Alex, my first coach, my first friend … and lover

Alex, my first coach, my first friend … and lover

Alex Writer was his name. I vividly remember of him. I have lost his track since years but he used to be my first coach, my first friend and eventually my first lover too. It is said you always remember the first one, this is very true in Secondlife too.

Alex was like me, he liked peaceful, nice and lag-free sceneries in secondlife. Beaches in particular. When you are in the middle of winter, spending a few hours on a sandy beach under the sun is really enjoyable.

We spent hours discussing, Alex was speaking a lot of different languages, I cannot remember how many, but it was impressive. He was the one who gave me the taste of meeting new people, wandering in new places, just to have fun …. Hooo and I forgot to mention, he was a surfer, a virtual one maybe, but definitely he had the mindset.

I met with him some of my best friends here in SL: Jelena in particular and Nikkie too. No doubt I will tell you some stories about those two.

Finally, he was my first lover. I did not imagine how it could be “fun”. With Nikkie he introduced me to these naughty games of roleplaying sex scenes, it is definitely more in the mind that the fun is, the virtual world being just there to help diving into the scene. It is definitely a very enjoyable activity and once again the builders of SL provide a lot of possibilities to explore the wildest fantasies.

Cathy's first ride
My first ride with Alex … Nikkie enjoying the show

One day he vanished completely, I don’t know what happened to him, maybe he grew bored of it, or he decided to create another avatar, less flattering for me because in that case it means he decided not to contact me anymore … definitely not realistic don’t you think ?  However this is something that happens quite often, people disappears and they finally come back with a new identity. For some I was able to keep their track.

RIP Alex, I miss you !

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