Coming out !

Coming out !

My dear readers,

time for me to reveal one of my deepest fantasy. Some of my friends are aware of it, but it is not something I have made very public up to now. I feel I want it to be known as I can live-up this little kink more actively and I hope this post could create some opportunities.

You might have noticed in all the different stories or role-plays I have reported here, I often end-up naked in the great outdoors: the pony stories, the library quickie, the fun sessions at the office, in swimming pools or secluded beaches. Well this is my thing, I am an exhibitionist, I confess it. I love the thrill of being naked where nudity is unexpected, it is a real turn-on for me.

The post the nearest about this fantasy I ever wrote is this one: Oops I am naked. This is actually one of the most popular posts of the blog, but still, I missed the point and did not manage much in this adventure. However it was a pleasant experience, you might wonder why? The answer is quite simple, simply because it is, before all, a mind game … I am not of those who enjoy strolling around in the nude to provoke or because they do not care of what others might think. Definitely my fantasy is more about a hide-and-seek game … not being seen but taking the risk of being. It is quite difficult to manage in Second Life as most players are using cameras and radars all the time … still, as I said, it is a mind game, and I like to pretend I can sneak out on a sim un-noticed.

Now, I have a request for you all, I would like you to help me, and we will make a little game of all of this. I propose that you send me dares I will have to do. I will report these requests here on the blog and will maintain a list of the ones I did, and the ones I did not do yet. I will do my best to do them all and report my adventures on the blog.

So here are a few guidelines, nothing very strict, just to help me fitting your request in the best way:
– what would you like me to do? Arrive in the middle of a party? Surprise a friend of yours? Stroll downtown?  Streaking during a sport game?
– where would you like me to do the dare? A favorite place of yours? A type/style of place you would like me to look for?
– what should I wear (or not wear)? I have an inventory full of clothes, I am quite sure I can find something that will fit … or I can go naked straight, or strip at some point … let me know.
– would you like to have a part into it? Play a role? Be around when it happens? Tell me we can arrange that.
– would you prefer to remain anonymous? In that case I will not mention your name anywhere on the blog.

You can contact me at:
in-world: catherine palen (cathy.palen), a note is better than an IM.
comment: let a comment on this post.

I will keep all your requests recorded on the My NIP dares page

I am now eagerly waiting for your proposals, please don’t be shy.

5 responses to “Coming out !”

  1. Oops I' m naked, the shower at the gym, the library, the college, being a pornstar, horny at work, your love for pictures, the pleasure of being read and show you on the blog… All these things are clues you love exhibitionism, and I'm happy you have wanted to make it public! I love the idea of engaging your blog readers in this way and I will think well of the dares you propose… So curious about what you will receive: To be seen is actually in some ways exciting as to see.

  2. Hi Alma, thank you for being such a support, even in my craziest ideas. Like you, I am really eager to get a few dares and try them. And by the way, if you think of something yourself, let me know … I am quite sure you can figure out something. Kiss.