Ask me anything challenge

Ask me anything challenge

Dear Readers,

I am becoming a real fan of the blog written by Strawberry Singh:
The blog is full of resources, references and tips, and what I really appreciate over all the rest are the challenges that Strawberry is proposing.

Today, I am taking the “Ask me anything” challenge, well actually, I decided to take the easy option: only answer the 10 questions that she proposes on her blog.

1. If Linden Lab shut the door on Second Life, what do you think you might do to replace it, or the time you spend on it. Gaming, school, work, reading, other virtual world, etc?

Probably the first thing I will do is to cry. Then, I will write long posts in order to express my deep frustration and will try as best as I can to understand why and how such a disaster was allowed to happen. I am most of the time an optimistic person, so right now I do not know what I would do after these two steps, however, I rely on the world to provide me something else. After all, it offered me SecondLife one time, maybe it would offer something even better.

2. What would you consider your mission statement for your blog?

I do not think I have a mission, I write on this blog without limitations or concerns, I just post what I want to post actually. I dream sometimes that I can procure some emotions bad or good, but I am definitely not skilled enough. I do not desperate, I am still learning, after all this is my first blog.

3. What would you change about your SLife right now if you could just press a magic button and have it automatically happen?

My magic button would automatically add linden dollars to my wallet each time I would press it. I then would be able to buy all the clothes I have planned so far to buy and that I have never been able to purchase. Shopaholic me ? Certainly not, you must be mistaken with someone else!

4. What topic would you like to see explored in a non fashion blog post? Anything you are curious about and want someone else to do all the research?

What I would like to read is the ultimate post that will predict which mesh body will win the mesh body war. There are now too much “standards”, so before I take a decision, I would like to be sure I am buying the winner. I am sure at one point, there will remain one … but which one will it be ?

5. Do you have a point of contact in SL? Someone that a person from your RL knows to contact in case something happens to you or you are unable to get online for an extended period of time?

Nobody knows anyone from my SL contacts. If something should happen to me, and I hope it is not for today (nor tomorrow actually) I would simply vanish. The only thing remaining I have been in this nice virtual world will be this blog.

6. What provides you the most inspiration and motivation to keep learning and growing? What keeps you from being held back by the common negativity in SecondLife and elsewhere?

It is definitely people behind the scenes that are giving me motivation. There are some fantastic people to discover there, coming from quite every corner of the planet. Discuss with them, take time, share your experience with them, it really worths it. Now concerning negativity, there are too many in both worlds, let’s avoid to speak of this, we must focus on the positive side to build two better worlds.

7. How do you deal with other bloggers (who don’t know you personally) that are spiteful towards you?

My blog is too small, too young and too poor to have detractors, I suppose this is the advantage of being a beginner.

8. What is your advice to those that admire you and what you do, hoping to be able to do some of the same things with as much confidence as you often seem to have?

First of all, I am not a confident person … however I was able to start this blog and I am happy to write it. So my little advice is definitely: DARE ! If you really fancy something and feel you would like to share it with others, then do it: passion is something very powerful.

9. Name 5 favorite events in Second Life.

Honestly I never go to events. It is too crowded for my poor machine. One good thing about events though: it frees some lags on other sims.

10. Name 3 of your favorite blogs.


5 responses to “Ask me anything challenge”

  1. Concerning 5.
    I think the body with the widest variety of useable appliers will win, which at the moment might be Maitreya if my info is correct … I chose Slink nevertheless ๐Ÿ˜‰ Wouldn't be the first time I dug through my wardrobe with a bulldozer ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Concerning 8.
    Best advice that could be given in such a situation.

  2. I think your answer is concerning 4 and not 5, but it's ok I understood. I would definitely agree with you, it's an adoption war: the more one mesh body become popular, the more designers will propose appliers, the more this mesh body will become popular … Maybe Maitreya you are right, however I won't bet on it yet !

  3. Whoops ๐Ÿ˜‰ of Course.
    I stuck with Slink because I have the hands and feet already, and I like them, so I went for the full upgrade.
    I am curious how you will end up choosing.