A visit at BBF – Chapter 5: Companions in misfortune

A visit at BBF – Chapter 5: Companions in misfortune

This post is the fifth chapter of a long story, I advise you to read the preceding chapters before reading this one.

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It was now one full month I have been trapped and detained in the ranch. You think the time passed quickly, well, this is definitely not my opinion. Try to pass on my tack on and we will see if the time is so fast. Living in a tiny stall is definitely something that can drive anyone crazy, me in particular.

We were all prevented to go out of the barn for now three weeks. The barn was crowded of ponygirls circling in their stall. Once a day, Darius or Honey allowed us to walk inside the central area of the barn but the external doors remained closed all the time. The nervousness was palpable, girls were kicking at the door of their stall in exasperation. To add to the stress we could hear that some heavy work was conducted outdoor, probably not far from the barn. It was probably some big machine like a bulldozer or something similar … when you know Renneville, you can only grow very worried when he has new projects. One day we even heard an helicopter flying over the barn, probably a very big one. It flied on top of us for one hour before leaving. If the pilot would have known of our existence he would have been able to rescue all of us …. but this happy ending did not happen unfortunately.

Then the work resumed for two long days after the helicopter vanished. The day after it was all silent, too silent actually, it was threatening! I was thinking of what all this could mean, imagining horrible scenarios, when Honey entered the barn and opened all the stalls, all except mine. She approached my door with a wicked smile:
-“Not you Emily. Sir Renneville wants to care of you personally!” she said.

I was in shock and definitely very worried of what was in store for me. Honey slid open the huge door of the barn and addressed the girls gathered in the center area of the barn:
-“Ok girls, I think you deserve a day in the great outdoors, don’t you think?” she said with a wide smile.

I could see all the girls rushing outdoors. I knew some of them: Darla, Zaara, Sienna and even Amelia who was the last “acquisition” of the ranch when Honey tricked her in her tack. She was like me, very uncomfortable in her boots, and fell twice before reaching the door … it will be a long day for her as well I thought. All this did not help me to figure out what was happening in the ranch and more worrying, what Renneville wanted to do with me especially.

I heard the opposite door of the one Honey and all the girls left ten minutes ago, slid open. I nervously checked who was entering. To my surprise it was not Renneville but a woman in an elegant outfit … I wondered who she was, and I feared she was once again a prey tricked to come to the island for whatever reason. I did not have time to give it further thoughts, Renneville arrived behind her with a gun in his right hand.

-“What are you doing here?” I heard him ask in his usual threatening tone.
-“Huh … huh, well please … move that gun away … I … I need your help …. I … am completely lost … I even don’t know where I am …. ”
-“I am afraid you will have to follow me Madam” he snapped pointing the gun at her
-“Aww pleaaaaase, move that gun away, it makes me really nervous …. I woke up in the woods not far from here and I saw the barn …. I just need to give a call to a friend … it seems there is no proper network here. I am sure you have a landline phone, haven’t you?”
-“There is no way you are giving a call. Now, either you collaborate, or I use this gun and I know how to use it, you can rely on me for this” he threatened. “Raise your hands!”

She obeyed and honestly she looked terrified.
-“What is the big deal? I will simply fetch help elsewhere, so let me go now.”

Renneville smiled and pushed her rudely outside.
-“Ho no, you are not going anywhere!”

These are the last words I heard before Renneville shut the door behind him. This is the second time I am a witness of one of these abductions. Each time it puts me in a state of distress and panic, reminding me all too well how it happened to me. I would give anything for reliving the day when I decided to visit the island … and this time take the good decision not to come. Poor girl, I had a pretty good idea of what she was about to be put into. I was very surprised when only five minutes later, Renneville entered the barn again and walked directly to my stall.

-“Emily … we had some unexpected visits. I intended to train you at cart pulling, but I am going to change my plans. And I will put you at use, it might be fun” he said with a devilish smile. He opened the door of my stall opened and put a leash on my bridle. I shook my head in disagreement. “Awww, Emily, you should start to accept your fate now” Saying that he heavily pulled on the leash, making me stumbling, I actually nearly fell. He finally led me outside of the barn. The woman was nowhere to see but I was probably on the site where all the builders worked so hard the past week. There was now a large dark squared terrace and in the middle was embedded a metallic hexagon. I shivered, I felt this was the last innovation of the ranch. Renneville approached what looked like a control panel and pressed a few buttons on the console.

I felt the floor vibrating under my feet, I looked at Renneville who looked back at me with a proud smile pointing at the hexagon with his gun. I gawped at the huge hexagon which was now moving up, revealing glass cylinders underneath: what I thought was a terrace decoration was actually the roof of a strange machine. I gasped in horror when I realized that two of the cylinders, now visible, were occupied each by one woman: the one I saw earlier in the barn and another one I never saw before. The strange machine was actually an underground prison, a very cruel one, as you are deprived from the sun light and it is probably impossible to lie in those tiny cylinders. The more I knew Renneville, the more I hated him. He seemed to read my mind:
-“I knew you would like it Emily”. He chuckled obviously very proud of his new toy.

Renneville pressed another button on the console which apparently activated the audio system to be able to communicate. I guessed the glass cell cylinders were completely soundproof, no way to communicate with the prisoners without the audio system on.
-“Look girls! This is Emily, one of the latest pony of the ranch. Isn’t she a cute thing” he said looking at me with his sickening smile. “Now ladies, strip! We are going to pass you on those spare tacks … you will look absolutely delicious in it.” He pointed on the floor at the foot of the console, where he had previously deposed the two old tacks. I shivered.

The answer from the brunette in jeans was instant: she gave him a finger. This made Renneville to chuckle and shake his head in disagreement. The other girl, the blonde who Renneville caught in the barn seemed in complete distress: I could only imagine what it could be to be locked in such a tiny space and then buried alive, even for ten minutes, it was probably a very stressing experience. I could see her hands shaking while she was stripping, complying with Renneville order. Renneville smiled satisfied when he finally saw her naked.

-“We have one good girl and one bad girl I see” he told. He pressed again a few buttons and the cylinder, in which the blonde was, opened itself, a sort of hidden sliding door. He grabbed one of the tack and threw it in the cylinder. The blonde tried to catch it, but she was so nervous that she let it fall. Renneville actioned again the console and the cylinder shut down again. “Pass it on quickly girl!” he snapped.

I saw her still trembling, trying to pass the horrible tack under the sharp watch of Renneville.  When she was finally done, he opened the door and catching her arm, he pulled her rudely out of the glass cage. He detailed her with a wide smile, touching her, caressing her body as she was a vulgar animal. While doing that, he tightened her tack and installed the bridle. He tied a leash on it and looked at her again, his hands on his hips, apparently very satisfied.

-“Good, good, you will make a good pony girl. You have a splendid body … far better than Emily’s” he said slapping my ass as if I was a cow. I jumped and looked then at him with anger. “Ho no don’t look at me like this Emily, I can slap your fat ass far more violently, do not tempt me!” I instantly looked at my feet and did not dare to move. Smart move as he seemed satisfied and did not spank me again. “We still miss an important item though” he said with a devilish smile grabbing one of the two black tails who were on the floor. He fetched a tube of lube from one of his pocket and spread some gel on the anal plug at the end of the tail. He looked at her during all the time he was “preparing” the tail. “Now bend over!” he ordered. I could see her tears sliding along her cheeks as she obeyed. Without any hesitation nor care he shoved the anal plug into her and secured it with the straps of harness. I could see when she raised that she was in agony.

He grabbed both our leashes and attached them to his wrist and approached now the glass cylinder where the brunette was locked in.

-“Ok little one, this is your last chance to have it done smoothly. Now you strip naked!” He said detaching each syllabus of his last sentence. The brunette smirked and gave him again a finger.
-“Go f*** yourself!” she said both fingers raised now.
-“Ok, your choice” said Renneville in a very menacing tone.

He activated the door of her cylinder, entered, and caught her by her hair. She tried to fight him but she was far less strong than Renneville and he easily took the control. He pulled her by her hair up to the post that was on the left on the sliding door of the farm. We were forced to follow as we were leashed to him, it was horrible to see. There he threw the brunette on the floor and jumped on her back to tie her wrists together and then her ankles. He raised her on her feet rudely and tied her wrists to the hook hanging from the gallows. He pulled the rope at its other end, and suspended in the air by her wrists the poor brunette.  She swore like a trooper, moving as much as she can in an attempt to free herself but apparently each moves she made triggered an unbearable pain.

Renneville chuckled:
-“I warned you little one, but you did not listen to me. Now see what I am forced to put you through.” He sighed as if he cared, but it was pure comedy, he enjoyed it, I could see that. The blonde girl was petrified in fear, keeping herself as far as her leash allowed her to from Renneville. He fetched a small flick-knife from his back pocket and menacingly pointed the blade at her throat, remaining still and silent for ten seconds. “Don’t move little one, I don’t want to hurt you” he said finally. Suddenly, with an amazing rage, he cut her top from neckline to hemline with his knife, and ripped the top from her. He then cut her bra in the middle and then he sectioned the straps, letting her completely topless.

She looked at him with fury:
-“Fucking bastard!!!” she said.

Reneville froze and stared at her, she probably touched him with her rude words … Reneville’s face was white, he was absolutely furious, she definitely hurt him, I was sure of this, and I really feared his reaction, I really feared it. He seemed so calm when he ripped her jeans and panties in pieces, stripping her to her born suit.

He passed then behind her, detaching the long whip that he always wear  rolled at his belt.
-“You will never call me a bastard again!” he said in the darkest tone. Then he let his fury explode and whipped her with rage, I don’t how many times he hit her, but at the end she was not even crying or doing any sound. I feared he killed her, but when he finally stopped, I could see she was still conscious.

I could not imagine how she was feeling then. He finally came back to face her and grabbed her by her hair “Never again little one”. She did not even dare to look at him, he broke her.

Then he went back to the console and fetched the tack and installed it on her while she was still hanging from the post. She did not speak any words, all she was doing during all the process was to groan from time to time.

When he had fully installed it, the tail included, he finally let her down. She was barely able to stand. Renneville remained silent all the time too. He finally pulled us three inside the barn.

He grabbed the keys and locked them, each in a different stall. The blonde girl sat prostrated in a corner of her stall, while the blonde fell in the straw and stayed on her tummy, still.

Renneville pulled me outside and slid close the heavy door behind him. For the first time in long minutes he spoke
-“I am not anymore in the mood to teach you cart pulling Emily … we will do that next time. We will walk around the estate, you still need to learn how to walk properly … look at you, you are ridiculous.”

His words hurt me, but given what just happened, I hid my anger from him and looked at my feet. I finally felt the pull of the leash and followed him in a very long walk. He took some path I did not know probably to avoid meeting with Honey and the rest of the ponies who were strolling outdoor. We walked at least one hour, and all the time he was silent … from time to time I heard him murmuring some words. I wondered all the time why the brunette words touched him so much … I thought it was most probably a crack in his armor and that maybe I could take advantage of this one day … I did not know how though.

Finally we came back to the barn and he opened my stall and pushed me in. Curiously he entered in the stall with me and stood to face me.
-“You have seen my new little isolation unit Emily now. Next time you disobey an order, from me or from Honey, I put you in isolation, in the dark for one week. Something claustrophobic people …. like you … do not tolerate very well” he chuckled.

I finally understood why he wanted me at his side today … it was not to witness his cruel games … it was to submit me even more with my most frightening phobia, I don’t know how he discovered it, but for sure he will use it to threat me.

He left my stall and locked the door, leaving me alone with my growing fear.


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4 responses to “A visit at BBF – Chapter 5: Companions in misfortune”

  1. Thank you for sharing the hallucinatory, claustrophobic, frightening experience you had. You succeeded in transmitting all the feelings of pain, suffer, terror, disgust you had, but reading this is also attractive in some way. Is a perfect balance of repugnance and fascination and the both feelings are still presents after reading. I feel a sensation of painful constraint but also of relief from the day-life worries. It's a bitter-sweet taste indeed. All is focused on survival needs and on the training to obtain that. I'm still shocked, scared and tempted by your words. And that was your goal. Thanks!

  2. Alma, you are definitely a very daring person … you are my first reader to dare to comment on my most extreme series of posts. Ponyplay is definitely not for all tastes, not saying it's yours, I just appreciate you got emotionnally touched. Hope you don't judge me too harshly though.
    Take care Dear!