The cheating secretary – the sequel

The cheating secretary – the sequel

As the title says it very well, this story is the sequel of one of my previous post: The cheating secretary. I would advise that you read this post first, but this is definitely up to you.

The week-end passed all too fast and I felt horrible the full time. I rehashed the events of Friday and could not figure out how I would be able to face John again. On Monday morning, I hurried to my office and closed the door behind me: the most I could avoid John, the better it would be for me. The only thing I wanted was to focus on my work and try to forget the blackmail John imposed on me.
Of course I could not avoid meeting my boss the whole day. He did not wait long before making his way to my office, displaying a confident smile, a coffee cup in his hand.
-“How are you Catherine? You had a nice week-end?” he asked as if nothing happened.
-“As you can imagine, I had a very bad week-end. Humiliating me is not enough, you have to bully me everyday as well?” I asked trying to contain the fury burning inside me. He chuckled.
-“No need to get on your high horse Catherine. I am not the one fiddling the accounts in this company!” he replied, reminding me clearly the threat. “I will let you to your work, since you does not seem to be in the mood to speak with me … but first, give me your panties.”
-“What? Are you kidding me?” I asked in shock.
-“Not at all. Either you give them to me, or … I send some very interesting pictures to your colleagues.”I froze and looked at him terrified. The more it went, the worst my situation was. I should have anticipated that he would not stick to his word, he was unreliable. I stood and went to the door to comply with the order, I had no other way out.
-“Where are you going?”
-“Getting you what you asked for” I replied dryly.
-“Remove them here Catherine, there is nothing I did not see already” he added in a mockery tone.

He looked at me without any mercy while I rode up my skirt and removed my panties. I handed them to him, he smiled and put them in his pocket.
-“Thank you, you will come in my office to claim them before leaving. Talk you later.” He then left the room, closing the door behind me.

From this moment I had no other thought than finding a strategy to get rid of the grip of this man. Even leaving the company would not be a solution, he will make my treachery public and my future would be doomed. No, I had to find a way to take back the control of my life.

The following days and weeks were like this one, my life was a nightmare. He always found different ways to humiliate me, forcing me to wear what he wanted me to, making me doing his job, he had a total control on me. Often I thought of giving up, but I stuck to my resolution, I wanted to have my revenge. I spent all my week-ends trying to find a solution, scanning job offers and reactivating my professional network to be ready to leave the company quickly when I will have identified the solution out.

Suddenly one week, he did not come to me. I was not upset, definitely I cannot say that, I was more … worried. What could this mean? Did he grow bored of his sick games? I could enjoy two weeks of lull. I started to think everything was over, for whatever reasons. However, the next Monday, all my hopes vanished when he came to see me in my office early in the morning.
-“Hi Catherine!” he said in a joyful tone. “We will have lunch together today. I will drive us downtown, the weather is so good today.”
-“Huh, well all right. Thank you” I succeeded to say hiding my deepest fear.
-“Well, I’ll catch you at noon sharp. See you later.” He left my office.

I was unable to focus on my job the whole morning. I was pretty sure he was about to set me up again, I felt it. Finally he arrived to my office and he drove me downtown. He had booked a table in a small restaurant on the terrace. If it was not him, I could definitely have enjoyed that moment.

We ordered quickly and I kept silent looking at him. He broke the long silence.
-“So Catherine, do you know why we are here?”. I shake my head which made him to chuckle. “No? Well I am claiming your last shooting Catherine … you remember? You still owe me one.”

I stared at him and then looked at my surroundings. We were downtown on a little place. The place was absolutely crowded.
-“What do you mean? Not here?” I asked with fear in my voice.
-“Precisely here” he replied fetching his camera from his bag.
-“But … but I will get arrested.”
-“Ho no, nudity is legal here, as long as it is not sexual, it is just nobody is using this freedom. Nobody but you Catherine” he added. “Now please finish your meal, we will start straight after.”
-“I … I am not hungry anymore” I said. my voice croaked. I was shivering from head to toe.
-“As you wish.” He calmly ate and called the waiter to pay the bill. Looking his watch: “Time Catherine, if we do not want to be too late back at work, better to start now. Stand, I will take a few pics of you near the fountain.”

What choice did I have … did I still want my revenge? I could get rid of it and simply refuse. But something in me wanted to go on with it, to make it until I find a way to cut him loose, even if that meant that … humiliating task. And so I posed for him, very nervously I stood by the fountain, my hands were shaking and I felt my throat tightening.
-“Relax, Catherine, relax. The only way to make it appear normal to the people around is to act confidently. They will take it for a sort of professional shooting. No harm in that really.”

I nodded and tried to smile and look more … calm. You can however imagine that it was not that easy, not easy at all: I was terrified.
-“Yes, better Catherine, much better” he said while taking pictures. “Remove that vest will you?”

I sighed, removed it and handed it over to him. He put it on the back of the chair I was sitting minutes earlier and came back. He aimed at me with his camera and took numerous pictures.
-“Wonderful! You are a natural model Catherine. Now remove that shirt, let’s show more of you.”
-“There is not point to argue right?” I asked in a dark tone
-“No point” he confirmed with a half-smile.

My hands still shaking, I awkwardly unbuttoned my top and handed it over to him again.

-“Make it quick please!” I said looking around nervously. There were no way to remain un-noticed now that I was standing in my bra. Happily for me, there were no passerby at this moment. John was smiling and took a few pictures. He looked at me for a few seconds:
-“Actually your dress has to go as well.”

Looking around, still nobody, I could not believe my luck. Hastily I unzipped my skirt and gave it to John.
-“Now be quick please. I have no intention to stay in my undies for ages!”

John smiled.
-“Keep calm, it’s ok Catherine, you look stunning. And remember, try to look confident will help persuade people all is normal.”

I tried to correct my attitude and pose and he snapped numerous pictures. Finally he stopped, and looked at me again. I hoped for an instant that he was done, but it was a fool thought of course.
-“Let’s go on the other side of the place, I would like to have a few pictures of you there. No need to dress back, come” he ordered.

He took my hand and forced me to cross the little place at a fast pace. I was terrified. I tried to follow his advice to look confident but it was definitely very difficult. We attracted a lot of attention, people seemed more amused than shocked … a few were in the second category, mainly women actually. Some fetched their phones and took snapshots of that crazy woman walking in the streets in skimpy lingerie: me! He stopped at the spot he wanted pictures taken and looked at me.

-“Good!” he said. “Ok Catherine, last few shots and we are done! Remove your panties and bra, quick before we attract too much attention.”

There were already a few prying eyes around. I gulped, closed my eyes a few seconds and … I did it. I stepped out of my thong and unhooked my bra and send them on the floor behind me. John was already taking pictures while I undressed. He snapped away at him, and a few seconds later he was done.
-“All right, let’s go now. Let’s not push our luck too far.”

I turned back to get my undies but they were gone. A smiling guy staring at me stole them and teased me to get them back. I was horrified.
-“Come Catherine, you don’t need them anyway.”  said John. He grabbed my hand and pulled me all the way back.

People were looking at us … well at me actually. Many phones were filming while we made our way back. I hastily clothed back where we let my stuff and made our way quickly to the place where we parked the car. A few pricks were following us, I was really panicked. John opened the car and I jumped into it. He started the engine and made a quick start. I looked back, we lost them, I sighed.
-“Wow, that was hot!” said John with a wide smile.
-“Hot? Are you kidding me? I have never been so terrified in my life, that was awful!”
-“Well I did very good pictures at least ” said John in a satisfied tone.
-“So? Are we done for good? I did my part of the contract, and more.”

John smiled at me while driving us back at work.
-“You did Catherine, I confessed I asked more than what we originally agreed, and you impressed me definitely. But no, we are not done. I cannot let you go now, I am hooked.”

I looked at him with hate.
-“What? You can’t do that, you definitely can’t! Stick to your word fucking bastard!” I shouted at him.
“I will quit the job, I do not care now, and you will be in serious trouble as well.”
-“Ho no I won’t, there is nothing I can be blamed for. Moreover, I think you like those exhibitions more than you dare to admit dear.” He pointed to my crotch: “I could see earlier it was pretty wet down there, you were aroused Catherine, very aroused!”

I blushed instantly, he roared.
-“Yes I noticed that Catherine. My zoom is pretty efficient isn’t it?”

I kept silent for the rest of the journey, went to my office as soon as we arrived and cried. I finally restored my nerve and focused to my work. I was lucky not having any meeting this afternoon, my lack of bra was pretty obvious. Later in the afternoon I received an email from an unknown external address … there were no text in, only pictures of me in various states of undress in the middle of the town. One of them was named “aroused&wet” and yes it was obvious. I hated myself … and him even more.  Something in another picture caught my eye which made me finally smile … John was clearly visible in the reflection of a shop window … I had now a proof that he was actually the photographer of these scandalous pictures. For the first time in weeks, I started to think again I could fix the things and get my revenge on him.

The day after, it happened! I still cannot believe how lucky I was then. We had a severe IT fault and the whole accounting system had to be rebooted. When I restarted the application, after the IT department said the system was back, I was an admin of the system … In seconds I made up a plan. I updated all the fraudulent operations at John’s name instead of mine, and let however the bank account as mine. I had just enough time to perform it when the system finally fully recovered and I was revoked for my admin privileges. I did it. I was no more the one who had done these operations, it was John now.

The next week, I had an appointment with a lawyer and I told him a different story: John paid me to pose for him with the company money. I had many proofs at my disposal: the pictures of me, the one where John could be seen, my own bank statements and the accounting system extract. The reputation of John as a professional was very high in the company, if I had to deny my fraud on this field, he would have clearly won. But now we were on a sexual harassment affair … and on this kind of affairs, women have definitely the advantage.

The company and John were prosecuted. I took the advice of my lawyer and we settled. John was fired and I quit the company with a very comfortable amount of money. I found another job in another company. Finally, I was able to buy my own flat and car and to cover the medical treatment of my mother for good … there is a justice in this world after all.

Ho … I forgot to mention, I have a new hobby: I am an exhibitionist. John was right, I actually like it very much.



I hope you liked this story. I actually did not roleplay it like this, but I made up the story out of the blue. I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures but we actually had to be quick to avoid being caught, which was quite exciting actually.
As usual I am very curious and eager to read your comments, thanks in advance, and thank you for your fidelity!