A lazy afternoon on a desert island

A lazy afternoon on a desert island

My dear readers,

Some of you might remind of Kheron. He is one of my readers who made me discover the sim where is this nice swimming pool, in which, I and Aaron had some kinky fun. Haha, yes I can see from your face that you remember it. Just in case you lost the landmark, it’s here.

So, Kheron invited me on this same nudist place, it is just that this time, we rode the windsurfs to a remote island of the sim. We set foot on the island which was actually completely desert. The sand was soft and warm under my feet, a cool breeze was blowing, caressing my skin. The coconut trees offered some very welcome shadow, the sun being particularly hot and bright that day. It felt like paradise there, or at least the idea I have of what paradise should be.  I shivered lost in my thoughts. I have always like the beaches, but for no apparent reasons, I felt very good on this one. I liked having the freedom of going without my swimsuit without being spied or harassed, which is often the case actually on this type of beaches.

Kheron fetched a large beach-towel from a waterproof box he carried on his windsurf, and installed it under a large coconut tree.
-“Wanna share my towel?” he asked inviting me with a hand gesture.
-“Sure! I did not bring mine it seems” I answered smiling.

I sat next to him and enjoyed the view of the endless sea, shining under the rays of the sun. My skin was a bit itchy due to the salt I got from our little ride up to here. I would have appreciated a shower under a fresh water cascade, but there were none here. It was the only inconvenience actually. Kheron is not actually my type of men, he is a bit of a hippie style, but I found him quite attractive, and not only because he was laying in the buff besides me! He is an interesting character too, frank, direct and drama-free, and I enjoyed chatting with him. I admit that I took the opportunity to check his nice body. broad shoulders, long hair, a muscled torso, and a killer smile.

I noticed a very interesting body reaction between his legs and cannot prevent myself to laugh,
– “What on earth is that?” I asked pointing to his erection. “I thought nudists learnt how to behave!” I added giggling.
-“Well, men are men you know … my body likes you apparently.” he answered not unsettled at all by my little joke.
-“Ho your body really? What about you?” I asked still kidding him.
-“Well I like you too actually” he added laughing. “Would you like to fuck?” he asked so naturally. As I gaped, he smiled at me, “did I say something wrong?”
-“Right there on the beach” I asked.
-“Why not? We are alone, aren’t we ?” he replied with his reassuring smile.

I looked around and definitely the island was still desert. He did not let me time for a second thought and kissed me.

It did not take much to fuel my desire towards him and I replied with a passionate kiss. I wonder if I did not surprise him a little here. Have you ever had this fantasy of making love on a beach … I lived it that day with Kheron, and I enjoyed it a lot. Kheron is a lover who takes care, who whispers tender words in your ears … and you know what … I think he has a lovely penis. It is not one of these ridiculous gigantic ones that some crazy men wear. No his is just the right size, which made it so tempting, so very tempting!

Soon he took great care of me, in the kind of caresses I simply cannot resist. He slid along my body and definitely knew how to trigger pleasure with his tongue.

I was under his spell and I did not care much about our surroundings any more …. we let the passion live between ourselves and it was … fantastic … under the sun.
We needed sometime afterwards to recover and we spend the rest of this lazy afternoon in a nap, in the arms of each others. Kheron, thank you for this unforgettable memory.

2 responses to “A lazy afternoon on a desert island”

  1. What makes any new sensual encounter so special and exciting, if you have many of them? The thing that everytime you discover something different and everyone has something to express as a personal gift, even if he/she doesn't know it. And you Cathy, when you describe your encounters, you are always emotional and dedicated to highlight the feelings your partner gave to you. So you are lucky to live those experiences as they have been lucky to meet you. Thanks!

  2. Alma this is exactly how I feel: with each encounter, there is something new to discover, we are all unique and this makes all encounters unique as well. There is always something to learn and enjoy … sometimes you have to search hard I agree 🙂