Revelation at the mansion

Revelation at the mansion

My dear readers,

you will think I became addicted to the mansion … well most probably you are right. I am really curious to read what you will have to say about this new revelation. It is as often posted on Caroline’ s blog, here is the link:


6 responses to “Revelation at the mansion”

  1. Dear Catherine,
    it took me some time start writing this comment. I needed to read and read again your post several times. In a few hours, just the quick revealing of a midsummer night, I had two deep experiences that touched me so intensely. The second one is reading your post. The first time I read it, I had to close my browser page and stop. I’ll try to explain my experience, as you did it with yours: focusing on your inner reactions and feelings more than describing the facts. I stopped trying not to think about what I have read. My heart was beating quickly, my breath slightly stressed. Was real what I have read? Then I read it again, and again, when I finished the reading, breath was see-sawing. Perhaps, I was mirroring myself in what I have read. Everything sounds so familiar and words slide on the web-page while they are echoed in the deep down inside of me. What I read is real as what I experienced is real? Just few hours can change my perception? Your tactful, intimate, touching words seem to explore me, or they're moving me to explore myself. In your experience probably I recognise something I’m feeling by myself, without being able to define it. May be is only the fate that two revealing things happen concurrently, but with you post you touched me deeply as never before.
    Thanks indeed.

  2. Dear Cathy,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. Magical moments happen in SL and you have been part of them. The ability to let oneself go and immerse into a situation can create a wonderful connection, when two beings with the same ability come together.

    What role plays gender in such a situation … none … after all this is SL and we can be whatever we want. If two likeminded minds open up its bound to be a night not to be forgotten.
    And not rarely that one person is the one standing next to you, and when all that subconcious tension that has built up over the time breaks its way to the surface it will become a cherished memory after the night is over.

    I know your situation only too well Cathy. I am happy for you to share such an experience.


  3. Dear Silky,
    Sorry for the late reply, I am enjoying a little break and I will be back soon.
    I just wanted to tell you how I agree with you: great adventures or experiences are made of great characters encountering.
    It is just surprising sometimes … I nearly forgot it, this tender moment with Caroline reminded me all the magic of SL.

  4. Dear Alma,
    Thank for your kind words. It is what I was expecting: touching you 🙂
    More seriously, SL can surprise even the old residents, so let it touch you and you will have a wonderful and Magic SL.