Pool-side love

Pool-side love

My dear readers,

I was contacted a few days ago by one of you, his name is Kheron. He was enjoying some time on one of the numerous beaches of SecondLife and wanted to know if I would be interested to join. I was actually at the Mansion by the time, discussing with my friend and colleague Aaron. I asked Aaron, and he was quite happy to come with me and join Kheron wherever he was. So there we go.

-“Ho by the way this is a nudist beach” precised Kheron with amusement in his voice
-“Not a problem for us!” I replied

We arrived in the little beach hut where Kheron welcomed us. The arrival point is located on a little island. To join the other islands, Kheron made us use windsurfs … it was a lot of fun, I did not windsurf in ages and I was really happy to give another ride that day.

We enjoyed it a lot for some time and finally exhausted we gathered around the swimming-pool. The temperature of the air was just unbearable so we very quickly jumped into the water to cool down our overheated body. Something I like about nudist resorts is that there is nothing to hide and I have to say I liked what I saw: Aaron and Kheron were my very cute male companions this afternoon and I had nothing to complain about this if you see what I mean.


From left to right: Kheron, Aaron and myself

We took a few breaks under the shadow of one of the nearby open buildings, installed in very comfortable cushions … feeling the warm air caressing my skin was just paradise. We discussed of various subjects, nothing really passionating, just the little chit-chat of people enjoying a nice moment under a nice weather.

Unfortunately, Kheron had some matters to deal with … surfing probably (he has the surfer style don’t you think ?) Well anyway he let us, Aaron and me. We felt a bit alone in this large cushion installation and moved by the pool. I had to work on my tan moreover so this was the best option for me. I cautiously oiled my skin and enjoyed the sun with my beautiful Aaron by my side.

I think I fell asleep at one stage. When I opened my eyes. Aaron was still sat on the border of the pool, cooling down his leg in the water of the swimming pool. I sat at his side, plunging my legs in the fresh water as well. This is when I noticed the little “issue” that Aaron had. He looked at me and smiled “What?” he asked amused by my fake shoked face.

I laughed.
-“It seems someone here is getting pretty horny” I said.
-“I was thinking … I never had sex in a swimming pool Cathy” he said still displaying this amused smile of him
-“Ho no? Well, I think we should fix that Aaron” I replied with a serious look. He laughed and jumped in the water.

He grabbed my hips and pull me in the water as well and we hugged tightly … and I could actually feel he was definitely in the mood … oops.
-“Sorry” he whispered in my ear
-“Don’t be” I replied with a grin.

We laughed together like crazy. He finally regained his composure before me and sat me back on the pool border. He approached his face against my knees and with a devilish smile he spread them apart and moved his face towards my sensitive parts. I looked around pretty nervous, but we were actually alone.
-“Relax!” he said before kissing my thighs and moving very slowly to my lower lips.

It did not take me much time to feel very horny under the tender care of Aaron. He definitely knows how to play his tongue on girlie naughty bits believe me girls !! I decided I wanted a little more than that and jumped back in the swimming pool. I grabbed Aaron nice hard tool, despite the freshness of the swimming pool, and I put it inside me…. it felt so definitely good. Aaron worked hard on me, as I like it actually and I actually came very hard.

I was definitely too fast for my stallion, so after I recovered from my emotions, I pulled myself out of the swimming pool and pulled him by my side to take care of this outrageous erection. I think I am not too bad at it either and Aaron who was probably not so far from the nirvana as well, came quickly under my little blowjob.

He seemed to definitely enjoy it … well me as well actually. We had some nice time after-time chit-chatting as if nothing happened. I had a lot of fun actually doing this kind of things in a public setting, it is a kindof turn-on definitely on me.

So as Carol said so well guessed in one of her posts, the main usage of swimming pools in SecondLife is not to swim, nor to cool-down (quite the contrary actually), no more to make a place more beautiful … no their aim is for us to have sex.

So stop to worry and enjoy a swimming pool ride as we did with Aaron, and come here to tell us your story.

Taxi to go there

Naughty kiss!

6 responses to “Pool-side love”

  1. “She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. 'Time' for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.” (Roman Payne)

    This is Summer. This is sensuality. The remainder is just imagination.

    Thank you Catherine and Aaron!

  2. What a lovely moment we shared. I'm happy that you've told our little story! I wonder if any of you readers might share their own poolside experiences.