Becky the aussie !

Becky the aussie !

Something really nice which happens sometimes in SL occurred again ! A friend I lost track of reappeared suddenly under a new avatar.

I was spending some time in a place called CFNM Mansion, if you never went there you should give it a try when you have time. This little acronym stands for Clothed Females and Naked Males. It gives you an idea of what the place is about.

It was a long time I did not go there, one of my new friend, Aaron, invited me to join and I was enjoying the show of Aaron and a fellow dancer of him  when a girl named Peza told me she knew an old friend of me called Becky … What she meant is that she was Becky actually.

Becky is an Aussie girl I know for a long time. She is fun and flirty and I have to say she did not change much. She has always been less shy than I, very easy to chat and play with …. she is a kind of storm that runs into your life and takes you to all sort of funs: dancing, tanning on a beach, riding a roller coaster, sky diving … and one thing she is definitely the best at: flirt !!

What was meant to arrive, arrived. She flirted with Aaron and eventually they went upstairs to enjoy some private moments together. Actually I was invited to join, but I declined…. My time in this world was unfortunately over.

What it makes me think is that SecondLife is not such a big place, people tend to return to the places they know well. You should look sharply next time of the avatars around you, maybe one of them is an old friend, enemy, a former husband or wife. You never know so take care, but please do not turn paranoiac, SL is definitely made for fun and not to worry.

In any case it made my day to meet again with Becky/Pezza. It is always nice to know some of the people you know, still reminds you after years. We might be pixels, we are humans behind our screens.

Yours sincerely,

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  1. Peza was a delight and we had a great time together that night. I'm sorry that you couldn't have joined us, but perhaps next time!