Kidnapped (a roleplay at K.A.D.S)

Kidnapped (a roleplay at K.A.D.S)

K.A.D.S could have stand for “Knowledge Analysis and Documentation System” but actually in Second Life, this is a different story: Kidnapping and Abducted Damsels Syndicate. I spotted this strange group in the group list of a bad guy.

Definitely it triggered my curiosity, so I decided to dig in deeper, and I found this is actually a rather new group of role-play, very well organized compared to the average group in the same category. They have their own website, on which you must register to be part of the game. If you have an interest in this kind of dangerous games, you should definitely give it a try, the group is quite active and still building.

So I did it, I applied to the website, it is pretty straightforward. I then had a chat with the big boss (Nyza Stillwater), and I was in. A few days later, I decided to check the K.A.D.S headquarters. I cannot reveal the place to you unfortunately, the place is secret to only group members, so if you want to visit, you will have to apply (with all the risks that it entails).

You will find below the story of the roleplay that occured there, hopefully it will tempt you to give it a try.


As every morning I checked at the newspaper jobs offers. I lost one of my two part-time jobs three weeks ago, and I could not afford this situation for a very long time, my savings were not particularly important. I spotted one advert that might fit with my schedule. I did a quick research on the company offering the job: K.A.D.S. I discovered it is actually a gambling and night club, the owner is a man called Nyza Stillwater. I was not able to find anything specific against the man. Still I was a bit worried , but I decided to check on the place in the afternoon, after my shift end at St Michael Catholic School.

When I arrived in front of the club, the signs on the front door confirmed the fact that they were looking for a secretary, I was at the right place. I rang the bell, and after a few seconds I could hear footsteps behind the door. A strong security guard opened the door and looked at me in a prying stare.
-“Can I help you Miss?” he asked with an impressive bass voice.
-“I am here for the job” I pointed to the sign on the door.
-“Ok, come in, I will warn the boss. Go to the bar and order you something, club’s treat, he will fetch you there.”

I nodded and walked to the bar. The very large main room was empty, apart from myself, the guard and the bare pate fat bartender. I ordered a glass of sparkling water, I did not want alcohol to get me befuddled.

The bartender was not the chatty kind, so once my glass was emptied, I moved and sat in the comfortable armchairs set in a corner of the club.I did not notice the man entering the club and spying on me. This is when he walked to me that I saw him: tall, in an elegant stripped suit, wearing a hat. He would have looked like a banker without the hat, with it, he looked more like Michael Jackson. That last thought made me smile.

He glanced down at my legs while approaching, catching a bit underneath perhaps. He introduced himself as he took off his hat.
-“Welcome to K.A.D.S. Can I interest you in something to drink, or maybe I can show you some of my famous dance moves?” He grinned, “Or, you wouldn’t happen to be here for the job, would you doll?”

The manners of the man were contrasting with his speech. He was definitely original, or refreshing should I say. I stood, pulling at the hem of my skirt and we shook hands with energy.
-“Hello, well you guessed it … I have seen the advert in the newspaper .. and the signs outdoors. Is that offer for a part-time job still open?”

He smiled staring at me.
-“Indeed, I’m glad you were able to read about it in the newspaper. Yes, I’m looking for a part-time secretary… why don’t we talk about it in my office, hmm?”

I was happy that I could get an interview so easily. I grabbed my purse and nodded at him.
-“I am ready.”

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder briefly, which made me rather uncomfortable, and he smiled.
-“This way doll…” He said, moving me towards the stairs.

I did not like being called a doll actually, but I pretended I did not care or notice. We arrived upstairs in a small lobby. A lady in her 50’s was sitting behind a desk and raised her head when we arrived.

He gave her a smile.
-“Dorthea, I’ll be interviewing this fine young lady for the next several minutes or so, please ensure we are not disturbed.” She replied with a polite nod, “Now then, inside here…” he said to me opening the door.

When I passed I looked at the secretary there, wondering why a position was opened as it seemed to be filled in. Nevertheless I entered in his office

-“Won’t you sit down, Miss…. and what might you be called vixen?” He said as he tossed his hat over to the hat rack.

I half smiled at his agility with his hat. I sat in one of the comfortable armchairs.
-“Miss Palen, Cathy Palen, and you are Mr Stillwater I suppose?”


Nyza Stillwater smiled broadly at me as I took a seat
-“You’ve done your homework, Ms. Palen, I like that in a girl…” He smiled puffing on the cigarette before he took a seat at his desk. “Why don’t you tell me a little more about yourself, and your qualifications, hmm?”

Getting information before coming made me to mark a few points, always good to take.
-“I am currently working part-time for St Michael Catholic School as a secretary. I am into this since 1 year and a half now. I am looking for a second part-time and I thought you could be interested. Are you actually looking for a secretary, because … what about the lady in the lobby?”

Mr Stillwater seemed prepared to this question, I was probably not the first one to ask.
-“Well you see, Dorthea is working part-time, same as you, but business has really been picking up here as of late, and frankly, we need more help.” He flashed a smile to me, his eyes examining my figure. He added on at the end, “There might even be an opportunity to promote you full-time. We have an extensive benefits package here, and I can offer you something you will find hard to refuse…” He said cheerily.

I felt a bit reassured. The business was growing here, which was becoming quite rare nowadays … even if the gambling and night club activity is not particularly my favorite sector.
-“Well I have a three weeks notice at St Michael… So if the package is good I might be able to switch full time quite quickly” I smiled at him.

Mr Stillwater seemed happy to hear that I might decide to go full time if the deal was right.
-“One month holiday, and half price drinks and food here, with of course, free tickets to see some of our booked entertainment. And of course, a well earned salary to boot.” He pulled out a piece of paper from the desk drawer and a pen. “You wouldn’t happen to have any business references would you? Or skills in marketing?”

I fetched a file from my purse and got a few sheets of paper from it. I stood and posed the sheets on his desk before going back to the armchair.
-“You will find all my references and my CV. You can call my previous managers, they were all sad to see me leave actually. My knowledge in marketing is quite limited I am afraid. I learnt but I am out of practice.”

He took the papers and quietly shuffled through them, his eyes darting at the references. I was able to see plainly on his face that he was quite impressed, my references always make an impression and this was no exception.
-“I don’t doubt that your references are completely legit.” He stored the papers away in the desk drawer, and brought his hands together as he leaned forward a bit more in his position, “And I trust you can make a steaming hot cup of coffee too?”

I was a bit surprised by the quite dumb question. I guessed it was probably a sort of test and smiled “of course!”

He chuckled at me.
-“You might think that an odd question of me to ask, but rest assure, having that cup o’ joe to start my day is very, very important. You’d be surprised how well one cannot function without caffeine…”

I nodded.
-“I understand ….. I will keep a mental note of this. I need a tea in the morning myself.”

He slowly moved to stand and slowly stepped over my way, “I think I’ve seen all I need to see, I suppose there’s only one question that remains, when can you start?” He said with a soft smile.

I stood as he approached feeling this was the end of the interview.
-“Well I can technically start this afternoon if you can on your side of course”

Mr Stillwater smiled and led me over to a piece of paper still left on the desk.
-“Just sign at the bottom over here and it will be done and you will be officially hired…”

I took the pen and signed quickly at the bottom of the page.
-“Well here it is” I concluded with a bright smile.

He nodded taking the sheet of paper hastily and he tucked it away in his pant’s pocket.
-“Good girl, well then, it’s my honor to welcome you aboard, Cathy. You will make a fine addition to our… lovely staff here at K.A.D.S…” He came a bit closer to me, and I was able to smell a bit of his cologne, as he rested his hands just about my waist for a bit, “You know, you’d look lovely coming into work like that every day, and perhaps with your hair down as well. A lot of the gentlemen here enjoy seeing dames with long hair, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of them looking at you…” He playfully teased…

I tensed as I felt his hands on my hips … finally he removed them by himself. I let out a little sigh.
-“Well I can certainly change my hairdo if it is required.” I started to understand that Mr Stillwater could be maybe a bit touchy-feely and flirty with his employees. I took a mental note to be careful about that.

-“It makes little difference to me, but I would say, that yes, long hair attracts me more…” he said.

I grabbed my hair and untied them to make a point that I can adapt quickly. He admitted to being rather surprised how much better I looked with my hair down. “Men!” I thought for myself…. “I will have to manage this hairdo I guess”, I thought again.

He turned towards the artwork on the wall.
-“Beautiful isn’t it? Just one of our private showgirls. Did you know I happen to be a erotic photographer? It helps me earn a little money on the side… I can imagine you being a model too…” He chuckled gently.

I looked with attention at the two frames on the wall, frames that I pretended not to have noticed when I entered his office. They were picturing a couple in the act … the thing is that the lady was tied-up. It was rather extreme pictures actually. I shivered but I tried to conceal my real feelings about them.
-“Well, this is …. erotic for sure. I am sure some people might like this kind of art … but to be honest with you, I am not a model …. I will never do this kind of things it’s by far too dangerous nowadays … you end on internet in seconds, and then … you can forget finding a proper job.”

-“You wouldn’t believe how well online videos can pay, dear one,” He said with a hint of mischief in his voice.
-“Probably” I nodded ashamed by his free speach and giggling uncomfortably. Never I will allow myself in such debauchery I thought.

-“I should be giving you a proper tour of the club area, shouldn’t I?” He suggested.
-“Well, if you have time, I would definitely appreciate a tour definitely” I said

He motioned towards the door,
-“Just follow me, and I’ll happily show you around. Especially now that you’ll be here for a long time…” It wasn’t in the tone I might have expected.
-“Show me the way” I finally said a bit surprised indeed by his very strange tone.

He led the way with his smile never leaving his face…
-“Ladies first..” he said, once again holding the door open for me.
-“Thank you” I said passing the door.

He stopped by Dorthea’s desk and handed her over the contract I just signed.
-“Please make a copy for Miss Palen. I am giving her a tour. I want the copy ready by the time we are done. Thank you Dorthea.”

The lady nodded and stared at me … a strange stare, there was something in it, sadness, no something else. I was not able to identify what it was.

We stayed upstairs and he entered in a small meeting room.
-“We have our meetings and other talks in this room. I can count on you to take meeting notes, I hope?”

I nodded.
-“Do not worry, I am very fast”

He grinned.
-“Good.. good… This way…” he said, leading me out.

He motioned to the room next door, “A break room, filled with the usual things, you know…. not overly important…” He seemed confident in his tone, and proceeded to pass by it and descent the stairs. I nodded and followed him.

Mr Stillwater motioned to the main room.
-“Our lounge area, for the night shows, dancing, with a gaming area, and the VIP room on the far back right. The bar is over here to our right, and the backstage is just to the left near the card table.”
-“Yes, I had the opportunity to look at the main room while I was waiting for you.”

He seemed to have a glimmer in his eyes as he headed back towards the way they came.
-“We have the restrooms over here. There are showers and lockers for changing.” He motioned towards the back door, “We also have a garage area for storage, I think you’ll find what we store quite fascinating…”

I followed him quite intrigued by his very last comment. What could be of any interest in a storage room? The man was definitely original but still …

He smiled at me and motioned the door opened.
-“After you, I need to grab a little something.” he said.

I stepped in the storage room. It was completely dark, I could not see anything. I guessed he was probably getting a torch and I wait patiently for him. I could hear him opening a shelf or something … I was not sure. He returned near my side.

-“Walk forward a little more, I’ll turn on the lights…”
-“It’s quite dark indeed.” I was making cautiously a few steps in when I heard soft moans coming from my left, I froze. “Did you hear that?” I asked very intrigued.
-“Hear what?” he said lowly in the darkness, before the lights turned on to reveal everything as clear as day.

I blinked, blinded by the light for an instant, and then I saw them: the cells. This was not a storage I stepped in, it was a prison. The soft moan I heard earlier came from one of the cell, a blonde girl was tied and gagged and was screaming as loud as she could probably manage from behind the door of her cell.
I turned to Mr Stillwater, my throat tightened.
-“What ….. is that?” I asked in a croaked voice.

He smiled calmly to me as it was all revealed.
-“I think you can figure it out quite easily sweetie, for better or worse, it’s your fate…” And then he raised his arm and pressed a doused cloth pad into my face, while holding onto my other wrist tightly.

I tried to fight him while holding my breath, I knew by instinct that if I breathed, I would be doomed. I struggled, he was stronger than me definitely, I could not hold my breath anymore and … I breathed in, the strong odour of the chloroform making my world spin more and more faster. I was about to faint, I heard the girl screaming again and Mr Stillwater said:
– “Good night, princess…” followed by a sinister laugh. I fell unconscious.

He bent down gently to pick me up and carried me like a bag of flour in his arms.
-“I’ve got a nice cozy place for you to rest for a little bit…” he said, while the blonde prisoner in her cell growled into her gag as she watched the vile man picking up his fresh catch. I was feeling awfully bad, making horrible nightmares of abductions.

He set me down on the rough looking bed, chaining my wrists on the edge of the bed grills. He reached under the bed to pull out a few items of interest, including some cuffs. He smiled as he took careful attention to securing me, he was probably anxious to see how I might react when I will awake, which should not be long now.

He picked up a worn old knife and slowly started to cut through and rip my clothes, until I was in nothing but my white undergarments. He torn a large strip from my blouse and stuffed the fabric in my mouth, which he secured to gag me for good.

-“Wake up Miss Palen, come and see what sort of predicament you are in now…” he said slapping me gently.

I opened my eyes … my head was spinning, and my vision was blurred. I had a terrible headache as well. He cupped my face gently as I started to slowly awake.
-“Welcome back to the real world…” he said quietly. I blinked my eyes my vision still being a bit fuzzy. “You are more beautiful than I could have possibly imagined…”

I shivered. I recognized his voice … his face …. I remembered the cells, the girls locked into them …. it was not a nightmare, it was real. I tried to scream and realized that my mouth was stuffed with a piece of clothing. He muted me!

Mr Stillwater admired my probably helpless face as he calmly pulled out the document I signed earlier.
-“Look at what Dorthea just brought me while you were having a little nap … You recognized it? Yes, I can see you recognize the contract you signed, this is your copy. I’m so pleased you agreed to the terms and condition, my dear, I’m sure you read all the fine print involved, yes? Like the part that you were signing yourself away into slavery here. Oh, don’t get me wrong, you’ll be my secretary alright, whether you like it or not, but, the only benefits you’ll be getting will be the gratification that you will be serving my club patrons here…” He chuckled gently at me, teasing a finger tip down towards my cleavage.

I pulled on my chains with rage, the only thing I achieved was a terrible pain in my wrists. I realized how trapped I was now. I finally burst out sobbing in despair. This is when I remembered how Dorthea had looked at me when I left Mr Stillwater’s office … this thing in her eyes I was not able to tell what it was, it was pity!

He wrapped a finger around the left strap of my bra and smiled.
-“You will quickly learn to love it here, my dear, I assure you, you are very valuable property to me now, I won’t throw you away so easily, no, not at all, I may be a hoodlum, but I’m not dishonorable at that either…” He ran a hand through my hair and smiled, “You belong to here now…”

I stared at him pleading with my wet eyes, shaking my head … this cannot be true. I screamed in my gag and only succeeded to get a faint mumble ,,,, the same faint mumble I heard when I entered the storage room.

He seemed to enjoy my falling tears, and my wild refusal to admit my situation. He exhaled a puff of smoke onto my face.
-“Oh we’re just getting started, doll face… you’ve got a wonderful life ahead of you here…”

I coughed and the gag made it horrible, I had hard times recovering my breath. I stared at him with hate this time…… doll he called me again. I will find a way out, I must.

He  slowly began to unchain me, but kept a firm grip on me in case I tried to fight him.
-“Let me show you to your royal suite, you can see, we still have a few remaining…”

He clasped a collar around my neck, further demoting my position from human, to property, the goal was to humiliate me even more certainly. The collar had a little name tag that said ‘Property of K.A.D.S’ on it. He smirked playfully.
-“Just in case anyone questions who you are…” He attached a leash to the collar and led me towards one of the open cells. I screamed in pure hate, also probably to tell him clearly I did not accept it.

He gave me a gentle push into the cell and locked the door behind me with a loud clang. He gave me a sinister look through the steel bars and whispers.
-“Welcome to your new home, my dear, there will be plenty of work for you in the morning and for the rest of your days here.” he laughed. I clung to the bars and screamed trying to open the door in fury and despair.

He smiled at me.
-“Someone loves to struggle for my pleasure….or maybe you are really trying to escape, but I assure you, those cuffs are locked tight, you’re not going anywhere sweetheart…”

He stared at me through the steel bars and grinned.
-“This is how a girl should be, bound and gagged in the presence of a strong man, such as myself. Be grateful I gave you the luxury of keeping your underwear, girl, I may not be so giving next time…”

I was actually in my undies but there are no ways I could be grateful for this, I will not enter into his little mind game, I promised to myself.

Nyza Stillwater took a puff of his cig as he smiled at me even more so. He passed under the door the copy of my contract.
-“I’ll let you get some sleep, it might be a little chilly tonight, but don’t worry, these cells and the garage are well vented with heat.” He chuckled. “Au revoir, ma cherie…” He said playfully with a laugh before he stepped away. The last thing I heard was the click of the light, and the garage went dark and silent.



I would be very happy to hear your comments about this story. Is it arousing or disgusting? Or maybe you are indifferent. Anyway, I would like to read it.