A visit at BBF – Chapter 2: The Interview

A visit at BBF – Chapter 2: The Interview

This is the second chapter of the story of Catherine at BBF:

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I woke up in the middle of the night, it was dark outside and I felt dizzy. Honey was nowhere to see, I was alone and naked in a stranger place, I was rather ill-worried. Not a sound to be heard, the place was very quiet. I got up and wrapped myself in a pink towel that Honey probably let for me, folded, at the bed end. My skin was still covered with oil, I would have liked very much to shower to get rid of it. Moreover, my bottom was still hurting, even if the ointment that Honey applied seemed to have faded the redness of my buttocks. I tip-toed to the kitchen and filled a glass of water that I drank slowly to try to make my dizziness to pass. I was thinking … “What do I do now ? Wait for Honey to come back ? What if somebody else arrives here and find me ?”

Finally, I decided to try to find Honey rather than wait here, this place was really making me too nervous and some fresh air would not harm. I cautiously, and as silently as I could manage, took the stairs down and found myself in the middle of the barn. The same thick silence was envelopping the place. Maybe some ponies were in their stalls sleeping, maybe not, I have to say at this moment, I was just trying to avoid any contacts. Sliding the heavy door, I made my way outside and took a deep breath. It definitely helped to clear my mind. My best chance to find Honey was probably at the property of Mr Renneville. I then headed to the place, terrified to enter in the woods, but I did not figure out a better option.

It was indeed very dark, and walking barefoot is not really something I was used to, but soon I was guided by the lights coming from the house. It seems I was lucky, someone was there, and I really hoped it would be Honey. I arrived at the garden gate without any cuts on my feet, which was quite a challenge, and I was bold enough to ring. Soon, the gate opened by itself, probably triggered by a remote command from inside the house and I walked toward the house where a man was standing on the deck, unfortunately Honey did not seem to be around. I quickly re-ajusted my towel and approached the man with as much confidence as I could gather given my state of undress at the time.

A man wait on the deck

-“You must be Miss Palen” he said displaying a large smile before I reached him on the deck. I stepped onto the deck and we shook hands. His hand was firn and he stared at me, still having that confident smile on his face.
-“I am … well you must be Mr Renneville I guess …” I asked
-“Absolutely ! I have been told you wanted to meet me.” he said very directly.
-“I …. well yes. I am really sorry to … come wearing this … I … well you probably heard of my little incident with the … fairies”

Mr Renneville chuckled and smiled at me with a reassuring look.
-“Yes, yes. I have been told. This is very unfortunate and I am really sorry about it. We are all very careful not to provoke them … they can be really nasty. They have been here centuries before we settled on the island, so we have learnt to live with them. You shoud have listened to Honey.”
-“Well … I measure now how this is true.” I said with a polite smile.
-“Well, come in” he said gesturing towards the door to invite me in.

Mr Renneville inviting me in

I entered in a large living room decorated with taste.
-“Have a sit” he told me gesturing toward an armchair while he sat on another facing it.
-“I am wondering if … you would have some spare clothes I could wear. To be honest, I am not really comfortable wearing this towel only” I said blushing.

At this very moment, Honey entered the room, wearing the same outfit I saw her in earlier today. She bowed to Mr Renneville and to me and sat on the floor besides him.

Honey sitting by his side on the floor

-“Good evening Master… Catherine” she said nodding at each of us one after the other.
-“Good evening Honey” I replied smiling to her
-“Good evening Dear ! You arrived exactly when we need you Honey” told Mr Renneville. “Catherine would need some spare clothes. You could show her what you have in your wardrobe, will you ?” He then looked at me “I hope you will find something that will suit you … I am afraid though, the style of the outfits are … less conservative than what you are used to.” he added with a knowing smile.

Mr Reneville asking Honey to help me find something to wear

-“Ahem … well I am very grateful. I am sure I will find something.” I said nodding to Honey who raised on her feet and led the way to the stairs and then to a large room where she opened a wardrobe filled with various outfits of all colors and shapes.

Looking for something more decent to wear

I was stunned by the number of outfits that were in. The fabrics looked very expensive, but as Mr Renneville warned me, the outfits were very skimpy and revealing. Honey started to look in and fetched something that she tended me with a smile:
-“Here it is !” she said with a victorious tone. “I think this bikini would suit you perfectly …. and here is the matching sarong !” she said fetching another piece of cloth.

I took the clothes and looked at them cautiously. It was quite conservative compared to the sheer fabrics in which most of the outfits in the wardrobe were made of. Dropping the towel I passed the panties on gasping when the fabrics brushed my red bottom.
-“It is still painful ?” asked Honey. I nodded with a sorry face. “It will pass soon, don’t worry !” she said with an encouraging smile.

She helped me to hook the bra on and tie the sarong around my waist. Honey clasped in her hands.
-“You look wonderful !”
-“Thank you” I replied looking at myself. “Nothing I did not show on the beach” I said with a smile happy to have something to cover me … well it actually covered me less than the towel, but I felt a lot more comfortable in those clothes.
-“Try these sneakers !” she said handing me an old pair.

I passed them on.
-“They are a bit too large, but it is a lot better than barefoot. Thank you Honey, I think I am ready to interview Mr Renneville … never interviewed anybody in a bikini before though” I added before laughing. I felt a lot better.

Finally something to wear

Honey led the way downstairs where Mr Renneville was waiting for us. Honey took her place besides him, sat on the floor, while I tried to find a position that would not hurt too much on my chair. Mr Renneville smiled looking at me. He is actually a very handsome man with a lot of charism, very intimidating but definitely very cute.

-“So Miss Palen, how can I help you ?” he asked arching his eyebrows in a very seductive manner.
-“Well, thank you first for giving me this opportunity Mr Renneville to ask you some questions. As Honey had maybe explained to you already, I am writing a blog, and would like, if you agree to write an article about your very special stud.”

I finally started the interview

Mr Renneville kept silent for a few seconds staring at me.
-“I definitely agree Miss Palen, so, you can fire your questions.” he encouraged me. I smiled and forgetting my very un-professional outfit I started.
-“My first question to you Mr Renneville, would be to describe your activity. What exactly is done at BBF, which if I am correct stands for Bridled By Force ? Quite a threatening name, isn’t it ?”

Mr Renneville smiled before answering.
-“You are correct Miss Palen. BBF objective is to provide facilities and skills to train human submissives as they can reach their true potential as ponies, human ponies. This is a very particular form of submission, that can shock or surprise some, but for those ponygirls who are trained here, this is what they are meant to be. We are all looking for happiness, these girls have found their way to reach it.”
-“Why did you commit in this activity ? Is it because you care so much for this part of the humanity which needs this particular submission form ?” I asked a bit mockingly.

Mr Renneville chuckled.

-“You are not stupid Miss Palen, I am sure you have guessed why. I am a dominant, and I am into this form of domination. I have the right to seek my own happiness too after all” he added jokingly.

I smiled and nodded at his last comment.
-“Off course, this is your absolute right.” I marked a pause and resumed: “Since the beginning, you are speaking essentially of girls. Does it mean that only girls can be trained here at BBF ?”
-“I do train only girls, this is right. However, I have some trainers who come here to enjoy our facilities and training fields who actually train boys as well. This is a matter of taste and orientation actually. Boys are just not my thing. But we welcome everybody on the estate who embrace our form of Domination/submission philosophy.”
-“As the name of your stud is suggesting, do you force those girls into submission here ? Are you involved into illegal activities such as abductions ?”

Mr Renneville looks calmy at me and broke finally a long silence.
-“Most of them are not actually forced. For the vast majority they come here literally craving to be captured, but I am not very interested in these submissives. What happens often is that the ponies are brought from other studs to be trained here. We have an excellent reputation and good relationships with our partners in this business. But to be honest with you Miss Palen, the most interesting part in my job is when I have to drive into submission girls who do not even suspect they have this appeal in them. Smart girls looking into their happiness, looking for their needs to be fulfilled, curious about what we do here, asking questions, novelists, writers, journalists … or even some curious bloggers” he finally said with a predator smile.

I was shocked and disconcerted by his unveiled threat and tried to conceal the best I could. This really took me by surprise. I wanted to make him understand that I was not afraid of him
– “Someone like me Mr Renneville ?”

I tried to conceal he shocked me

He stared at me and held a long silence.
-“Exactly Miss Palen. You would be a very good ponygirl !”
-“Well, I will take it as a compliment” I replied trying to ignore my urge to flee. But I was not able to stop such an interesting interview, maybe one of the best article I have ever written will come up from this.

I diverted his attention by moving the subject to Honey.
-“So let’s talk about Honey, how did it happen to her ? Was she a ponygirl here too ?”
-“I am very proud of Honey. She learnt well and fast but … I will let her share her experience herself. Would you do that Honey ?”

Honey smiled and nodded to him. She started to explain how all this began for her.
-“Before I joined Mr Renneville here, I was a dancer at a club. My life was not happy nor very successful … I remember the day when Mr Renneville went at the club, the way he looked at me all the night. When it was time to go back home, all I can remember is I walked through the parking to my car and then nothing. The next morning I woke up on the island. I was in a tack and my training started. I remember how hard it was, but soon I started to enjoy all the lessons, being able to make progress. I became the best of them … And Master was generous enough to make me his favourite slave.”

-“So you are not a ponygirl anymore ?”

Mr Renneville intervened after Honey told her story

Mr Renneville intervened:
-“She is now helping me in training the ponies. I am very proud of her, she did so well as a pony and now as a trainer.” He caressed Honey’s hair and cheeks which Honey seemed to appreciate. “Would you like a cup of tea or a coffee Miss Palen” he asked suddenly.
-“A cup of tea would be perfect” I replied very kindly.
I was very surprised because he stood to prepare it himself and did not ask Honey which I would have thought would have been normal for him. I kept silent while he was preparing the tea and looked at Honey who had an un-expressive face all along. He finally came back with two cups one for me and one for him, none for Honey off course … “How rude” I thought.
-“Thank you” I said taking the hot cup
-“You are very welcome” he said sitting in his chair and having a sip of his own cup.
I looked back at Mr Renneville:

-“So you made her doing what you inflicted her. What is the training exactly ? Does it include some sort of … punishments ?” I said sipping my cup at the end of my question.

Mr Renneville smiled again and took his time to reply.

-“Well we try to determine the skills of each ponies during the general training. They have all to be able to walk, communicate and pull a cart. Then we can specialise them in jumping or slalom or carts … Sometimes punishments are needed yes !”

He looked at me gauging my reactions. I pushed him further ignoring his intimidating stare.

-“So do you estimate you are skilled in your activity Mr Renneville ?”
-“I think I am yes. But the ponies are doing all the hard work so they are the ones who need to receive the congratulations…”

He was elaborating when I suddenly felt nauseous, very nauseous. He was still speaking but I did not understand anymore what he was saying, the world was spinning faster and faster, I wanted to stand to go take a breath outside but I could not.

-“Are you ok Miss Palen ?” I heard him say. It seemed he was just in front of my chair now, but all spinned so fast. I was unable to answer anything. Before all turned back, I heard him say “welcome to BBF, you will discover soon a new world”. My blood turned cold and I fainted.


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