Pictures Postcards from SecondLife #3

Pictures Postcards from SecondLife #3

I set foot on the tarmac of Bay City’s airport finally. The flight has been pleasant, I was nonetheless exhausted … more by my sleepless night in Cuba than by the flight itself actually. My good friend Kod desserved a proper send-off, and this last night has been fantastic.
I went to the baggage claim and collected my luggage before I caught a taxi who drove me home. I was thinking of all the good moments I had in Cuba. It was not actually holidays, being on stage every day drained my energy very fast. Finally the taxi dropped me by my place and a few minutes later I turned the key in the lock and pushed the door.

-“Home, sweet home!” I said for myself.

I sighed, a bit depressed being back in the ordinary run of things … but Cuba could not last forever, and actually I missed Bay City. Take heart! It is time to unpack and resume my normal existence. This is when I noticed the little card on the counter of my kitchen.

I recognized Silky’s writing. I read it with a big smile and opened the fridge to find that she actually let some food and two bottles of Corona. I grabbed one, opened it and poured the beverage in a glass. I parked myself on the couch and sipped slowly … Actually, it is not that bad being back. Silky knows me too well … how sweet of her!

I put the empty glass in the sink and pulled my luggage in my bedroom and started to unpack. I put aside the bottles of rums I brought back. I knew already with whom I will share at least one of them.

Ok, time to unpack all these, I will then contact Silky, I definitely have to tell her my adventures!

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