My Seven SL Facts

My Seven SL Facts

Dear Readers,

I have been inspired reading Carol’s blog (again I know): Carol’s 7 Facts
The idea is actually coming from another blog: Strawberry Singh’s 7 facts

It  sounded fun, so I decided to give it a try.

Fact #1:
Catherine, or Cathy for my friends, is the only avatar I have ever had. I have no alts, it’s just me. Some mis-adventures made me to be tempted to vanish and create another one, but I never did it. See I am still here (I am born 12/03/2007).

Fact #2:
I have been married in SecondLife. It did not last long, it was just too complicated to meet each others as we were belonging to different timezones. It was however a nice and peaceful time.

Fact #3:
I have never owned a place for myself. Sometimes I have been offered a bedroom in other houses, but it seems I am not able to settle anywhere … and to be honest, it will cost too much money for what I am prepared to spend.

Fact #4:
I created my blog after having discovered Caroline’s blog: Second Life Adventures. I have read most of the posts and still continue to get inspirations from them. Caroline is now a friend who gives me a lot of good advice in this brand new world of blogging.

Fact #5:
The oldest friend still alive I have in SecondLife is Kod. We see each other from to time and still share a very good complicity. Probably my whole experience of SecondLife would have been different if I did not encounter this fantastic character.

Fact #6:
I have been imprisoned two times in two different prisons of SecondLife. It was a very immersive experience but it tends to be too long for my tiny patience. However I did my time, I am fair … most of the time.

Fact #7:
I had a sister in SecondLife. We were so close friends one day we decided to call ourselves sister. Her name was Jelena, and she has gone a long time now. Honestly I still miss her today, it was pure laugh and joy when we were together. It is a painful loss for me.

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