NIP Dare#3 (Dance and Strip)

NIP Dare#3 (Dance and Strip)

Posted by: Aaron

Context: At a DJ party, or a concert, while dancing, you take off your clothes piece by piece until someone notices.

Location: Any club or concert.

Clothing: You can wear whatever you like, but it will have a leather piece, fishnet stockings and high-heel boots.

Information for my readers:

My dear readers,

This one has been submitted to me by Aaron, you might remember the time we shared together by the pool. The idea this time is to get to a place where a crowd of people dance and listen to music. I will mix with the crowd and piece by piece loose my clothes … until … someone noticed it. Then I will probably flee and vanish, shameful or not.

This will occur on October 5th around 11PM UK time. I have currently no idea where to do that, so please drop me a few suggestions. I will be happy to go and visit the places before choosing the place I feel good in.

Live on 05/10 UK time
-11:11 PM: my outfit is finally ready to find a club or a concert. I have absolutely no idea where to go for now. I am starting to wander the grid. If you see a nice place, post me an IM.

-11:24 PM: I only found very crowded place with a lot of lag at the moment. It’s hard to find a middle ground between desert and overcrowded.
– 11:40 PM: With the help of my readers, I finally found a place that might fit. I am at “Highway to Rock Club”
-11:48 PM: I am getting nervous. Apart from Alma who joined me, I know nobody. My heartbeat has accelerated. I will remove the jacket now. First easy step.
-11:54 PM: Next move, will be definitely more daring. I think I will go with my tank top.
-00:05 AM: The tank top is gone, I am dancing in the middle of the floor in my bra, and nobody seems to complain so far. Incredible feeling, I feel those tender ticklings, see what I mean?
-00:11 AM: I joined Alma and Jez who are both here … it’s nice having some comfort at the critical moment….
-00:13 AM: cruel dilemna, will it be my skirt or my bra. Both moves are very very daring. I am very excited.
-00:29 AM: I decided that the bra should go … and I am now dancing topless. After all, some men do the same, I don’t see why I could not. Ho god, it’s so fun!
-00:44 AM: Finally I dropped my skirt, and it seems I am perfectly accepted in this state of undress. It’s definitely an open-minded club.
-00:57 AM: time for the ultimate moment. I am all shivering in expectation. In a few minutes the thong will go. There is no way I can keep it, it’s burning my skin.
-01:14 AM: Alma joined the fun !! We are doing quite a show here !
-01:38 AM: It is time for me to end this dare. I can say it was very successful.
Thanks for my friends who join, Alma and Jez. And congrats to Alma for bringing the courage to do it herself too.
Kiss all,
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3 responses to “NIP Dare#3 (Dance and Strip)”

  1. You both look amazingly sexy! I'm sorry I missed the dance but I'm happy you went through with it. Two of the most lovely women in SL right here. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the compliment Aaron, much appreciated here. So sad you were not around to invite us to dance … we had to dance by ourselves. I hope to see you online soon.

  3. My SL time has been sporadic, and with us separated by an ocean I know we miss each other most of the time. I always hope to see you!