How it all started !

How it all started !

Dear Readers,

In advance I would like to apologize for the mistakes I will write all along this blog, english is unfortunately not my mother tongue. So I am sorry and feel free to comment to help me improve my english, no harm will be taken, on the contrary.

I was born early december 2007… this is when the adventure started !

I pressed the submit button then to create what was my first secondlife avatar, and this is still the one I play nowadays. It can sound pretty stupid to start a game with no mission to do, no vilain to find, no treasure quest, no innocent people to save from the devil …. Actually, it is not absolutely true, as I was able to find all I was looking for, it was just not pre-defined.

I thought I would grow bored of this game pretty quickly, but today 8 years after, I am still in. I guess you can call me an addicted player, this is definitely very true. I am not sure about my motivations at the time, I heard from the game in the news and a few friends told me they gave a try and actually they found it boring … I decided I wanted to experience it by myself. And there I was, within the game and completely lost at the beginning, all was complicated, even finding the IM to reply to strangers who roughly bumped into me was a challenge ! Still I have good memories of these first months of SecondLife.

Actually at the beginning I mainly focused at my appearance, I know it’s very selfish but I wanted to look like all these magnificent avatars I had the opportunity to meet here and there … How did they manage to do that as I looked like this after hours of customization:

Yes I know, this is not very impressive and it was quite depressing at the time. Happily I rapidly met some skilled and kind people who helped me, and this is what makes SecondLife a nice place to be, most of the players are smart and kind … not all, but most. I will try to describe in my upcoming posts the incredible people I met, some are still around, most have left or changed their avatar, I lost their tracks.

My look slightly evolved all over the years, here are some of them from my archives:

I made some progress, but the builders of SL as well, I would like to thank them here for their amazing work. Never I would have had the fun I had at playing with my appearance without them.

I wish this first post was not too long, I am really eager to read your comments, I intend to repost very soon about my past and upcoming adventures.

Yours sincerely,