A visit at BBF – Chapter 3: Emily

A visit at BBF – Chapter 3: Emily

This is the third chapter of the story of Catherine at BBF:

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I woke up with a terrible headache, my vision was all blurred, all I was able to see at the moment were patches of colors. What did happen ? In seconds, I remembered everything, I have been drugged, he drugged me with the damned tea. How foolish I have been ! I could not shut my mouth as well, at the beginning I wondered if it was because I hurt myself when I fainted, but I realized it was because it was stuffed with some kind of hard ball and I felt the strap on my skin that was maintaining it in place. My hands were restrained, attached in my back, from the cold feel on my wrists, I guessed it was probably steel handcuffs. I was sat in a very uncomfortable position, was it on the arm chair I was. I tried to adjust my vision but it made my headache worst. At this time I realized I put myself in a very complicated situation, did Mr Renneville actually meant what he said earlier ? I remembered his words “you would do an excellent pony” he said.

I must have moved or done something as I heard some footsteps approaching. Someone was now standing in front of me … Renneville … I could not see him clearly but I recognized his figure, the shape of his face. He bent and moved his face very close to mine, I could at this distance see his sickening smile and feel his predator breath on my skin. I tried to move away but all I succeeded to achieve is to make myself in an even more uncomfortable position, my poor bottom hurting very much.

-“Here you are Ms Palen !” he said in a very calm and contented tone. He gave me some soft slaps on the cheeks in an attempt to bring me back to my senses, I was terrified, my heart pounding very hard in my chest. “You have been unconscious for nearly one hour, I was starting to worry you know Catherine ?” he said suddenly switching to my first-name.

I saw another form moving around, I was quite sure it was Honey. She has been collusive, and I felt deeply betrayed. Soon afterwards, Mr Renneville presented a small phial under my nose
-“Sniff it!” he ordered without further explanations.
It smelt very strong to be honest and I had no idea of what it was. Without much options available, I complied with the order. It made me shiver but it quite instantly made me fully awaken and cleared my mind and my vision.
-“Feeling better ?” he asked sharply. I mumbled and nodded at the same time. “Good!” he said keeping a still face. “You were so curious about our little stud, that I decided I will offer you the full experience … from the inside. I am sure, your little article will be far more documented …. well if I let you the opportunity to write it off course.” he said with a mocking smile while putting away the phial.

I shook my head and tried to stand without any success alas. He chuckled looking at my despaired attempt to get rid of my restraints and his company. I looked at Honey hoping for some support, but the only thing I got was the sorry smile she displayed. I shouted out, but the gag I wore did not let any sound out, they trapped me! Those devils got me, I switched into a very sad and dark mood.

-“She needs to feel the tack tight on her, to walk and run in hoof boots, to feel the tail stuffed in her ass, to pull a cart around the estate … she needs the full experience, don’t you think Honey?” Mr Renneville asked her, very amused.
-“Yes Master! I will take care of her training. First thing we have to do, is to provide her with a proper tack I think” told Honey. I looked at her horrified with wide opened eyes.
-“Stand up Catherine!” he ordered catching my arms to help me up on my feet. “Have a look on her” he told Honey while he left the room. He came back one minute later with a leash in his hand which he clipped on the handcuffs. I never felt so humiliated in my life. He was dealing with me as he would do with a simple dog … or a pony I thought horrified. “Now let’s go to the barn, we will see what we have in stock for her.”

Cathy handcuffed and gagged

Honey opened the door leading to the front yard and led the way to the gate.
-“Move!” he said sharply slapping my bottom at the same time. I jumped in pain and horror and stared at him with hate. He looked at me in the face and he simply chuckled, how humiliating! I followed Honey outside to avoid to endure another slap. He was behind me holding the leash … I never felt so vulnerable in my whole life!

We walked through the woods, I was happy to wear some snickers this time, and we arrived quickly in front of the barn. Honey slid the heavy door opened and we entered the barn again, I shivered. Honey switched on a torch and moved to the bottom of the stairs where was a large chest. She opened it, it did not seem to be locked anyway.
-“Let’s see what we have here!” said Mr Renneville. “I am quite sure we can have her fully equipped”
-“Yes Master, I think so” replied Honey, starting to fetch miscellaneous stuff from the chest. “Here, this harness should fit” she said putting it aside at Mr Renneville’s feet. “Now … the bridle … what do you think Master, this one … or this one?”

Mr Renneville looked carefully at both of them and pointed to the one in the right hand of Honey.
-“This one will match better her red hair” he simply said. Honey nodded and closed the chest.
-“Ok, now the boots. Follow me please” said Honey as she moved to the wall nearby were I could see numerous boots were lined up. This was not the kind of boots you could find in a shop, the shape was completely different. The sole was very short and imitated the shape of a horseshoe … no need to say it had to be pretty uncomfortable as you have to walk on tiptoe in these. The boots were all laced-up up to the knee, maintaining firmly the leg into them.

Honey measured my feet and took a pair of those horrible boots with her. She then led us to the rack on the opposite wall where a dozen of tails were hanging. The tails themselves looked like a pony tail but the tail end was actually made of steel or plastic, I could not say … but the shape was the exact same one than the butt plug I have hidden at home in my bedside table. I had no more doubt, if I had any, on how these tails are supposed to be installed. I shivered. Mr Renneville chose one, and gave it to Honey staring directly at me with a devilish smile.

-“All right, let’s go back at home … we are going to prepare her there!” he said pushing me toward the exit. We made our way back, and I was thinking as fast as I could on how I could escape my fate. I was in a complete panic state.

We arrived a few minutes later at the house. He led me to the deck and Honey dropped all the stuff she was carrying on the floor at my feet. I looked at both of them, surprised, I thought we would go inside. Mr Renneville caught my stare and smiled
-“Hooo no, no, no Catherine, we are not going in the house. You are going to be a pony, and ponies don’t go inside the houses, do they ?” he asked with mockery in his tone. “No, ponies live outdoor and they sleep in stalls in the barn” he added with cruelty. “Now, you will stay still while we are going to put you in your tack, this is in your interest … otherwise …. ” he did not finish his sentence, letting the threat undefined. “Do you understand?”

I looked at him, unable to react, I was so much in shock. He took it as a defiance act and slapped me hard on the face and repeated his question “Do you understand Catherine?” I burst into cries and nodded.
-“Good!” he said triumphant. He moved to my back and I could nearly feel his stare on my bare skin. He posed his hand on my shoulder and caressed my right arm all along, I shivered in terror. “Shhhh, keep quiet” he added in a soft voice. He slowly moved the straps of my bra off my shoulders and unhooked it. My hands were still cuffed behind my back, the bra slided along my arm and stopped his fall reaching the level of my hips, uncovering my breasts. He came back to face me looking with lust at my nakedness.

-“So cute! You had them pierced!” he said pointing at my tit-rings. “Very good!” he said pulling on the left one, which hurt like hell. He chuckled adding “very convenient to clip a leash!” and finally released it. I could still fill the pain biting my poor tit. I felt so humiliated, but it was most probably the goal. The man must be an expert in breaking people mind.  Without any warning he pulled hard on the sarong which fell at my feet.

-“Step over!” he ordered me. As I did not obey fast enough, he spanked me hard on the bottom … I jumped in surprise and complied with the order all shivering. “Good, you need to learn to obey faster pony !” he threatened. He then knelt in front of me and grabbed the waist of my panties sliding them all the way down my legs. “Step over!” he repeated. This time I did it immediately. “Better!” he said smiling at me. He circled around me for a minute, staring at every inch of my body. I felt so humiliated, he looked at me as if I was an animal or a simple thing or possession of him…. he did not say a word, nor did Honey all the time.

-“She looks good!” he said to Honey … “… but she lacks some exercise” he said grabbing one of my red buttock. “See? She is lacking muscles here” he said. Honey approached and grabbed my bottom as well.
-“Yes Master you are right” she said looking concerned. It was just amazing, I was no more considered as a person, they talked of me like of a slave, this was as simple and rude as that. “Some cart pulling will solve this quickly, Master” she added.
-“Indeed … and make her work on her abs too …” he said pushing on my tummy. “She is ridiculously lacking muscles”
-“Yes Master, certainly. I will have her trained”
-“Good, good, I rely on you Honey! However, I like her chest very much” he added feeling my breasts with both hands. “Good size and firm … ensure they are always on display.”
-“Yes Master off course. She will wear the harness beautifully, it will fit her perfectly.”
-“And arrange the redness of her bottom too. The fairies did not spare her apparently” he chuckled.
Honey smiled.
-“I warned her, but she is kinda stubborn.”
-“Yes, you will need a strong hand with her!” he told her. “Ok, give me the harness, it’s time we set her tack, I really want to see her in it.” he added.

I looked all the time at the scene, as if I was not here, a spectator, I was nevertheless part of this. Unable to speak or to move, it was a torture, not for the body necessarily, but for my mind … they tried to put me down, to make me feel bad and worthless, and they pretty well succeeded.

They were now both around me, doing their best to adjust around my torso a leather harness made of various belts and straps. It was definitely not covering much, the worst part being the belt running through the crack of my ass and the slit of my sex. It seemed they took a great pleasure to adjust that one very tight.

This done, they put on some extra straps on my shoulder and after having removed the handcuffs, and took my bra away, they strapped my hands at my shoulder blade level, my arms forming a cross behind my back. It was very uncomfortable, pulling on my shoulders hard. They then covered my arms with a sort of leather cape, it was covering the top of my shoulders, my bounded arms and was attached around my neck. It formed a sort of back pack but it was my arms and hands that were fit in. Mr Renneville took a step back looking at me and smiled brightly.
-“Very good! You start to look like a proper ponygirl Catherine!” I could not hold any more my tears. “Awww poor thing!” he said wiping my wet eyes. “You will get used to it, don’t worry! And you are ruining your make-up” he added as if I would care for that still.

Honey handed him the bridles, it looked like a real horse one, the shape must have been different, I was definitely not an expert. He unlocked the different belts while looking at me with a sort of contented patience. In the mean time Honey passed behind me and detached the gag. I gasped and took a deep breath.

-“Please, please, please, don’t do this!” I begged in a croaked voice. Mr Renneville chuckled.
-“Shhhh! A pony does not talk Catherine” he said frowning at me and passing the bridle around my head.
-“Please, no, noooooo, don’t” I said looking at him my eyes becoming wet again. “I … I don’t know what I did to make you angry, but I … I understand the lesson … please let me go, please !!”
-“Shhhh!” he took my mouth in his hand and pressed very hard. “A pony does not talk” he repeated while securing the bridle around my head.

Maintaining his painful catch on my mouth, he installed the bits and tightened them very hard, I was only able to mumble and the bits were pushing my cheeks backward very painfully. I was shaking in pain and frustration. He then installed two fake horse hears on the head harness and installed two feathers, one black and one red. He stepped back again, displaying a devilish smile.
-“Even better!” he said. “What do you think Honey ?”
-“She looks very good, I told you, the harness fits her very well”
-“Yes indeed!”

Honey approached now with the boots.
-“Catherine, you will find it is not easy to walk in them … do not give-up too early, it takes time to take habit of them” I looked at her with anger. Mr Renneville and Honey were now helping me inside the boots. The position in them was horrible. I was litterally on my toes and the laces were very tightly bound hurting my leg. They finally finished and I had hard times finding my balance.

Mr Renneville laughed longly
-“She is not very skilled! It will take her a long time” he laughed again. I looked at him with anger. “Don’t look at me like this pony” he interjected. I tried to step back and nearly fell. They both laughed even more, making me feel so bad.

-“And now the last detail!” he added. “A pony has a tail right ?” he said taking the tail in his hand. “Honey go fetch the lube!” he ordered. Honey came back one minute later with a little bottle of intimate lube. Mr Renneville took his time to prepare the plug looking at me all the time. “Now Catherine, bend and relax!” he ordered. I was petrified and I shook my head. He raised his hand, and I stepped back nearly falling around. “Bend!” he repeated. I did so, trying to find my balance, Honey came to rescue me as I could not stay without falling during the operation.

I gasped as I felt the cold gel and his finger massaging. Soon the finger was replaced by cold steel and he pushed it slowly but surely. It was painful, I tried to relax but the more I thought of what was happening, the worst it was. The toy was invading more and more and finally my muscle let it go and it was in … very big, very present. I heard some clicks as he was probably locking it on the harness. He finally slapped my bottom which hurted very much as I contracted from the pain.

-“Here you go pony!” he said

-“We need to find her a name now” said Honey. I looked at her shocked.
-“You are right Honey. Catherine is no more …. now we have a pony!” he added to hurt me most likely. “Any idea Honey?”
-“What do you think of Emily ?”
-“Emily? So be it! Welcome to my ranch Emily!” said Mr Renneville to me.

I shook my head in despair, they even tried to steal my identity …
-“Bring her to the barn Honey! Tomorrow we will have to train her!”


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