Being a pornstar … seriously ?

Being a pornstar … seriously ?

I have been contacted on multiple occasions by a man called Demian who proposed me to come and visit the cinema studios he is working in … I was a bit surprised to be asked, as I do not think I have many skills in acting, until I discovered it was a porn studio … off course, what else ?

I refused him a few times as it was never the right moment, but finally our agendas met and I was able to come to the place they call the mansion, where Sugar Daddy Porn Productions studio are.

It is actually a mansion with a large swimming pool on the front, and a very classical front … I felt like a princess arriving in a castle. Demian welcomed me on the front door of the property and made me enter in the large rooms …. a very impressive place. What surprised me at the beginning was the presence of cameras and movie equipments everywhere. Demian explained me that all the rooms can potentially be used for a scene and that having all ready was an absolute necessity.

While visiting, we were discussing the contract between the production and myself … and off course at the beginning they will have to assess my skills in short sequences before having me in their important productions … I could perfectly understand that and all went as expected … until Demian told me we could perfectly have the first test …. now.

I was a bit astonished, but he looked pretty serious about it … I looked at him, he was a tall and muscular man as far as I could say, he was hiding his figure in an elegant suit. I inquired about the exact nature of the first shoot and he told me it was a simple “blowjob” … I liked the way he said it so naturally. So guess what ? I said yes !

I have always been told that black men were … “well equipped”, Damien was no exception (a bit over-exaggerated if you want my opinion … men!). Anyway, I was more than happy to show my skills.

I was not hired though … some extra tests are required … hmm does he try to take advantage ?
Well any way, you know where it is if you want to make your opinion.

Sugar Daddy Porn Productions

3 responses to “Being a pornstar … seriously ?”

  1. I do hope he is not taking advantage! The place seems rather bare…perhaps he should show you proof of the other actors and actresses he has hired. 😉 I'm glad you had fun though!