Is our world about to vanish?

Is our world about to vanish?

My dear readers,

I will start September with a more serious post than usual. Do not panic, it will not become an habit, well I don’t think it will.

I have been invited, by one of my readers to spend some time laying by his swimming pool. He actually owns the whole village around, which depicts a typical village of the South of France. I had the opportunity to visit it after we had a long discussion together.

Actually, it was at the same time a relaxing and worrying experience, for different reasons.

The main topic of our chat, at least at the beginning, was the probable disappearance of Second Life as we know it, and its replacement by Second Life 2 or by alternate worlds (Facebook acquisition of Oculus  VR could be a sign of a strong concurrence currently building). I have already heard of Second Life 2 (Sansar project), but I thought our avatars will be ported from one platform to another. It is apparently not the case, for whatever reason, most probably because of the technological gap between the two. This is really worrying, it would be like a nuke in our world, and the raise of a complete new world with complete new avatars on it … we will lost our past if it actually happens and I feel very sad about this event to come. I have done some slight researches, and it seems the number of users in Second Life has started to decrease, once again I need to double check my sources and how they calculate this, but this could be another sign of the upcoming dawn of our world.

It seems I will have to consider more seriously the answer to the first question I raised in my post ask me anything. This is now a real threat, it will happen, apparently sooner than later. You will have understood this is definitely what made me upset. Pere Vert (this is the name of my reader), is actually trying to communicate around the subject in order to build a solution made by the current users of Second Life … is it achievable ? I have no idea. I wish it is.

Happily, we did not spend the whole time on that sad subject and we enjoyed each other in his swimming pool. I wore a swimsuit at the beginning … I soon realized it was not a mandatory piece of cloth and we had a tender and erotic love session floating in his swimming pool. I hope to meet you again Pere Vert.

This is the taxi to his very interesting sim depicting a Provence village: Le Lawangwen

If you have information about Second Life 2 or its competitors or want to share about your views of Second Life 1 end, drop a comment or two, I would be glad to have your views. The most interesting article I found on the subject is this one: Virtual Reality Times.


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