

He interrupted his marvellous tongue dance and flipped me over, I was kneeling in front of him, my torso laying on the sofa still. I soon felt his hard and warm tool parting my lower lips, he took me doggy and wildly, catching my hair to control me even more, undoing my hairdo in the process. I liked it so much, feeling him inside, feeling his control over me, his wildness unchained. His balls were flapping my pussy at each stroke, I was taking him whole and it felt definitely so good. I finally came very loudly, I think if some neighbours have been around, they had no doubt on what was going on between Kelly and me. Kelly pounded me even faster and finally let himself go in my tummy.

He took me tenderly in his arms and kissed my forefront.
-“It always so intense between us” he said.

I laughed and nodded.
-“Ho yes, you are such a lover. Where is the bathroom now? I think I need a little cleansing”
-“Sure” he replied “it’s upstairs, follow me”.

He stood up and helped me on my feet. The flat is actually a duplex and we took tight stairs up to upper level of the apartment. There was a nice bathroom there, with a bathtub in a corner. Kelly opened the taps and sat in the bathtub. I sat on its edge waiting for the tub to be filled up. I enjoyed the nice view of Kelly’s naked body, he is really a handsome man. I like his impressive tattoo, it makes him even more manly than he is naturally.

He closed the taps and invited me to join him to soak in the warm water. I giggled and pointed his hard-on coming back.

-“Again?” I asked mockingly.
-“Well I cannot control it, it’s your fault.” he said with a faked sorry smile.
-“Maybe there is something I can do about it.” I said bending to his growing penis to kiss it tenderly.

I laid on my back in the bathtub and invited him to approach his hips from my face. He looked at me with his killer smile and I took his manhood in my mouth. He groaned with satisfaction and seemed already lost in pleasure. I so love a man face when he enjoys some hot sex.


I felt his pleasure growing, I could feel him become harder and larger. His cheeks were more pink and his stare lost in heaven. It made me to feel tender tickling between my legs again and I put even more application at satisfying him, the more he groaned, the more I felt naughty.


I started to caress myself while bringing him to his climax, I was so excited myself that it did not take me much time to be at the edge of my own pleasure. He removed himself from my mouth, he was not able anymore to hold his pleasure. I let him do what I rarely allow to my lovers: he finished himself standing in front of me while I wait, caressing myself knelt at his feet.

I finally came very hard before he did, pouring his semen on me … men are pigs, but sometimes we do like them to be. Our senses calmed, we enjoyed soaking in the bath, taking care of cleansing each others in tender caresses and touches.

Kelly and I dried ourselves and took the stairs down to the living room. We grabbed our clothes, spread everywhere and dressed back. We left the apartment, without any traces of our passage and passionate love. I will keep the memory of this pure moment of wildness until I will die.

4 responses to “Hot bath”

  1. Dear Cathy, in my opinion this one is one of the best post you ever wrote. Two months have passed but it seems it happened just last night. I find in this story much of you: especially in those quotes “I like to think out of the box, it makes me feeling alive. ” and when you talk about the risk and provoking. This story excite the reader, or excite me as reader. I find adorable the last sentence and is the essence of feelings in life. Thanks Cathy for showing you this way to us.

  2. Another very sensual story. Pictures and and story fow very well into each other to create a vivd picture in my mind.
    Thanks for sharing with your readers.

  3. Thanks for your nice comments Jez and Alma. I did not expect such sweet reactions, but I reached my goal, I got some of my readers to feel something about it. And I always like to know it, so thanks for taking the “risk” to write down a comment, much appreciated!!

  4. Thanks for your nice comments Jez and Alma. I did not expect such sweet reactions, but I reached my goal, I got some of my readers to feel something about it. And I always like to know it, so thanks for taking the “risk” to write down a comment, much appreciated!!