Amazon River

Amazon River

Dear readers,

I have always been very slow to discover nice places in our lovely SecondLife world. Honestly, why did you hide it from me? You should have told me, that is not fair!

Well, most probably, most of you have heard about this huge sim called “Amazon river”. It is composed of 8 regions along a single river, and I have to say that graphically speaking it is amazing.

The 8 regions are controlled by some sort of council of involved players/builders and this is really a place made for roleplay. Even the behavior of your viewer is different there (an experimentation of Linden Lab apparently), you have to wear an HUD that is auto-attaching when you follow the instructions at the arrival point.

There is everything you can imagine finding in a jungle there: savages, dangerous snakes, leopards, hunters, archeological treasures, bandits, and off course nasty traps.

I resolved to spend some time there and to experiment the roleplay as it seems there are some very interesting characters there, eager to roleplay. I have decided to be an archeologist looking for hidden treasures in the jungle. My guide has mysteriously vanished, so now I am on my own … Who knows what could happen in this very dangerous place.

A little warning though: the lag is pretty heavy, so better to decrease your graphics settings and definitely reduce the draw distance to a value below 100 … it really helps a lot.

If you find more, they are writing a little blog that can definitely help the newcomers:

Hopefully, I will meet you there.

Bye for now.

One response to “Amazon River”

  1. “Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?”
    Dear (Indiana) Catherine, this sim is definitely on my SL agenda, as I love those kind of adventures. Let us know if you discover that “x marks the spot”! Thanks for sharing!